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Last Update: 14 Jan 2021

10 Best Iron Shafts Review & Buying Guide 2021

10 Best Iron Shafts Review & Buying Guide 2021 1
10 Best Iron Shafts Review & Buying Guide 2021 2

Mitsubishi TENSEI CK Pro


Best Choice

10 Best Iron Shafts Review & Buying Guide 2021 1
Fujikura Vista Pro 60 Shaft

Fujikura Vista Pro 60 Shaft


Best Value

10 Best Iron Shafts Review & Buying Guide 2021 1
Project X HZRDUS Black 75

Project X HZRDUS Black 75


Premium Pick

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The best iron shafts provide you maximum accuracy, improve your distance, and give a great feel. Having the entire features in a single shaft is both premium and fascinating. With more products in the market than many users, choosing one iron shaft with these features look overwhelming.

There are different brands with varieties of styles and designs to choose from that it can leave you overwhelmed. While buyers can help you with a few reviews, you obviously can’t sort through every review about all the shafts in the market. Continue reading our golf shaft reviews and find out the perfect iron shafts in 2020.

Top 10 Best Iron Shafts Review


Mitsubishi TENSEI CK Pro

Mitsubishi TENSEI CK Pro


A product of Tensei, the Mitsubishi TENSEI CK Pro Orange 60 Ready to Play w/Grip like its name brings transformation to a golfer. The product is characterized by a low spin rate and a small launch. The player-oriented design makes it one of the top rated driver shafts.

Like other models in the Tensie pro model train, the CK pro orange features high-quality fiber. This allows for outstanding stability with performance and tour-level control.

High-balanced performance…

The pro-orange profile is the first high-balanced point shaft developed by MCA golf and is the final profile in the CK pro series hybrid offering. Tungsten infused Prepreg ensures a higher-balanced point. The Tungsten Infused prepreg uses resin powder, a very dense and heavy powder to move the center of gravity to the butt of the shaft.

What’s more, it does so without making the shaft more rigid. The reinforced tip section of the product allows superior control, feel, and stability.

Key Features:


  • Brand:                Tensie
  • Flex:                    Regular-62g
  • Weight:               2 pounds
  • Material type:    Cal Fusion/Epic


Fujikura Vista Pro 60 Shaft

Fujikura Vista Pro 60 Shaft

Versatile design…

Designed for TaylorMade M1/R15/ M2 drivers regular, the Fujikura Vista Pro 60 Shaft promises a perfect fit for your models. The Vista pro premium technology and design permit easy-to-fit lineup.

The product allows incremental lower launch while increasing weight and flex. As a result, golfers of all skill levels and swing types can use the shaft.

Cage excellence…

Maximum carbon fiber content, higher modulus carbon fiber, platinum finish, and cage design are few of the impressive features of the shaft. The innovative cage design surrounds the graphite fibers in the outer walls to give it all rigid cage-like structure.

Besides being one of the best graphite golf shafts, it also creates a lighter and a thinner wall with equal feel. This allows you to control the shaft. Maximum carbon fiber content makes it stiffer than most shaft materials of the same weight.

It also gives more distance, feels, and stability. The fiber contents of the shaft don’t come in cheap, thereby putting a note on quality engineering with high precision.

Key Features:


Brand:                  Fujikura
Weight:                2.01 pounds
Launch:               High
Spin:                    High


Project X HZRDUS Black 75 Driver Shaft

Project X HZRDUS Black 75 Driver Shaft

Crafted for aggression…

Designed for the more aggressive golfer, Project X HZRDUS Black 75 Driver Shaft delivers a strong distance. It does so without cutting down on the control. With a low spin/low launch design, the product features increased stiffness along its length.

There is also extra-stiff mid-section that allows you to put more power behind every ball. The shaft design is such that it reduces the amount of backspin that the ball has. This way, you can maximize your game on one of the best graphite golf shafts.

More tempo…

More than a low spin, the engineering of the product allows you to swing it fast. This is thanks to the ability to allow you to unload and load the shaft for a quicker backswing. It also allows a more aggressive transition for a faster tempo.

If you have a slower backswing, your transition will be smoother. For players that struggle to hit the ball too high, the shaft comes in handy as it delivers low trajectory.

Key Features:


  • Brand:                  Project X
  • Material type:     Graphite-75g
  • Flex:                     (flex 5.5) Adapt-TaylorMade SLDR
  • Spin:                    Low


Fujikura Ventus 5 Senior Shaft

Fujikura Ventus 5 Senior Shaft

Tour-inspired profile…

Another exciting product of Fujikura, the Fujikura Ventus 5 Senior Shaft, features three launch profiles. Engineered to empower your driver, the shaft maximizes ball speed and tightens shot dispersion. With a tour-inspired profile, the product allows more ball speed, even on off-center shots.

It uses the all-new VeloCore technology of Fujikura’s in an accelerated taper. It also has an ultra-stiff tip profile that allows maximum energy transfer to boost the clubhead’s performance from the tip section. The straight tapper design also makes it easy to load and enhances the feel.

Improved velcore technology…

Like its counterpart, the Ventus 5 features ultra-high modulus carbon fiber, maximum carbon fiber content, and platinum finish. An improvement is the new velocore technology that combines multi-material bias core construction. By implication, it delivers stability through impact and transition.

Key Features:


  • Brand:                  Fujikura
  • Shaft flex:            Senior
  • Weight:                1 pound
  • Model number:   Ventus 5


UST Recoil ZT9 Iron Shaft Set

UST Recoil ZT9 Iron Shaft Set

Recoil technology…

Designed to provide distance and maximum control, the UST Recoil ZT9 Iron Shaft Set does just that for all golfers. Fabricated with premium materials and design, the shaft allows recoil for ultimate stability and feel.

The recoil technology creates an optimal spring effect for more energy transfer in the walls of the shaft. As a result, you have greater distance and increased velocity behind the ball. We can then say that the recoil technology ensures trajectory control, more range, and greater consistency.

Other good things…

More than the recoil technology, the shaft provides higher damping for better elongation of materials. This gives a better feel on mishits with its increased damping rate. Ion plating gives it a premium and stunning finish compared to traditional paint. Although the process takes more time, it ensures tighter control for better feel and strength.

Key Features:


  • Brand:                        UST Mamiya
  • Shaft material:         6 shaft set
  • Flex:                           Regular (F5)
  • Tip parallel:              5.5-inches


Project X New LZ Steel Iron Shafts Set

Project X New LZ Steel Iron Shafts Set

Loading zone technology…

Loading zone technology stands out as the fascinating feature of the Project X New LZ Shafts Set. Designed to produce maximum shaft load for better energy transfer during the downswing, the shaft provides a better feel.

The zone is thanks to wall technology in the tip section and the shaft’s butt. As a result, the stiffness in the midsection reduces. More than feel, you can see the technology in the tapered steps from the midsection to the grip of the shaft.

Sleek profile…

By positioning the shaft load for increased ball speed and energy transfer, the loading zone causes the shaft to be more flexible. The reinforced tip and butt section also allows more stability and controlled use of the shaft.

Compared to other shafts, the Project X New LZ Steel Iron Shafts Set has a blackout and chrome finish. Unique design, feel, and profile make it one of the top quality iron shafts.

Key Features:


  • Brand:                     Project X
  • Shaft material:      6PC SET (5-PW)
  • Flex:                        5.5
  • Spin:                        Mid


GrafalloyProlaunch Blue 45 Senior Shaft

GrafalloyProlaunch Blue 45 Senior Shaft

The GrafalloyProlauncg Blue 45 senor shaft is a perfect combination of style, accuracy, and durability. Designed out of custom assembled graphite shaft, the product now comes with a preinstalled grip and PING G30 adaptor.

It has taken the company several years of research and development to adjust the measurements of this golf shaft carefully. Most of the golf shaft companies are now following a predefined set of rules for shaft manufacturing.

Ideal for long-distance and high-speed shots..

This replacement shaft is engineered to fit into multiple drivers. These drivers include PING G, G30, and G400 drivers for which there is no alteration required. Having an ideal length, width, and weight, golfers can easily play the perfect shot.

Let’s see more…

Moreover, this shaft delivers ultimate comfort and grip as compared to other shafts of a similar kind. Remember that iron shafts are more durable and less expensive than carbon steel shafts. They offer more control over shots and provide better emphasis on accuracy and distance.

Key Features:


  • Brand:                      Grafalloy
  • Model:                     Prolaunch Blue 45 Senior Shaft
  • Weight:                   1 Pound
  • Shaft Flex:              Senior


Graphite Design Tour AD DI 6 Shaft

Graphite Design Tour AD DI 6 Shaft

The Graphite Design Tour AD DI 6 Shaft is known for its durability and stiffness. Recommended by professional golfers, this shaft is designed through Proprietary Material Stiffness Integration (MSI) Technology for better performance and feel.

Moreover, the shaft is also integrated with Advanced Toray Nanomaterial Technology which makes it one of the most popular golf shafts.

Better performance, reliable results..

This shaft was exclusively designed for tour players. Featuring the unique graphite design pattern, the shaft is made to yield the best perfection and support. The shaft comes with different flex and weight options.

To provide a smooth feeling to the players, the shaft has a specific area with graphite design. All of these features surely help golf players in covering the required shot distance with a higher level of accuracy.

And guess what’s the next ….

By using this shaft, players can make the maximum impact for better launch and spin conditions. Graphite Design Tour AD DI is made to yield ultimate shaft performance. The key advantages of using this shaft are optimized game performance and higher accuracy. Furthermore, the unique technology in this shaft provides more stability and power.

Key Features:


  • Make:                  Graphite Design
  • Model:                Tour AD DI 6 Shaft
  • Flex:                    Extra stiff, stiff, or regular
  • Weight:               2.10 pounds


True Temper New Tour Issue Steel Iron Shafts

True Temper New Tour Issue Steel Iron Shafts

Do you want to have a smooth and steady gold experience? If yes, then getting this iron shaft is your best option.

This iron shaft is specially designed for professionals, which means it will give you the smoothest and best quality golf experience. This golf shaft will provide you with amazing and impressive results because of its fantastic build. You will love it.

Premium Construction…

Many experts design this iron shaft after getting a lot of feedback from professionals to ensure their quality and design. After plenty of trials and errors, this product has come to the place it is now.

Amazing Performance…

Because of its premium made design, this fantastic golf shaft has a perfect look to it. It has a constant weight as well as a discrete length. Moreover, the longer shafts 3 and 4 can launch a bit higher to give optimum trajectory and the smoothest performance. Moreover, these lightweight golf shafts include an impressive design approved by the professionals.

Key Features:


  • Brand Name:                 True Temper
  • Taper Tip:                       0.355
  • Flex:                                Stiff
  • Weight:                          126gms


KBS New Tour Steel Iron Shafts

KBS New Tour Steel Iron Shafts

This is all fantastic steel by KBS, which promises to deliver the best performance for a great golf game. With this iron shaft, you can have a great time playing golf without having any problems. The set has a total of 8 pieces of iron shafts, and each one of them has a 0.355 taper tip.

Light Weight….

This shaft is quite lightweight, which allows you to have more grip and control while playing the game. Moreover, the lightweight of this iron shaft makes it seamless as you play the game. Besides, these lightweight golf shafts contain a fantastic design.


This iron shaft by KBS is made with tour steel. This steel gives it not only great functionality but also a durable design. Therefore it can go a long way with you with its long-lasting performance.

Key Features:


  • Brand Name:                  KBS
  • Material:                         Steel
  • Weight:                           4 Pounds
  • Model Year:                   8472767

Things to Consider Before Buying the Iron Shafts

So before you decide to buy high-quality shafts, here are a few things you must consider as they are significant.

Level of Difficulty

Before you think about buying the best golf shaft for yourself, one of the very first things to consider should be your level of play. It means to determine whether you are a beginner or a pro. Once you plan according to your level of difficulty, things get pretty straightforward.

So what do you do?

Well, if you are a newbie, we suggest you try to look for effortless and easy-going golf shafts (basic ones for beginners)

If you are a professional-level golfer whose level of difficulty is intermediate or advanced, it’s okay to go for any golf shaft you like depending upon the complexity.


Another thing to consider when you are looking forward to buying the high quality iron shafts is the overall durability of the iron shaft. You want the iron shaft to be durable and long-lasting. This will not only help to promote smooth playtimes. The shaft will also be able to withstand all types of shocks. It is thereby lasting for a very long time, which is what we want when buying an iron shaft.


Whenever it comes to the design of the shaft you are looking for, you have to make sure it’s the best one!

The design of the shaft should be very effortless and easy to handle. It should also be lightweight so it can easily adjust in hand, and the grip is maximum. A good grip is essential when you are looking forward to buying the right iron shaft.


The most significant thing to consider when purchasing an iron shaft is your budget. We also recommend you spare your budget first and then research the perfect iron shafts in that budget. This way, you will not only buy the superior quality iron shafts but also buy the one that best fits your needs.

Grip Thickness

The grip thickness can have a significant effect on your shaft’s swing. A thin grip can cause meaningful hand actions in golfers, and a very thick grip will limit your hands and will have an equally devastating effect.

Length of The Shaft

Getting the right length of the shaft is essential for good gameplay, so you should consider it before you buy an iron shaft.

The perfect way to do this is to select based on your body type, your height, your arm (left or right), and how physically strong you are.

The taller the player, the longer length of the shaft he will need to play with, the shorter the player, the shorter the shaft he will be needing.

Another thing to consider is the flex of the shaft and just how sustainable it is to your swing. If you pick a shaft that is too stiff, then it will cause a low ball flight as well as create a distance’s loss. If you choose a very soft shaft, it can result in ballooning and, again, the decline in the distance. This is why maintaining the right balance is needed.

How do you know if the shaft flex is correct?

Very stiff shafts can usually make the ball slice towards the right while shafts, which are too soft, can hook the ball to fly towards the left. This is the perfect way to determine the correctness of the shaft flex.


There are different types of materials used for shafts. They are mostly iron and graphite, a combination of both iron and graphite that exist too, which are called hybrid shafts. Each of these types has its benefits, so before you buy a golf shaft for yourself, make sure to be aware of its material and if it’s the right one for you.


Another underlying factor is the weight of the shaft you are buying. A lightweight shaft is significant for a smooth play, which is why you need to make sure the shaft you are purchasing is not very heavy in weight.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What are the things you need to know about shaft flex?

Ans: Learning about shaft flex is mandatory whenever you are going to purchase a golf shaft. Distance, accuracy, and trajectory are dependent upon how well your shaft and drivers are performing.

Depending upon your swing style, you can select between a soft or stiff flex. If your shaft flex is thick, the ball will fly lower and tend to go towards the right side. On the other hand, if your shaft flex is not stiff enough, the ball might fly higher than usual.

For better accuracy, it is advised that you hit many different types of clubs with various shafts and select the best-suited shaft.

2. How can I determine the most suitable shaft length?

Ans: Before selecting the most expensive golf shaft, make sure you have overviewed its weight, shaft length, and flex. Depending upon your playing style and body structure, you can select the shaft which is comfortable and easy to use. The length should always be determined by the individual’s ability to strike a ball on the center face of the club.

A correct approach is to play golf with the most extended possible shaft length at the start so that you can develop the desired skills and angles. Specifications such as weight, height, and flex are the most critical components that need to be focused before selecting a shaft.

3. How long do golf shafts last?

Ans: The lifespan of a golf shaft is dependent upon its construction and finishing. Generally, graphite and steel shafts are long-lasting and provide better flex results. It is a misconception that a shaft will wear out due to continuous shots or will lose its accuracy.

In case the shaft is somehow damaged or severely damaged, it might lose its performance and efficiency. As long as the player takes care and maintains the clubs, the lifespan of shafts will eventually increase.

4. What happens if you select the wrong shaft flex?

Ans: If a golfer selects the shaft, which is not of the appropriate weight or length, achieving the best accuracy might seem impossible. Using a shaft whose flex is too stiff for your playing style or swing can result in short distance shorts.

Furthermore, the best launch angle for maximum distance also cannot be achieved if you have not selected the best-suited shaft. Moreover, the shot will feel less stable, and you might even notice impact vibrations. The best solution is to make your shaft flex well matched to your swing.

5. How important is weight in golf shafts clubs?

Ans: An average graphite shaft has a total weight of 50 grams, and you can find more massive shafts as well. As swing speed is an essential point for making accurate shots, lighter golf clubs can help in achieving better swing speed as well.

You need to try multiple shafts in the golf club and select the one which is easy to handle and covers maximum shot distance. Lighter golf clubs are known for delivering faster clubhead speeds and cover long-range distances as well.

Our Top Picks

Top pick: Mitsubishi TENSEI CK Pro

The Mitsubishi TENSEI 60 Ready to Play w/Grip makes the list of our top pick in 2020. Quality materials and impressive engineering top the list of its attractive features.

Notable among, this is the resin-infused tungsten powder. By wrapping the material near the butt section of the shaft, it moves the centre of gravity and places it to the butt of the product. It also provides a balanced point by making it less rigid at an adjustable length.

There is more carbon fiber than resin content in the material to create higher density without adding more weight. The result is a durable and light swing weight; enough to be our top pick iron shafts in 2020.

Premium Choice: Project X HZRDUS Driver Shaft

Players that love a shaft that feels stout yet borders on broad will enjoy the Project X HZRDUS Driver Shaft. Low launch, low spin, and an enhanced control give you excellent command of the clubhead.

Although the shaft tends to play stiffer, the product comes in handy for a faster backswing and transition. It also makes it easier to get the ball in the hair and promote less spin. Sleek black appearance and other features that we have highlighted make the Project X HZRDUS Black 75 Driver Shaft our premium choice iron shaft for 2020.

Great Value: Fujikura Vista Pro 60 Shaft

The Fujikura Vista Pro 60 Shaft performs based on flex and weight characteristics. Since lighter weights allow higher launch, the product has a lightweight to give you a higher start on every ball. It also supports more topspin that carries the ball on further distance.

The combination of 40 Ton high modulus fiber material on the shaft makes it more durable than convention shafts. It also increases the feel for a more stable distance on the ball. Plus, cage design makes it stiff and gives it a rigid structure.

Impressive Phantium finish gives it a sleek appearance that only a few shafts in the market rival. What’s more, golfers of all skill levels and swings can use the shaft. Now you know why we chose the Fujikura Vista Pro 60 Shaft as our first value iron shafts of 2020.

Bottom Line

The truth is, there is no single iron shaft that will work for everyone. What may look like an incredible product for golfer A can turn out bad for golfer B. However, with our review, you know which shaft is for you and the ones to recommend to a friend. The final choice depends heavily on what you need, your style of play, and the promise of comfort.

Nonetheless, pay attention to our buying guide and choose the best iron shafts. The Mitsubishi TENSEI CK Pro and the Project X HZRDUS Black 75 stands out as our top rated driver shafts.

10 Best Iron Shafts Review & Buying Guide 2021 5