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Last Update: 14 Jan 2021

Best Golf Grips for No Glove Review

5 Best Golf Grips for No Glove Golfers Reviews in 2021 1
5 Best Golf Grips for No Glove Golfers Reviews in 2021 2

Winn Dri-Tac Standard


Best Choice

5 Best Golf Grips for No Glove Golfers Reviews in 2021 1
Karma Velour Midsize Black

Karma Velour Midsize Black


Best Value

5 Best Golf Grips for No Glove Golfers Reviews in 2021 1
Karma Neion Golf Grip Kit

Karma Neion Golf Grip Kit


Premium Pick

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Sure, you can play golf without a glove on. However, you can’t play it with much ease like someone that has a glove on. That is unless you have the best golf grips for no glove. Yikes, but it’s true. Besides, not everyone enjoys having to continually remove their gloves whenever they want to use their hands. Playing golf without gloves on leave you exposed to slips since you tend to sweat on your palms.

No glove golf grips provide an alternative against slips. They also offer equal tackiness and wicks moisture away from your palm. Here we have reviewed the top 5 golf grips for no glove that you can buy.

Top 5 Best Golf Grips for No Glove Review


Winn Dri-Tac Standard Grip Kit

Winn Dri-Tac Standard Grip Kit

Remember those grip kit with contoured spiral design? Yes, the Winn, the Dri-Tac Kit, comes with this feature as well. Not just this, WinnLite technology improves the feel of the club and allows for longer distance. Cool right?

Key Features:


  • Brand:                         Winn
  • Color:                          Black/Red
  • Model number:          GKRW131-001
  • Weight:                       2 pounds


Karma Velour Midsize Black

Karma Velour Midsize Black

Not the bad luck that people talk about if you know what we mean. This time, the Karma brand scores a home run with this golf grip. With a classic design and convenient build, the product provides comfort in different weather conditions.

Key Features:


  • Brand:                        Karma
  • Color:                         Black
  • Model number:         GB13RF08-001
  • Weight:                     1.65 pounds


Karma Neion II 13-piece Golf Grip Kit

Karma Neion II 13-piece Golf Grip Kit

This golf grip kit is no rainbow. However, it is a shade of many colors. A little about the construction, the product offers a multi-textured surface for enhanced feel and proper balance. But that is not the best part. Slip-resistant properties make it comfortable to use.

Besides, the product package includes 13 grips, a 4-ounce bottle of grip solvent, 13 stripes of 2-inch dual-sided tape, rubber vise clamp and installation instruction.

Key Features:


  • Brand:                       Karma
  • Color:                        Green
  • Model number:       GKRF140
  • Weight:                     3.8 pounds


Cramer Firm Grip, Anti-Slip Grip Enhancer

Cramer Firm Grip, Anti-Slip Grip Enhancer

We’re pretty satisfied with the Cramer Firm Grip, Anti-Slip Grip Enhancer. Why? Because its anti-slip solution increases your ability to hang on to various objects. This then allows you to take on different activities that require a secure hold.

Key Features:


  • Brand:                        Cramer
  • Color:                         Aerosol spray
  • Model number:         061027
  • Weight:                      6.4 ounces


Karma Super Lite 13-piece Golf Grip Kit

Karma Super Lite 13-piece Golf Grip Kit

As if we’ve not had enough of Karma, it surprised us yet again with a fantastic product. This golf grip kit dries quickly for fast grip adjustment and alignment. It is also simple to set up and comes with enough solvents to cover your entire project.

Now talk about premium DIY…

Key Features:


  • Brand:                      Karma
  • Size:                         Midsize, Jumbo, and Standard
  • Grip number:          13
  • Grip solvent:           4 oz bottle

Things To Consider Before Buying Golf Grips For No Glove


One of the most recurring complaints about golf grips is that they do not last. Although the products come with factory defects, some errors can be linked back to the user. For example, minor mistakes like cleaning the grip with the wrong material could reduce its lifespan. Plus, some products support all-weather usage while some do not.

To avoid this, we recommend that you check the product to know the type of condition where you can use it. You should also check for procedures on how to clean, store, and maintain the product. Another common mistake is to buy an overly cheap grip in an attempt to save a few bucks. We cannot over-stress the importance of price-quality ratio. We know you want to save a few bucks; however, too cheap is not a good idea.

Price-quality ratio

Unlike many other golf accessories, golf grips are sold at reasonable and affordable prices. To avoid wasteful and needless spending, we recommend that you keep a fixed budget. Although higher rates might attract more quality grips, it is not always the case.

Quality can be found at either side of the price ladder. Hence, we recommend that you search for a product that promises functional usage and falls within your budget line.


The grip material is a significant factor that you should consider before buying a golf grip. This is because it determines how comfortable it will feel during use. Also, the size of the grip is another factor that affects comfort.

Since a single size does not always fit all, you need to stay true to your size. Other features like water-resistance, lightweight, anti-slip properties, etc. make the grip more comfortable. Therefore, we recommend that you look out for these features before making a purchase.

Ease of Installation and Maintenance

Golf grips should be such that supports a stress-free installation. While it may take a few moments to complete installation, it won’t hurt if you can do it yourself.

Besides saving time and energy, it is an excellent way to save up on incurring extra cost on installation. You should look to buy products with an easy installation feature. Plus, check to know if the product has an installation guide as it is crucial to easy installation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can a woman use a golf grip?

Ans: Another means to look at the question would be to ask if a woman can play golf. Since anyone can play golf, anyone can use a golf grip. The only condition is that you must select a grip type that fits your style of play.

2. How can I buy a golf grip?

Ans:  The best way to purchase a golf grip and make the purchase worthwhile is to buy from a trusted brand. However, because the market is swarming with numerous products, it can be difficult. It is because of conditions like this that we came up with this review. We recommend that you complete the review to find out the best products that will offer value for your purchase.

3. Are golf grips expensive?

Ans: Like most things on the market, golf grips are available at different prices. Each with its designs and peeks, price ranges can vary from costly to the less costly ones. However, even the most expensive grip is worth just a few bucks. So don’t be scared of not being able to afford one. Why? This is because; they are not the most expensive kit in your golf arsenal.

4. What is the difference between soft and firm grip vs. ribbed and round grip?

Ans: Soft grips are comfortable and make it easier to hold the grip. It is also used in most cases by seniors and beginners. You need firm grips when you desire ball control on rapid swings. It also allows you to hold your club with minimal pressure. Ribbed grip, on the other hand, is a grip with ridges throughout their length. Conversely, around grip comes with asymmetrical design.

Top 3 Products

Top Pick: Winn Dri-Tac Standard Grip Kit

Polymer grip material plus the WinnLite technology improve the appearance of the Winn Dri-Tac Standard Grip Kit. It provides the product with two crucial features that should be found in a golf grip.

This includes a glove-like fit for stable play and all-weather playability. This way, you can use the grip kit without fearing damage from harsh weather conditions. Plus, the technology gives more distance and improves the appearance of your clubhead by cutting its weight in half. We have, therefore, selected the product as out top pick golf grip for no glove in 2020.

Premium Choice: Karma Neion II 13-piece Golf Grip Kit

Besides promising functional usage, a different and distinctive color theme is perhaps the fascinating feature of the Karma Neion II 13-piece Golf Grip Kit. This includes orange, blue, lime green, and neon yellow. By implication, you have more extensive options to choose from.

This way, you can substitute the product for a preferred sibling rather than replace it with a different brand. Distinct color also sets it apart from others and makes it more noticeable on the green. Since it sticks out, the risk of forgetting our premium choice grip for 2020 on the green after use is reduced.

Great Value: Karma Velour Midsize Black Golf Grip Bundle

Having a product that offers affordable pricing without cutting down on quality is a big win. Luckily, the Karma Velour black golf grip bundle is well priced. Since the product is rated by many users as the most affordable of the bunch, it qualifies as our great value pick.

Not just this, it offers a unique and popular pattern and is bundled for your convenience. It also supports all-weather usage and is available in different colors and sizes. With the Karma Velour, you can tick the box on significant value.

Bottom Line

More than luck or coincidence, getting the best golf grips for no glove is deliberate. With acute attention to detail and knowledge of what you want, you will end up with just the right product. Since we have provided you with a review of the top products, we believe you know what you want.

Unfortunately, you cannot purchase all of the products at once. We recommend the Winn Dri-Tac Standard Grip Kit and the Karma Neion II 13-piece Golf Grip Kit. These two products stand out on our list of the best as the best of the bunch.

5 Best Golf Grips for No Glove Golfers Reviews in 2021 5