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Last Update: 14 Jan 2021

7 Best Golf Driver for Women Top Rated Reviews in 2021

7 Best Golf Driver for Women Top Rated Reviews in 2021 1
7 Best Golf Driver for Women Top Rated Reviews in 2021 2

Callaway Golf Flash Driver


Best Choice

7 Best Golf Driver for Women Top Rated Reviews in 2021 1
Cobra Women's 2018 F-Max Offset Driver

Cobra Offset Driver


Best Value

7 Best Golf Driver for Women Top Rated Reviews in 2021 1
Callaway Women's Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set

Callaway Women's Golf Set


Premium Pick

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Are you a woman golfer that is seeking to improve your distance, control, forgiveness, and swing? Are your drivers heavy and shafts slowing you down? Then, our best golf driver for women reviews is especially for you.

We will parade some of the best ladies golf drivers in the market to help you get the driver that best suits your golfing needs. Our top choices come with designs that will help you increase your speed, distance, control, and swing. Also, we showcase the essential areas of each driver to help build your confidence and lift your game.

Building on the top concerns of women golfers, we analyze the design, technology, and unique features of each driver. Our research also considers elements that improve the game like balance, distance, forgiveness, and control. Besides, we pay attention to recommendations from actual users and experts in the field.

Top 7 Best Golf Driver for Women Review


Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Driver

Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Driver

The product is a Project X EvenFlow, 40G, green, right-hand ladies golf driver. It comes chock-full of modern design methods that help promote distance, speed, stability, and straighter flight. It is arguably the superior quality golf driver for women that you could purchase.

The women’s stiff flex, regular golf driver, has a 10.5-degrees loft, and 460cc. The Epic Flash driver technology offers loads of speed for longer distances. The unique design consists of dual interior bars that harden to help stabilize the sole and crown of the driver.

Further, it also helps to enhance ball speed on impact. There is a lightweight carbon crown that supports excellent balance in the head. It also provides maximum off-center hits and significant forgiveness. The high-tech Flash Face design creates a second-to-none driver face for more accuracy, control, speed, and distance.

Women golfers get lots more swing off the tee. The EvenFlow innovation helps distribute the load in the driver. Furthermore, it is useful for obtaining a smoother, more robust release for optimal mid-spin and mid-bunch capabilities. The lightweight shaft provides additional grip and stability.

The low-spin head shape also offers longer distances and forgiveness. The driver also comes with a wrench headcover and Callaway-style grip. Over 75 percent of users say the driver helps improve their overall game.

Key Features:


  • Model:                        Callaway
  • Weight:                       1.2 lbs
  • Model Number:         4A87150 1E100
  • Flex:                             Ladies, regular


Cobra Women's 2018 F-Max Offset Driver

Cobra Women's 2018 F-Max Offset Driver

If you are looking for a golf driver that delivers in every department of the game, the Cobra is your best bet. The right-hand, 15-degrees ladies graphite golf driver is 44.25 inches long. The extra-long sweet spot lets the ball burst off the tee beautifully.

It is the ideal driver for the senior woman who still enjoys her golf. Also, they are an excellent choice for senior women who may be experiencing difficulty with their grip, control, and swing. The driver is super-light and is ideal for petite women golfers, providing maximum swing, speed, and distance.

The graphite material supports a trendy design for a smooth, matte, black, and red finish. The flexible shaft allows accurate hitting and helps to build your confidence. Users report they experience more consistent drives and longer distances. They also say they hit the ball straighter and have more overall grip and control.

Besides, over 90 percent of customers boast about the quality, accuracy, and flexibility of the driver. Many users also say using the driver is effortless, and they get higher launch, draw, and hit the ball much straighter. Also, some users report they add as much as 20 yards to their overall drives.

Key Features:


  • Model:                           Cobra
  • Weight:                          1 lb
  • Model Number:            DR FMAX OS GPH WNS 15-ORH
  • Flex:                               Right-hand, Ladies


Callaway Women's Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set

Callaway Women's Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set

The Callaway ultimate is ready for the green in one convenient, trendy, 16-piece golf set. It is ideal for amateurs, and medium-low handicapped women golfers. The right-hand drivers are lightweight and easy to hit, for optimal distance, control, and forgiveness. Further, users say they are the best ladies driver for distance.

They are also excellent entry-level clubs for younger women golfers. The set includes 6-9 irons, driver, putter, sandbag, 3- wood, 4 & 5 Hybrid, sand wedge, and pitching wedge. The beautiful 12-degree, 460cc, 10.5 loft set also comes with a convenient, sturdy carrying bag.

The golf sandbag is complete with comfortable, padded straps and pockets for each club. It is roomy and also features a handy back strap. One of the pockets also has a plastic, waterproof lining. The bag is easy to transport by hand or on the golf cart.

The 3-wood design has a graphite shaft for longer, higher shots. The 4 & 5 hybrids come with head covers and are ideal for interchanging with various shots.

The 6-9 irons have stainless steel shafts and come with sand and putting wedges. They help golfers improve their distance and forgiveness. The face milling steel putter helps with more putts, accuracy, longer distance, and control.

Key Features:


  • Brand:                      Callaway
  • Weight:                    17.4 lbs
  • Model Number:       4 PKR 1908 16007
  • Flex:                          Right-hand, graphite Ladies’ Regular


TaylorMade Women's RBZ Driver

TaylorMade Women's RBZ Driver

The RBZ Black Driver is engineered to offer an aggressive as well as very powerful performance. It is built with a large 460cc titanium head to give golfer needed playability. It also provides a golfer with the confidence environment experience. The Ultralite titanium core is designed to strategically position the weight to the perimeter so that it heightens MOI as well as accuracy.

The Driver has a Speed Pocket, which is meant to unlock higher launch. At the same time, the Speed Pocket lowers the spin for maximum superior distance. This is one of the best ladies golf drivers for mid handicappers. Besides, it has the adjustable loft sleeve, which is designed to allow launch and trajectory, which is finely tuned.

This driver for women is constructed to give female golfers both styling aggressiveness and powerful performance. The TaylorMade Textured Grey Grip ensures that the golfer has excellent handling of the club while playing.

The club also features a Bold Satin Black finish together with elegant detailing. This improves visualization and alignment as you hit the ball. The adjustable loft sleeve, on the other hand, is designed to provide a fine-tuned launch as well as a trajectory.

Key Features:


  • Brand:                                TaylorMade
  • Style/ Model number:      B1236703
  • Volume:                             460cc
  • Shaft:                                 TM RocketFuel Graphite


TaylorMade 2018 Women's Kalea Ultralite Driver

TaylorMade 2018 Women's Kalea Ultralite Driver

In women’s golf driver reviews, Kalea Women’s Driver produces one of the best drivers designed for female golfers. Manufactured by TaylorMade, Kalea Women’s Driver is designed to help female golfers have a great golfing experience. The driver has a combination of the Ultralite golf shafts and the Speed Pocket technology. This allows women golfers to experience a performance that is up there.

The looks of these set of women golf drivers look soft and quite deceiving. They are very soft, and you might be convinced that they are very fragile and weak, which is not the case. However, the Kalea Ultralite Driver for women has a low and deep center of gravity. This makes the driver a little bit easier getting the ball in the air.

Also, these golf clubs are constructed to be lightweight for advanced club speed. Besides, the Speed Pockets also increases ball speed and distance. On the other hand, it has a construction of a low-kick shaft that allows a high launch. These are new designs that can be found on a new driver.

Key Features:


  • Brand:                                 TaylorMade
  • Weight:                               1 pound
  • Shaft:                                  TaylorMade Ultralite Graphite
  • Item model number:         B1239503


Precise Premium Ladies Complete Golf Club set

Precise Premium Ladies Complete Golf Club set

The Precise Premium is a set of female golf, which includes Titanium Driver, Fairway S.S. 5-PW Irons, Wood, Hybrid, Stand Bag, Putter, and 3 H/C’s. The 460cc Titanium Driver is made of Stainless Steel Woods with irons. The Titanium head is designed to give the required playability while giving superior confidence.

The golf set is constructed to deliver quality performance and distance for women golfers. It is designed with sheer quality with an array of features. The product is manufactured in a set of two colors, which are Pink and Purple that are suitable for females. The whole golf set components are made from titanium, whereas the shafts have the Top grade graphite construction for maximized flexibility.

It has very tough rods at the same time rugged to overcome the jerks while golfing. The drive also has aesthetics and a selection of colors. It comes in three different sizes that include petite size 5’3” and below, standard size 5’3”– 5’8” and tall size 5’8”. The complete golf club set comes along with a matching Deluxe Dual-Strap Bag with Headcovers.

Key Features:


  • Brand:                          PreciseGolf Co
  • Shipping weight:        15.5 pounds
  • Color:                           Purple/Pink
  • Sizes:                          3 different sizes


14o GX-7 “X-Metal”- Driver

The GX-7 “X-Metal” is an excellent choice for utility wood golfers who can play the game anywhere. It helps the golfer to play even in denser grass. There are more control and accuracy compared to the traditional driver. The club is capable of shaving strokes, making sure that the ball is out of the rough and any other hazardous places.

It has the wrap-around bar which functions in two different ways; it helps pull the mass of the clubhead back and down to create a super low CG, which is suitable for spin rate from turf or tee and launch angle. It also helps move required mass towards the perimeter hence raising the MOI of the GX-7. This eventually brings about incredible forgiveness on any miss-hits.

There is more accuracy with 14o GX-7 “X-Metal” as a golfer can hit more Fairways than before on each round. It features a driver replacement that delivers desired results for players who can’t manage perfect swings. With the shorter length, the golfer has much control as compared to a regular driver. As a result, the golfer can make consistent and better contact.

Key Features:


  • Brand:                        Autopilot
  • Loft:                           140
  • Clubhead volume  267cc (cubic centimetres)
  • Shaft material:         Graphite

Things to Consider Before Buying Golf Driver for Women


Unless you’re into the business of making golf drivers in your garage, you won’t find a plastic driver in the market. This is because they are all made of metal. This includes graphite, steel, and titanium.

Each with its advantage and drawback, it is crucial to know the strength of each material for optimal results. Graphite clubs are lightweight and flexible. They also come in handy for women with slow swing speed. Steel drivers, on the other hand, are massive. Hence, we recommend this type of driver for women with fast swings. Also, it is less expensive and does not rust.

However, it does not absorb shock well. Titanium drivers are usually stiff with lots of power. This enables faster and more accurate swings that could take your ball farther down the course.


A reflector of the durability is the quality of material used to manufacture the driver. Your driver should be able to withstand days and possibly years of consistent usage without falling apart. Although a woman’s driver need not be as strong as those for men since they don’t swing as hard, it should still last for a long time.

Titanium clubs stand out as the most lightweight yet balanced and durable. Also, it should be easy to clean and maintain for it to continue working correctly. Hence, the best ladies’ driver for the distance should be durable.


Because shaft assists in hitting the ball straighter and further, the wrong kind of shaft will affect your performance. The more flexible a shaft is, the more distance the ball can travel, and it generates more rebound effect.

Of all the types, ladies shafts are more flexible and ideal for women with slower swings. However, if you have a fast swing speed, we recommend a stiffer or regular flex shaft. Also, the length of the shaft is another factor that you should consider. While taller women can stick to longer shafts, shorter women should stick to shorter shafts.

However, you should know that, although a longer shaft can potentially increase your speed, it might do so at the cost of accuracy and control. Hence, we recommend that you try out different types before choosing a driver and take someone along if you have little experience doing it.

Price-quality ratio

One of the death-traps to avoid while shopping for the best golf driver for woman is a pricey purchase. This is because the best drivers are not always the most expensive ones. More than aesthetics and design, your driver should be able to deliver on its price. This said, you should not be afraid to spend on a golf driver, provided it will provide exceptional quality and increase your gameplay.


Innovative technology and high-quality engineering make all the difference in the quality of a driver. For example, designs that help to achieve better launch trajectory, produce less spin for accurate shots, and reduce slice make playing more comfortable. Also, large sweet spots for more forgiveness and adjustable functions help to improve your swing. Besides, the best ladies driver for distance should be comfortable.


Women who are not as strong as men can benefit from a driver’s grip. Since a woman’s grip may not be secured and reliable as a man’s, choosing a driver with enhanced grip characteristics come in handy. While there is usually a standard size for driver grip, there are thinner grips that allow maximum control for women with smaller hands.

They are also available in different colors, budget, style, and preference. Grips with tacky texture allow you to strike with more confidence as they don’t bulge when you swing. It also prevents the club from flying out of your hands.


Women with less muscle than their male counterparts have less intense swings. Hence, you can make up for this variation by purchasing a lightweight driver. This is because they are made of flexible material and are easier to swing. Since they are flexible, they allow better energy transfer to launch the ball farther.

However, as much as the weight and the physical strength need to be matched when the swing weight is too light, it can increase your off-center mishit. Likewise, if it is too heavy, you will struggle to get your ball into the air. Therefore, check to make sure that it is not too heavy and that the weight is distributed correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Types of Drivers Work Best for Women?

Ans: Although the equipment doesn’t make the golfer, having the right set of equipment goes a long way to influence the quality of every swing. This said the best type of driver that works best for women should be able to deliver long-distance shots with high speed. However, it should also be tweaked to be as comfortable as possible.

Since most women are shorter than most men, drivers with shorter shaft work better. It should also have a higher loft for better distance on the ball. Plus, it should be lightweight and easy to swing. Lastly, drivers with undersized grip would better fit a woman’s delicate hands for more momentum on swings.

What degree driver should a woman use?

Ans: The question of what degree driver is most suitable for a woman depends on how slow or fast your swing speed is. As a result, there is no general rule as to which degree every woman should there is variation in swings. Hence, the yardstick for measuring your degree driver is the club speed. If your club speed is below 85 mph, we recommend between 14 and 20 degrees.

However, if it is between 95 and 115 mph, we recommend 7 to10 degrees. Anything above 130 mph, and you should consider the 4 to 7degrees loft. However, we recommend that you test the different drivers for noticeable differences until you are satisfied.

What is the best driver for a senior woman?

Ans: Unlike a regular driver, the driver for senior women needs to be adjusted for old age. As a rule, the driver must have a light head and shaft. This is because the lighter the club is, the more chance you have to hit the ball further.

Also, since the weight influences your speed, a lightweight driver, even with slow swing speed, allows more head speed. Plus, the little weight it has should be appropriately distributed along the shaft for more accuracy.

The driver should also have more loft as this comes in handy when you need to maximize distance with slow swing speed. We recommend drivers with ladies flex shaft or senior flex shaft as both flexes better than drivers with regular flex.

How do you pick a female golf driver?

Ans: Although the rules are not set in stones, knowing what it is that you’re looking for helps a lot. The first rule is to choose a driver that is made specifically for females and not the generic ones.

Also, you will do yourself a lot of good if the driver comes with a large sweet spot. Plus, a higher loft since it allows more speed and hybrids rather than long irons. Unlike irons, hybrid clubs allow more accuracy and control over distance. As a result, you can hit the ball more comfortably and with much accuracy. This makes golfing easier.

Our Top 3 Picks

Top Pick – Calloway Golf 2019 Epic Driver
Premium Choice – Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate 16-Piece Golf Set
Great Value – Cobra Women’s 2018 F-Max Offset Driver

In our women’s golf driver’s reviews; we are happy to present our top choices in order of customer preferences. The drivers are highly recommended and offer an array of advanced features that complement the overall stability, quality, and durability of the products.

Top Pick

According to the women’s golf driver reviews, our top pick is truly a golfer’s delight. The stately, fashionable set of drivers is appealing to many women golfers. The 16-piece complete driver set comes with a sturdy, convenient, carrying bag with pockets for each club. The bag makes the set very easy to transport.

The unique features of the golf set furnish an amateur golfer or regular golfer with many choices to help enhance their game. Each club provides women golfers with the tools that can help improve their swing, control, distance, and forgiveness.

Moreover, the Callaway Strata Ultimate checks off for quality, durability, high performance, and affordability in every department. They are easy to handle, and each driver has its own set of benefits for interchangeable use depending on the playing shots.

Premium Choice

If you are an older and need more consistent drives and longer distances on your tees, the Cobra Women’s F-Max is the premium choice. The driver provides a high level of control and swing. Almost all of the actual users like the flexibility and accuracy of the driver.

According to our research, the Cobra will offer players a higher launch, and straighter, more accurate shots. The driver is ideal for women who need a larger sweet spot and faster speeds. The clubface also helps players improve their off-center hits and distance.

The right-hand flex shaft is lightweight, highly attractive, and easy to handle. It also helps reduce spin, with excellent grip and control. It also offers a high level of forgiveness and flexibility. Actual users say they achieve as much as 20 more yards on their practice drives while using the Cobra F-Max driver.

Great Value

The users’ choice for great value is the Calloway Epic driver. It comes with a range of unique features that makes it highly desirable and affordable. The creative face design helps golfers improve their accuracy and control. The right-hand golf club is stable and offers lots of grip, forgiveness, and speed.

Among its many innovations is the ability to generate a more significant impact when seeking speed. Further, Epic Flash technology makes the club faster for players who want longer distances.

The driver is also sturdy, comprising carbon crown material for more forgiveness and stability. Women also get lots more swing, mid-launch, and mid-spin benefits while using the driver. The club is lightweight and manageable, to help you get maximum off-center hits.

Bottom Line

Our review of the best golf driver for women provides a broad-based assessment of the many benefits each product offers. Each of the golf drivers is of exceptionally high quality and represents some of the best features in industry standards.

The drivers are affordable. We, therefore, recommend selecting the style that fits your budget and meets your special golfing needs. Each driver is unique in their own right, with features that set them apart from the competition.

All of them can help you improve your swing, control, speed, and forgiveness. They also provide more stability for better accuracy and distance. Each driver has a high level of flexibility and is lightweight and easy to handle.

The materials are sturdy and durable, and also help protect the face from scratching, while maximizing speed on impact. Whichever one you choose, you’re getting an excellent golf driver that can help boost your confidence and enhance your overall performance.

7 Best Golf Driver for Women Top Rated Reviews in 2021 5