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Last Update: 14 Jan 2021

7 Best Blade Irons Ever Review

7 Best Blade Irons Ever Review | The Club Will Impress You 1
TaylorMade Golf M6 Iron

TaylorMade Golf M6 Iron


Best Choice

7 Best Blade Irons Ever Review | The Club Will Impress You 1
7 Best Blade Irons Ever Review | The Club Will Impress You 3

Cleveland Turbo Iron Set


Best Value

7 Best Blade Irons Ever Review | The Club Will Impress You 1
Callaway Golf X Irons Set

Callaway Golf X Irons Set


Premium Pick

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If you need to improve your strike and control your distances when you tee off, you may need a blade iron. As a golfer who needs a better feel and more functionality from a club, a blade iron may help. Generally, the best blade irons ever benefit players by enabling them to experience more speed while using a smaller, more manageable club.

The blade irons can also help improve launch angle and ball speed. Most blade irons offer better sound and forgiveness on impact. Our review will show you how to get the most out of the blade iron you plan to buy.

Top 7 Best Blade Irons Ever Review

Don’t worry. Here are 7 top quality blade irons reviews that you can easily grip your hands on:


TaylorMade Golf M6 Iron

TaylorMade Golf M6 Iron

The blade iron offers a range of innovative design and technology benefits that gives players more accuracy, speed, distance, and control.

Why I’m telling this? ….

The club is significantly lighter than some similar brands and provides faster swing support. Further, the lightweight club helps increase ball speed over the full clubface. Hybrid technology also helps minimize vibrations for a more robust feel on shots.

What makes it very special? …..

Further, the best forged blade irons also stabilize the center of the club even when you use less impact on the clubface. It helps improve players’ accuracy since the lightweight club offers significantly more swing.

Key Features:


  • Model:                   TaylorMade
  • Weight:                  7.3 lbs.
  • Item:                       N6875007
  • Material:                Steel (KBS Max 85)


Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Iron Set

2020 Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Iron Set

Players who purchase the Launcher Turbo iron set can expect longer, more accurate shots off the tee.

What about the performance?….

They are compatible with regular, still, and senor shafts. Additionally, they are easy to hit with higher ball flight and more consistency on impact. They perform well for players who need a medium to slow swing speeds, and also offer shallow descent angling.

The result …..

The set is ideal for golfers who desire more accuracy and consistency. Actual users report they are affordable, easy to use, and help improve their performance. With the blade iron, players can experience lots more forgiveness, fewer vibrations, and faster shots.

Key Features:


  • Brand:                           Launcher
  • Weight:                         7 lbs.
  • Item Number:              Launcher HB Turbo
  • Material:                      Graphite


Callaway Golf Men's Rogue X Irons Set

Callaway Golf 2018 Men's Rogue X Irons Set

Skilled golfers who need maximum distance and overall performance will find satisfaction in the Rogue X blade iron set.

Sounds cool, isn’t it?

The set of 3 clubs offer varying degrees of thickness for more flexibility on off-center hits and higher ball speed. They are among the best forged blade irons you can purchase at very competitive prices. The unique Tungsten design is more robust than steel and is heavier in areas for overall control and stability.

Let’s see the customers comment……

Some customers say the irons can add up to 15 more yards to their shots. However, they also report although they may be slightly lower than some brands, they still provide significantly higher launch.

Key Features:


  • Brand:                  Callaway
  • Weight:                8.1 lbs.
  • Item Number:     4A 384833 C2376
  • Material:              KBS Max Steel, 90G


TaylorMade Rocket Bladez 2.0 Iron Set

TaylorMade Rocket Bladez 2.0 Iron Set

The Rocket Bladez is an elegant blade iron set including 4 to 9 stiff irons and a pitching wedge.

Surprising why?…..

They help improve golfers’ overall performance and serve as an excellent upgrade to basic irons. You get more forgiveness and fewer vibrations. Golfers can get more distance and speed with the blade iron.

What’s the design? ….

The MOI and other innovative designs also help provide a set of clubs with more consistent distance and launch. The clubs are attractive with a high-polish sheen and trendy color scheme. They are the ideal set of blade irons for avid golfers who want a highly responsive clubface.

Key Features:


  • Brand:                    TaylorMade
  • Weight:                   9.6 lbs.
  • Item Number:        Rocketbladez 2.0
  • Material:                Steel


TaylorMade Golf M6 Combo Hybrid/Iron Set

TaylorMade Golf M6 Combo Hybrid/Iron Set

The TaylorMade M6 is one of the best forged blade irons by TaylorMade with an innovative design.

Attractive deign….

The loft of the M6 is quite stronger to give golfers a feel they require while playing. The club is designed to suit the needs of all handicappers. It is a versatile club that is suitable for either left-handed or right-handed players. It has an ergonomic design, and besides, it gives a lot of forgiveness with a superb performance.

Wait— here’s more….

Although it is somehow hollow, most players find it responsive and user-friendly. It is lightweight, and the speed bridge feature minimizes the low-frequency vibrations while improving the sound. The advanced HYBRAR damper compression helps in filtering unnecessary face vibrations to offer a desired soft as well as stable feel when you make shots.

Key Features:


  • Brand:                     TaylorMade
  • Model:                     M6
  • Weight:                    8.6 pounds
  • Shaft material:       Graphite Hybrids/Graphite Irons


Square Strike Iron Set for men and women

Square Strike Iron Set for men and women

Square Strike Iron is in the form of a wedge and looks similar to a chipper used some years back.

Perfect for you …..

This club is designed to be a hybrid and falls between a putter and a wedge. It is in the square design for an improved clubface ball contact and better roll and improved accuracy.

This club has an extra-long extra-thin grip, green in color, which is an inch longer compared to standard ones. It is one of the best forged blade irons in golf.

Know the best …..

It has a 35-inch shaft length for ease control as opposed to wedges. There have been improvisations of the seven irons and the eight metal by many golfers so that they can have more roll.

Key Features:


  • Shaft material:              Stainless Steel
  • Weight:                          1.2 pounds
  • Golf Club Loft:               45oLie angle 68o


T11 Power Back Iron Set 4-SW

T11 Power Back Iron Set 4-SW

Hahhhhhh, Powerback ….

This is a complete set of highly-rated custom golf irons that has 4, 5,6,7,8, and 9 PW and a FREE SW. It is amongst the best forged blade irons that best suits high handicappers. They have a hollow undercut cavity design with much forgiveness. It is, therefore, capable of launching higher shots that are straight and truer. The recessed weight of one of these forged blade irons is at the center of gravity for better launch angles.

Think I am not overstating …..

This is purposely designed so that the weight is shifted to the Square Strike Wedge toe from the heel. This helps the club to minimize the opening and closing when swinging. However, this club offers more accuracy naturally than any other wedge. The clubhead of this wedge is approximated to be around 30g, which is above the sand wedge.

Key Features:


  • Model:                         T-11 Power Back
  • Club Type:                   Iron Set
  • Shaft material:           Steel
  • Brand:                         Pacific Golf Clubs

Things to Consider Before Buying the Perfect Blade Irons

When it comes to forged blade irons, there are several factors that a buyer has to consider. To get the best blade irons, the following factors are critical for every golfer.

Price-Quality Ratio

This is an essential factor because, as a golfer, you are looking for top quality blade irons that rhyme with the price. It is critical, therefore, to compare the cost of the blade iron with quality and performance it brings. This lets the golfer have an extended hold on shots that are near the hole. Elite golfers will love old fashioned blade iron to rhyme their budget.


Each blade iron is designed differently to meet the needs of every golfer out there. Most of them are constructed by being forged or through cast technique. Sometimes the method can encompass the two procedures to enhance durability. It is essential, therefore, to consider how long the blade iron is going to serve you.


A vital factor to consider when purchasing the best blade irons. For any golfer, the grip is an essential thing as it is the primary contact point a player has with the club. You must choose a blade iron that you feel comfortable with when playing. Blade irons are made with different sizes and textures.

There are those with coarse feeling while others with tacky wrap feel and each of the grips perform differently. The size of the grip also has a significant impact in terms of comfortability. There is the smaller size standard grip and the midsize grip.

All this depends on the size of the hand of the player. In most cases, the grips are made tapered while some less or non-tapered. It all depends on what the player feels comfortable with, and it should be highly considered.


The best blade iron should have an outstanding overall performance. Blade irons constructed with advanced technology have more significant benefits to a golfer like extra distance. However, this doesn’t rule out old fashioned iron blades.

Factors like accuracy and longer distance consistency should always be critical in choosing the best iron blade. There are situations where you will have a club offering added distance than the other but fewer mishits forgiveness.

Because of consistency and accuracy, the one that offers extra distance is not the right choice. Golfers looking for new blade irons should focus mainly on flexibility, forgiveness, and efficiency.


The shaft also plays an essential role in determining the shot, and getting the best rod is critical. Beams are designed differently and are made of different materials. You will find them in Steel, graphite, and a combination of both steel and graphite.

Shafts made of steel are more substantial and have less flex; therefore, extra effort has to be applied for a better outcome. However, they are more accurate and consistent. Those made of graphite are lightweight and highly flexible, meaning swing speed is high.

They are, however, less compatible with the low shot outcome. Shafts made of a combination of the two materials offer greater ball flight control. You will find shafts in forms of an extra stiff flex, stiff flex, regular flex, senior, as well as ladies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What types of materials comprise the irons?

Ans: Most blade irons consist of graphite and steel. These materials are sturdy and reliable, with a high level of stability and control. According to research, some materials allow significant flexibility and balance for players to be confident when playing shots. The materials also help minimize scratching on the blade face.

2. What is the average weight of the blade irons?

Ans: The average weight of the blades is eight pounds. Although each blade has its unique features, they are lightweight and super-thin, with materials that allow faster strike rates, speed, and distance. They are flexible and easy to hit and are more manageable for beginners and seniors.

3. What are the key benefits of the clubs?

Ans: Benefits include more accuracy, speed, distance, launch, and higher lofts. Players can also expect to experience more forgiveness and length. Some players also experience straighter shots, higher ball lift, and control. The blades utilize unique designs and technology features that make every game a pleasurable experience for players at all levels.

4. Do the irons improve golf scores?

Ans: Many players struggle with accuracy, swing, distance, speed, and overall consistency in their game. Some customers report they get up to 15 more yards on shots. Many customers also say they see improvements in their launch, distance, lift, speed, and overall performance and scores.

5. What type of feel do the blades offer?

Ans: Most of the blades feature a lightweight, ultra-thin feel for greater control and stability. The blades also feature some types of filters that help reduce noise and rattling in the clubs. Users also experience more accuracy and overall consistency in their game. The blade irons also utilize Speed Pocket technology for more flexibility in distance and launch.

Our Top 3 Picks

I know it is a query you secretly fright to ask. Why should you believe me?

Good query.

Well, our excellent choice of the best forged blade irons provides an extensive range of benefits and features. They help improve the areas of play that golfers need more confidence in their overall golf performance. They also offer significant improvements in accuracy, speed, launch, distance, higher loft, and affordability.

The classic design elements help provide more control and distance. The blade irons also offer a robust striking action and help players reduce their overall shot scores. You also get an excellent product at a competitive price.

Top Pick – TaylorMade Golf M6 Iron

The right-hand, regular flex, stiff, steel blade iron represents the ultimate choice for serious golfers. It is light enough to facilitate greater accuracy, distance, speed, and stability.

Up to 80 percent of happy customers experience optimal forgiveness, better sound, and less vibration, unlike some other brands. The range of design features helps players maximize their overall distance, speed, and forgiveness.

Premium Choice – Callaway Golf Men’s Togue X Iron Set

Our premium choice in golf blade irons is a left-hand, KBS steel, 90G, 3-piece golf set. The regular, stiff flex, 5-9 iron set is a study, reliable tool that makes striking easier.

The price is competitive when you compare it to other similar brands. It is functional and stable. The set offers maximum flight, control, faster ball speed, lots of distance, and manageability.

Great Value -2020 Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Iron Set

It is lightweight and makes it easy for players to maximize their strike while maintaining stability. It allows for great ball flight, more consistency, and impressive performance.

The blade iron is very affordable and is ideal for players who need more accuracy and consistency in their game. It provides the optimal striking ability, greater length, higher ball lift, and improved scores. The design and technology elements of the blade help ensure players get a reliable, durable, and highly valuable product.

Bottom Line

The list of the best blade irons ever for golfers is an extensive review of the top choices on the market. Our blade irons offer the ultimate experience in accuracy, speed, distance, forgiveness, and higher loft.

Any of our blade irons are more than adequate to meet the needs of players for better performance, affordability, optimal ball flight, and impressive performance.

They are attractive and offer some of the best features in design and technology to meet the demands of today’s golfer. They are highly desirable by up to 80 percent of customers, and we are confident you will have an enjoyable golfing adventure.

7 Best Blade Irons Ever Review | The Club Will Impress You 5