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Last Update: 14 Jan 2021

10 Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet Reviews in 2021

10 Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet Reviews in 2021 1
10 Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet Reviews in 2021 2

Skechers Men's Golf Shoe


Best Choice

10 Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet Reviews in 2021 1
FootJoy Men's Fj Golf Shoes

FootJoy Fj Golf Shoes


Best Value

10 Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet Reviews in 2021 1
Callaway TRX Golf Shoe

Callaway TRX Golf Shoe


Premium Pick

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Do you have wide feet and need a bit more room in your shoes while playing golf? Serious golfers appreciate the value of wearing the right type of shoe on the course. Golf shoes can help keep your feet steady when playing shots. For players with these concerns, our list of the best golf shoes for wide feet can help.

They also offer extra support for areas around the feet that tend to move more than usual inside the shoe. Our choices can help you select the shoe that can provide the level of support and stability you need.

We carefully assess the choices in golf shoes for players with wide feet. We also examine the challenges players may encounter, and the benefits and features that can address their concerns. The opinions of professionals, as well as actual users, also provide invaluable credibility for our review.

Top 10 Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet Review


Skechers Men's Torque Waterproof Golf Shoe

Skechers Men's Torque Waterproof Golf Shoe

The brand is a waterproof lace-up golf shoe with a rubber sole. It comprises of a synthetic upper of lightweight, breathable fabric. The shoe has a comfortable, cushioned insole and a molded rubber grip bottom plate for stability. Besides, the sole also features a replaceable Soft spike design for additional grip and control.

The design of the shoe includes a contrast colored side, a ¾-inch heel, and a leather-style finish. The shoe is lightweight, and you can move around with lots of traction for up to 18 holes. The waterproof lining ensures you move around with less sweating and more comfort.

The soft leather gives the shoe a glove-like, fit, and feels. Further, close to 80 percent of users like the excellent grip, quality design, and performance of the shoe. The shoes are ideal for players who prefer to move around without riding a golf cart. The super-light foam cushioning makes them among the most comfortable golf shoes for wide feet.

Key Features:


  • Brand:                 Sketchers
  • Weight:               12.5 ounces
  • Model:                 54541
  • Material:             Synthetic upper


Footjoy Men’s FJ Originals Golf Shoes

Footjoy Men’s FJ Originals Golf Shoes

FootJoy presents a very stylish, comfortable golf shoe that is excellent for rainy days. The design offers a rounded, full fit across the instep, heel, and forefront for extra room to accommodate wide feet. They are very comfortable, and some customers report they can walk up to 18 holes with little or no discomfort.

The waterproof golf shoe is highly durable, with a breathable, synthetic upper material. The shoe is comfortable to wear and provides lots of traction to enable players’ significant control and stability. There are seven replaceable soft spikes and a thin, spongy footbed for ultimate comfort. Some users say they are among the best wide toe box golf shoes available.

Moreover, customers also like the classic, brown, and white design, while praising the outstanding grip, high performance, and superior glove-like fit. Further, 80 percent of users also enjoy the comforts of a fuller toe box, roomy inner sole, and excellent arch support.

Key Features:


  • Brand:                      FootJoy
  • Weight:                    3 lbs. (shipping)
  • Model Number:      45330 M070
  • Material:                 100 percent textile


Callaway Men's Balboa TRX Golf Shoe

Callaway Men's Balboa TRX Golf Shoe

The Callaway Men’s golf shoe offers players a range of options for whole and half sizes, especially for wide feet. They are comfortable and waterproof and provide a solid base to pivot on your swing. Further, the shoe also offers lots of grips, great fit, and excellent color and design.

They are an excellent choice for men with wide feet, and players who need more stability when moving around. They fit right out of the box with little break-in time and are suitable for playing in wet and dry conditions. The sole is of durable plastic, and the upper is microfiber leather that is easy to clean.

Moreover, 77 percent of customers enjoy the excellent arch support, roomy interior, and overall support of the shoe. Users also say the shoe may last between 30 to 40 rounds, and they hold up well over rough patches on the green.

They are durable, lightweight, and affordable. Although the shoes are suitable for men, they can also serve as some of the best womens golf shoes for wide feet.

Key Features:


  • Brand:                        Callaway
  • Weight:                      12 ounces
  • Model Number:         Balboa TRX-M
  • Material:                    Microfiber leather


Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes

Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes

Adidas Men’s, The fashionable golf shoe provides a range of desirable features, including significant comfort, grip, and stability. The lace-up design is an iron and metallic white color. It comprises a removable, synthetic sole and breathable, lightweight fabric that helps to keep the feet dry in damp conditions.

The Adidas Men’s tech also offers a range of sizes that provide extra room in the toe box for wide feet. The durable combination of plastic and rubber fabric is soft, water-resistant, comfortable, and flexible. The memory foam, 6-spike sole, offers significant traction for more control and stability when preparing to swing.

Over 70 percent of users say they may last between 20-30 rounds, and they like the arch support, width, and comfortable fit. The mesh material on the upper allows air to circulate to keep the feet comfortable. They fit very well and are easy to put on and take off. There are also several knobs and ridges on the sole for additional stability.

Key Features:


  • Brand:                         Adidas
  • Weight:                       12 ounces
  • Model Number:         Tech Response 4.0
  • Material:                     Microfiber leather


ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax Golf Shoe

. ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax Golf Shoe

Designed for comfortable gameplay, the ECCO Men’s Golf Shoe comes with BOA innovative closure design for luxurious comfort during a swing. This is because the BOA closure system allows even closure with no pressure points. Plus, the system combined with the all-new L6 reel platform provides a lower stack height and dial with a smaller diameter. All of these allow for more adjustment and effective closure compared to traditional laces.

More on the build, the laces are made of durable, aircraft-grade stainless laces that can be adjusted quickly with one hand. The high-tension laces are also easy to clean and are dirt-repellent. The lab-tested low-friction laces ensure optimum pressure distribution for a comfortable fit throughout the life of the shoe.

There is also a four-dot design that projects the devotion of the shoe to style, technology, quality, and comfort. Since the shoe incorporates technology in its design, it is an effective way to balance great play and feel great while at it. There are also pivot points that provide an excellent foundation for backswings and follow-through.

Key Features:


  • Brand:                        ECCO
  • Model number:         Ecco-151804
  • Weight:                      12 ounces
  • Color:                         black/brick


ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-tex Golf Shoe

ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-tex Golf Shoe

Another product from ECCO, the ECCO Men’s Biom Golf Shoe comes with BIOM natural motion technology that uses anatomical last to bring the players closer to the ground. The design also incorporates the ECCO SYPDR-GRIP with naturally placed pivot points. These points provide support and lasting comfort by ensuring a strong foundation from backswings to follow-through.

Easy on the green, the outsole design features soft curves with spacing between the studs that minimizes the clogging of dirt. Polyurethane construction also makes the grip lightweight, flexible, and durable.

Another one like it is the TRI-FI-GRIP design that is engineered with three different zones to support gameplay. The zones ensure stability, durability, and rotation. The outsole ensures better back-swing and follow-through.

TPU construction promotes better performance on the fairways. ECCO dynamic traction system provides up to 800 traction angles for a better grip in different playing conditions to make it one of the most comfortable golf shoes for wide feet. The sole unit is flexible, lightweight, and shock-absorbing for exceptional stability.

Key Features:


  • Brand:                        ECCO
  • Model number:         Biom Hybrid 3
  • Weight:                      3 pounds
  • Color:                         White/Black Yak leather


PUMA Men's Grip Fusion Golf Shoe

PUMA Men's Grip Fusion Golf Shoe

The PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Golf Shoe comes with FusionFoam comfort system and SoftFoam sole system. Moreover, the grip comfort fits for lasting performance for all-day. Designed with layers of foam on the midsole and insole for excellent cushion, the golf shoe is built on anatomical shape last for more foot volume.

A fusion microfiber upper also sits on top of a FusionFoam midsole that includes a mixture of ultra-responsive rubber and soft EVA foam. Combine these, and you will have all-day comfort with a cushioned feel.

The microfiber synthetic leather upper is comfortable, lightweight, and durable. The mix of soft EVA foam and responsive rubber also ensures excellent energy return and cushioning for comfort. A rounder and ergonomic design ensure a comfortable fit on most feet.

For maximum traction, the shoe comes with up to 100 strategically placed directional hexagon lugs. The lugs are placed in zones for better traction throughout a swing. This ensures more power and grip on the swing. The shoe also supports spikeless organic traction with a laced closure system.

Key Features:


  • Brand:                      PUMA
  • Model number:      189425
  • Weight:                   3 pounds
  • Color:                      White/Quiet Shade/Black


Under Armour Men's Fade RST Ii Golf Shoe

Under Armour Men's Fade RST Ii Golf Shoes

Designed with an integrated lacing system for a locked fit, the Under Armour Men’s Golf Shoe features a breathable material for maximum performance. Breathable clarion microfiber upper keeps the feet cool and dry.

Designed to fit like a sneaker, the shoe allows comfortable use, and are more comfortable once you break them in. The traction on the shoe is excellent and aggressive for traversing hills without slipping. The grip is also decent for indoor floors as well as playing on the green.

With a shaft that measures approximately low-top from the arch, the shoe has a decent lift to it for proper arch support and enough space between your feet and the ground. On the downside, the soles sometimes come in big.

We recommend that you check the size chart before making your order. On style, the shoe has a simple yet impressive design. Not one that will stand out in a crowd, an advantage if you want to wear the shoe with little attention to yourself.

Key Features:


  • Brand:                          Under Armour
  • Model:                         3021527
  • Shipping weight:       13 ounces
  • Color:                           Black/Steel/White


Skechers Men's Mojo Waterproof Golf Shoe

Skechers Men's Mojo Waterproof Golf Shoe

This Skechers Men’s Golf Shoe comes with textile and full-grain leather for ultra-lightweight and responsive ultra-light cushioning. A TPU outsole also provides superior flexibility and traction during use.

This is possible through a revolutionary grip system and lug geometry. There are also flexible non-removable cleats on the shoe for multi-directional traction. Besides, the shoe is non-penetrating for a reduction in turf damage.

For reliable performance, the shoe features smooth full-grain leather construction. The side panels come with perforation details and the heel and instep overlay with the logo detail. Plus, there are continuous padded collar and pull on top loops. Designed to provide four distinct features, the shoe comes with Resamax cushioning, H2GO shield, ultra-flight, and wide fit selection.

Resamax cushioning cushions the insole and offers support during use. H2GO shield ensures waterproof protection, and Ultra Flight design provides lightweight, dense, and responsive cushioning for comfort. Plus, the product is available in extra wide.

Key Features:


  • Brand:                        Skechers
  • Model:                        Mojo Elite
  • Shipping weight:      12 ounces
  • Color:                         White/Gray Textile


New Balance Men's Comfort Golf Shoe

New Balance Men's Comfort Golf Shoe

The New Balance Men’s Comfort Golf Shoe is engineered with innovative exoskeleton TPU outsole that is designed to move naturally with the feet. As a result, little pressure is exacted on the feet during use.

It also comes with REVlite midsole for outstanding cushioning and responsiveness. Plus, the product comes with a waterproof microfiber leather upper with fantom technology. The fantom fit upper features two thin materials with a no-sew process for ultralight support and keeps you dry for more extended periods.

The REVLite midsole also offers lightweight performance with added stability and cushioning without cutting down on the construction of the shoe. Cush plus insole also provides cushioning, comfort, and durable performance.

Combine stability, durability, cushioning, and support, and what you have is the best golf shoe for wide feet. There is also excellent traction in wet and dry conditions. Plus, it doesn’t get hard after drying out.

Key Features:


  • Brand:                     New Balance
  • Model number:      NBG2005BRD-8 D
  • Shipping weight:    3 pounds
  • Color:                       Black/Red

Things to Consider Before Buying the Golf Shoes for Wide Feet


One of the essential features to consider before buying a golf shoe, especially for wide feet, is whether the shoe is comfortable. For example, wide toe box golf shoes are more convenient for people with wide feet. As a rule, you will consider the shoe comfortable if it is not too tight for your toes and feet. Hence, make sure the shoe is not too narrow to prevent injuries.


Premium materials determine the longevity of a golf shoe. For example, features like Aircraft-grade material, Polyurethane construction, microfiber synthetic leather upper, etc. improves the flexibility, stability, and traction on a golf shoe. Hence, we recommend that you look for as much functionality on the golf shoe. Also, look out for high-quality materials as they are good determinants of durability.

Price-quality ratio

Quality without breaking the bank or your wallet. This is the golden rule of purchasing the best shoes for golf. Although they can be expensive, there is always a shoe for every budget. Never substitute quality for quantity and avoid excessive spending just because you can afford it.

Waterproof and breathability

Waterproof and breathable shoes come in handy when you need to play in extremely wet conditions. Besides keeping water out of the shoe, a golf shoe should keep your feet cool to prevent it from developing blisters in hot temperatures. We recommend that you look for a shoe with breathable lining material.

Insole and outsole

The insole and outsole determine arch support and other comfort features of the shoe. While some are removable, some are not removable. Removable insoles are, in most cases, the most comfortable ones. Features like Dynamic traction system, EVA molded insoles, Fusionfoam midsole, TPU outsoles provide stability, durability, cushioning, and support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Should I choose a spike or a spikeless shoe?

Ans: More than preference, this depends on the playing condition. Golf shoes with spikes come in handy if you play in wet conditions or where the grass is longer as they provide more traction. Spikeless shoes, on the other hand, provide considerable grip on short and dry grass.

2. Are golf shoes important?

Ans: You increase your chance of risking an injury when you don’t wear a golf shoe or wear a shoe that is not meant for golf. This is because golf shoes are designed for the game, and they do less damage to the green.

3. Can a woman use a wide fitting golf shoe?

Ans: Like men, there are also best womens golf shoes for wide feet. As they are available in different styles and brands, we recommend that you choose shoes that fit.

4. What are the top quality golf shoes for wide feet?

Ans: All of the products listed above qualify as the best shoes for playing golf. We recommend that you go through the review to find the product that suits your style of play.

5. Can I wear them off the course?

Ans: Since the shoes are strictly for golfing, we recommend that you use them only on the course. Besides, the shoe would wear faster if used off course.

Our Top Picks

Top Pick– Sketchers Men’s Torque
Premium Choice – Callaway Men’s Balboa
Great Value– FootJoy Men’s Fj Originals

When you are on your feet on the golf course, you want to ensure you have the best footwear to help you remain stable and comfortable. Our top picks are among the best in comfort, performance, and durability.

Top Pick

Sketchers are among longstanding brands that deliver on quality, function, and durability. They are light on the feet, with lots of provision for a steady swing for players with wide feet. Also, the shoe is waterproof, breathable, and comfortable with significant traction.

Soft spike technology and ultra-light inner sole provide exceptional fit, comfort, and performance. The stylish shoe has a cushy footbed, and seven replaceable spikes for extra stability and durability.

Premium Choice

The Callaway Men’s Balboa offers an excellent range of sizes for players with wide feet. It is the ideal shoe for playing in wet and dry conditions. The material on the sole and upper is super easy to clean and maintain. The shoe also provides lots of arch support and has a large toe box.

The spikes also offer excellent grip and stability when preparing to swing. The shoe is comfortable, with extra room in the toe box for wide feet.

Great Value

The attractive FootJoy Men’s Fj Originals golf shoe offers significant grip and superior traction. The extra-wide toe box provides lots of room for wide feet: the shoe is a breathable, waterproof, comfortable, and highly affordable product.

The cushioned footbed and replaceable spike enable players to feel confident when walking, standing, or playing shots. The shoe also offers lots of support in the forefoot, heel, and instep.

Bottom Line

Our review offers some of the best golf shoes for wide feet anywhere. We provide a list of the products that represent quality, comfort, function, style, and high performance. Our research also bears testimony to the need for extra room, excellent arch support, and superior traction on the golf course.

You will also find that each shoe has a range of sizes to suit the shape and unique fit and feel of each foot. We want you to be confident in selecting a shoe that is affordable, stylish, and functional.

You will be happy to join the majority of satisfied customers who wear some of the best brands in golf shoes on the market.

10 Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet Reviews in 2021 5