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10 Best Putter for Beginners Reviews

Best Putter for Beginners: A List of Hottest Putter Models 1
Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter

Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter


Best Choice

Best Putter for Beginners: A List of Hottest Putter Models 1
Pinemeadow Golf Men's PGX Putter

Pinemeadow Golf Men's PGX Putter


Best Value

Best Putter for Beginners: A List of Hottest Putter Models 1
S7K Standing Putter for Men and Women

S7K Standing Putter for Men and Women


Premium Pick

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Become future Rory or Tiger Woods definitely a cherished dream of an amateur golfer. But the fact is, a good golf score is mandatory to achieve that dream.

Too true!

Undoubtedly, a good score can be secured after taking proper training. But only training can’t lead you to make the dreams come true.

Naturally, an amateur golfer will fall into a dilemma while choosing a suitable putter. This is because different varieties of the putter are available in the market.

We write this article on the best putter for beginners. So, if you recently keep your feet in the golf world, read this article and pick the best putter.

Quick View: Best Type of Putter for Beginners

Should I use a mallet or a blade?

Mallet or blade has become a buzzword for the beginner golfer. So, if you are an amateur and encounter the same issue, you can see those two putter’s functions.

Balanced: Mallet putter is designed to make its face more stable stays perpendicular to the ground, and less rotation.

Whereas, when you look at the blade putter, its toe will slightly drop on the right side and rotate much when you take it on your hand.

So, let’s see how this balance issue affects your stroke.

In terms of mallet putter, it will move slightly when the tapping occurs with the putter face.

When you stroke with the mallet putter, the face balance will rotate a lot naturally than the blade putter.

Top 10 Best Putter for Beginners to Take Performance to the Next Level

Here are our 10 review of good putters for beginners that will read greens for you.


Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter

Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter

Imagine how it could be if you can sink more putts without topping.

Dreams come true for a golfer, right?

Heck yes, putting could be extremely hard if you don’t have the right putter at your hand. And to make putting pretty straightforward, Pinemeadow putter PGX SL is a gamechanger.

How it managed to sink more putt?

Well, it has a clear alignment that has placed such a way so that you can get better targeting. And this dramatically breaks the stereotype how you play the game.

That’s not the only reason I included this stuff in the list.

If you’re facing difficulties with aiming issues, this excellent club could help you end that issue.no matter how much tall you are; the shaft will be ok. This makes gripping and bending a breeze.

Another great thing, Pinemeadow gave a nice looking Headcover with the package. The PGX SL makes it easier to take control.

So what are you waiting for? Go, grab it and hit the green like the legend Dustin Johnson.

Key Features:


  • Length:                        34″
  • Hand Orientation:       Right
  • Weight:                       1.01 pounds
  • Target gender:            men
  • Country of Origin:       China


Pinemeadow Golf Men's PGX Putter

Pinemeadow Golf Men's PGX Putter

Pinemeadow has excelled once again, and it’s not surprising at all.

Why am I saying this?

They somehow manage to offers the latest materials and technology, precise finish and all at a reasonable price. This men’s pgx has some tremendous features that resemble classic putters.

One of the coolest improvements in this new version of the Pinemeadow is the “tour-weighted” feature.

The result?

You’ll get a great forward spinning ball at impact. At the same time, the reduced skid helps the user to get stability while taking the shot. This considers as best for the faster greens, which is mostly seen around the world.

Like every Pinemeadow golf putter, this one also comes with custom PGX headcover. The precise white finish not only gives an elegant look but extend when the stuff is in the address position on the green. And the white shade is really easy to focus against the green grass and to maintain alignment lines on target at start.

Key Features:


  • Size:                               34 Inches
  • Color:                             White
  • Weight:                          1.19 pounds
  • Included component:     headcover


S7K Standing Putter for Men and Women

S7K Standing Putter for Men and Women

What they say Choosing the right golf club length will make impeccable strikes.

Is it true?

Well, honestly speaking without a good putter golf length won’t give you the desired consistent putting. The good news, there are a few brands which really take this seriously and produce some quality putter. S7k stand-alone putter is one of them.

What’s so special about it?

First and foremost, this putter is Legal for major tournament play. The S7K was carefully tested to stand by itself in a light breeze. Not only that, it designed such a way so that it can tackle slopes.

Just set it, stroke it, and sink it!

It’s easier than you think. This stands up putter has the appropriate setup built right in. That means if aligned properly and take your stroke, the adjusting the angle won’t bother you much.

Bu the craziest part is most probably the impact strike dot. This simple dot indicated you exactly where to emphasise on contact to get the solid putts.

When you get the Perfect alignment with a solid putt, this will give hell confidence to dominate the course.

Key Features:


  • Length:                       34.5”
  • MOI:                           7000/g
  • Shaft+grip weight:     50g
  • Balance:                     40” toe hang
  • Shaft:                         graphite
  • Loft:                           3.0”
  • Grip:                          EVA foam


Chipper Putter Golf Club Alignment Chipper Hybrid Putter

Chipper Putter Golf Club Alignment Chipper Hybrid Putter

With a chipper, you can go for a slightly shorter shaft to get its intended use.

And that’s a big relief for beginner. Keep this at mind; I enter this chipper style putter from the golf club. The coolest part, they designed distinct putter for everyone. Though this one is for men, it’s also available for ladies-senior-junior.

Cooler than ever!

This incredible multifunctional club is able to hit from 36-degree loft. That’s not all; the 36” long extreme chipper is made from top-notch stainless steel.

Still not convinced?

The craziest part is the anti-drug sole design. From any lie, this gonna offer you a smooth performance.

Key Features:


  • Club Type:               Chippers
  • Loft:                         36
  • Shaft Material:         Steel
  • Dexterity:                 Right-Handed
  • Flex:                         Uniflex


Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter

Odyssey white hot pro 2.0 black #1 putter is not just a pretty face – a putting revolution!

I tell you though this has been designed to satisfy the awesome performance demands of the seasoned pro golfers.

As cool as it sounds!

These timeless putters come back with a re-engineered white-hot face insert. This designed has a great impact on improving feel and swing and even the sound.

Oddly enough, Heel/toe weight placement perfect blend offers full-shaft offset. In the meantime, crank neck hosel is a huge plus for the elite player.

But I have to admit; this putter is best for those who aim an arc putting stroke.

Key Features:


  • Head Shape:       Blade
  • Head Weight:     343 grams
  • Gender:               Men’s
  • Lie:                      70°
  • Loft:                    3°
  • Hand:                  right
  • Style Name:        Rossie
  • Shaft Style Type:Standard Grip


TaylorMade Spider X Putter

TaylorMade Spider X Putter

Taylormade is a bit more of a household name among seasoned golfers. I strongly believe in starting the journey as a golfer; a beginner should try brandable golf accessories.

Though a little bit costly (sometimes hell pricey), Taylormade golf clubs are best in class. And this spider x putter is no wonder.

That’s right.

Spider X shakes up the whole system the way manufacturer’s offers optimal stability and alignment.


They designed the mass properties of the head and built a true path alignment system. One thing I can assure you, this true path alignment is gonna be a huge help, especially you are a newcomer. And that’s the beauty of this putter; it’s actually a perfect blend of arts and science that is proven to work time and time again.

Make sense?

Spider X made from a heavy (320g) steel frame with a lighter carbon composite sole (15g) to offer a good perimeter weighting.

Key Features:


  • Length:             34”
  • Option:             right hand
  • Hosel:               small slant
  • Toe Hang:        30°
  • Loft:                  3°
  • Head weight:    355g


Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter

Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter

The Orlimar tangent t1 putter is the cult classic for towering golfers.

The bold look and smooth feel, this will certainly help in rolling the ball surprisingly fast. What pretty obvious is the Orlimar T1 putter is the finest choice for on-line toward the target.

And guess what?

These putter come in two color combination. Black/silver combination if you want to keep in the classic, on the other hand, the red/white shade is for those who dare to try new things.

When you take it after unboxing the putter, the very first thing you will notice is the headcover which is nicely embroidered the Orlimar logo. This super firm, neoprene headcover, will keep your putter secured.

But let me show you the best feature of this cool sports item. Talking about awesomely designed Plumber’s Neck Hosel, this will help you to keep your hand ahead from the putter.

Key Features:


  • Color:                         Silver/Black
  • Hand Orientation:     Right
  • Shaft Material:          Steel
  • Dimensions:               36.3 x 5.6 x 3.9 inches
  • Weight:                       1.2 pounds


Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach putter

Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach putter

Conventional putters almost do nothing to line up your putts, or sometimes little to aid your stroke, and the price is madly high.

Yes, that’s true.

If you’re on a tight budget, but want a solid putter, Cleveland golf Huntington should be your choice. Cleveland Golf has able to capture the attention of the golf world as for a mid to high handicapper brand.

That’s not all if you ask me what the most forgiving putter is, my vote definitely goes to Cleveland golf, how the forgiveness and distance they give is just mindblowing. Another thing I personally like about this brand that they try to help the golfer develop and maintain a consistent feel.

It comes with an impressive sweet spot; you will know the difference if used consistently. And the best part, even if you miss-hit, still you will achieve a decent result.

Key Features:


  • Hand Orientation:   Right
  • Shaft Length:          34 Inches
  • Dimensions:            48 x 6 x 6 inches
  • Material:                  Stainless steel
  • Weight:                    9.6 ounces


Ray Cook Golf- Silver Ray SR800 Putter

Ray Cook Golf- Silver Ray SR800 Putter

Let me share you a surprising fact:

Close to 70% of putts are missed before you even start the stroke. Sound’s odd, but it’s true. With the ray sr500, you set the stuff behind the ball and can measure the alignment from behind and down the line.

It’s insane!

Just try this once, and I’m pretty sure you will say it’s the most dazzling experience to hit in the course with this putter.

Ray cook golf pulled out all the stops on our new line by improving new styles. Just look at a striking black finish with red and white combination. Isn’t it great? Quite an eye-appealing, no doubt about it.

The weighting and balance point gives a great pendulum stroke. And that’s one of the best features in golf.

The alignment assistance line is actually a lifesaver for beginners, especially for them who want to improve their overall skills.

Let me say something straight:

The head may be a bit heavier but a great addition since it offers more stability to entire putter.

Key Features:


  • Hand Orientation:     Right
  • Shaft Length:            35 Inches
  • Dimensions:              38 x 6 x 6 inches
  • Lie =                            70 degree
  • Loft =                          3 degrees
  • Weight:                       9.6 ounces


Cleveland smart sole sand wedge

Cleveland smart sole sand wedge

Imperfect green conditions and uneven lies are the biggest struggles of a new golfer.

But the good news is time has changed, and manufacturers are trying to produce the right sports accessories for all skill level. For example- Cleveland smart sole sand wedge which is specially designed for entry level player who can’t cope up with uneven lies.

Sound’s impressive?

Then before you’re just leaving money on the table, you should go through the review to know what you can expect and what not from this widge.

First of all, let’s talk about the sole.

Built for highest forgiveness, this stuff designed with the 3-tiered sole. What really amazing is the 3 distinct activation pads. These awesome pads will take care of turf interaction.

The result?

Increased playability from all lies even if it uneven. In short, these are that set of wedges that carefully made for beginners enjoy the hit around the greens.

And guess what?

Using 58 degrees of loft, you can optimize the widge’s specifications to get the right size loft the critical shots around the green close.

Key Features:


  • Hand Orientation:     Right
  • Shaft Material:          Graphite
  • Flex:                           Wedge
  • Loft:                          58 Degrees
  • Dimensions:              4.9 x 4.9 x45.5 inches
  • Weight:                     1 pound
  • Length:                     35.25 inches
  • Lie Angle:                  64 degrees

Mallet vs. Blade: Which One is Better For Whom?

Let’s see which putter is perfect for whom.

When you feel problem to hit straight, then you have better to use mallet putter.

Moreover, the Mallet putters are suitable for those who require more visual assistance to line up the ball. Here the 2- ball clubface is better to ensure perfect alignment.

On the other hand, the blade putter will perfect when you face a little bit of distance control and who hardly miss-hit.

Should I Use an Offset Putter?

Today, most of the putters come with designed like offset putter. In the offset putter, you will find the putter’s top edge stay behind the shaft’s leading edge.

Let’s see some of the offset putter’s amenities, and hope that these will help you while deciding on using an offset putter.

What is a 2-Ball Putter?

The Odyssey Golf brand brings this 2-ball putter where the clubhead is designed in a specific way to enhance putting accuracy.

Here you will find 2 white circles size design like the golf ball placed in the middle of the putter face. So, before the stroke, you can set the alignment by relating to that 2 ball design.

The most prominent amenities you will get are stability, MOI, and alignment. Thanks to the inventors, because this 2-ball putter is better than other putters in alignment setup.

You can easily aim at the target with its classic 2 ball alignment system. The balance you will find tremendous, and the sound & feel may be excellent.

Today, the latest Triple Track 2-Ball featured with a double bend face-balanced mallet that helps you to stroke with slight rotation.

What Are the Types of Putter? Does the Kind of Putter Make a Difference?

All the golf putters are not the same, and the difference you will find in its head design, type, faces, shafts, etc. In the following, you will find a brief on the putter type and its activity.

Types of Putter How It Works
Blade putter

Blade putter is designed for those who face a bit of distance control problems and hardly miss-hit. It will rotate precisely when hit the ball with its toe.

Mallet putter

While blade putter rotates much, the mallet putter comes with a less rotate design. Here the classic 2 ball alignment system will help to set perfect alignment.

Center Shafted Putters

Center Shafted Putters is designed with shaft inserts into the middle of the head. You will find this putter face is balanced and suitable for stroke straight-back-straight-through.

Futuristic Putters
This enormous putter brings new technology to ensure a high moment of inertia (MOI). Besides, the design will resist twisting while hitting the ball through its center.
Offset Putters
The offset putter is designed to show the putter’s top edge lies behind the shaft’s leading edge. The offset putter will encourage the golfer’s hands to guide the head through the stroke.
Onset Putters
The design of the onset of the putter is different from the offset. Here the face is ahead than the shaft's leading edge. So, the golfer can see the complete top side of the putter face.
Toe Weighted Putters
The toe points of these putters will hang roughly 45 to 60 degrees to the ground. The classic blade putter is a perfect example of this type where more weight is placed in the club's toe. This type of putter is suitable to play in an arching way.
Face Balanced Putters
In this type of putter, the weight is distributed evenly throughout the clubface. Therefore, the mechanism will help the golfer control the putter more easily and keep it straight when putting stroke.

Things to Consider While Buying Golf Putter For Beginner:

A putter is a must-have equipment for a golfer. Here a good putter helps a golfer to build a good score.

So, as a beginner golfer, the following instructions will help you to choose a good putter.

1. Correct Length

Length plays a vital role in ensuring the correct position during putting stroke. For your perfect posture- you should do some practices given below:

So, here the putter must meet this set-up to ensure that posture.

However, if you are a male golfer average 32 to 34 inches putter will suitable for you. Nevertheless, the female counterpart will find comfy in 30 to 33 inches putter.

2. Weight of the Putter

Today, the standard weight of the available putter is roughly 530 grams. Here the distributed portion of weight in the head and the shaft & grip are 350:180 gram. Also, the putter’s head weight may vary on the size, for instance-

3. Balance

You will find two types in the balanced segment: the face balanced and the toe balanced.

When you see that your putter’s shaft parallels to the ground and also faces to the sky when pointing, then it will be called the face-balanced putter.

Whereas the putter’s toe drops slightly (about 45 or 60-degree angle), pointing to the ground will indicate the balanced toe putter.

Face balance will help you to stroke the ball in a straight manner. On the other hand, toe balance will give you arching stroke.

4. The shape of the Putter Head

There are 2 different head shapes like the blade and the mallet. The blade shape head will help those who hardly miss-hit and want to play in an arching way.

The mallet shape putter will help to hit straight. Here one type named two ball putter is perfect to set the alignment of the ball.

Do I Need A Toe Hang Putter?

In the toe hang putter, the toe will slightly drop (about 45 or 60-degree angle) and pointing to the ground when you take it on your hand.

Here a good example you find is the traditional blade-style putter. In the following, you can get some idea on whether you use toe hang putter or not.

Let’s see for whom the toe hang putter is suitable.

So, you may know this putter is best for arching stroke. Let’s see for whom arching stroke is suitable.

Bottom Line

Now, we reach on the edge of the article and wish to draw the finishing line. Before that, we tried to provide you with all the necessary information on the putter.

As the putter comes in multiple varieties, the perfect one is undoubtedly tough to choose. Here we tried to discuss all types of putter along with the activity.

Before leaving, our suggestion is don’t give up hope keep going hopefully you can occupy the top position in the official world golf ranking one day.

Best Putter for Beginners: A List of Hottest Putter Models 4