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Last Update: 14 Jan 2021

5 Best Wedge Shaft Review & Buying Guide 2021

5 Best Wedge Shaft Review & Buying Guide 2021 1
The Golf Works Golf Shaft

The Golf Works Golf Shaft


Best Choice

5 Best Wedge Shaft Review & Buying Guide 2021 1
5 Best Wedge Shaft Review & Buying Guide 2021 3

Dynamic Temper Shaft


Best Value

5 Best Wedge Shaft Review & Buying Guide 2021 1
5 Best Wedge Shaft Review & Buying Guide 2021 5

Fujikura Vista Pro 60 Shaft


Premium Pick

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The best wedge shaft is one of the good things that golfer often overlook. More often than not, the difference between a great golfer and a good one lies in the content of their bags.

More so, when both golfers are equally skilled. Golfers use different types of clubs. All for good reasons as each club serves a variety of purposes. But, having the best wedge in your shaft could be all the difference that you need.

Since the shaft affects the accuracy, angle, loft, and spin on your shot, let us examine our wedge shaft review for the finest of the bunch. Read on to discover how to buy the best products and the few things you have been missing on.

Top 5 Best Wedge Shaft Review


The Golf Works 3 Pack Universal Golf Shaft

The Golf Works 3 Pack Universal Golf Shaft

The Golf Works 3 Pack Golf Shaft works on different types of graphite and steel shafts. Not just this, it will expand to fit about 590-inches inside diameter. It will also compress to fit a 540-inches inside diameter.

Easy extension…

Although the extension will fit most graphite and steel shaft, we recommend measuring the inside diameter of the shaft. This way, the extension will work the way you want. The product is easy to apply as little epoxy application is all you need to get the job done. After this, insert the extension into your shaft.

And force the tapered plug provided with the product package into the extension. Do this until the extension expands to fit the ID of your golf shaft.

Key Features:


  • Brand:              The Golf Works
  • Weight:            1.4 ounce
  • Color:               Black
  • Material:          Graphite


Dynamic Gold True Temper Shaft

Dynamic Gold True Temper Shaft

Another excellent product on our wedge shaft review is the dynamic gold True Temper Shaft. The tour-weighted steel golf shaft comes in handy for skilled players that want to achieve optimum accuracy and control with a low penetrating ball flight.

Step pattern plus wall tech…

The high-flex shaft combines a tour-proven step pattern and variable wall technology for exceptional performance. The product helps to achieve a moderate tempo, flat trajectory, and a little spin.

Smooth transition…

Since tempo is not measured by how fast you swing, the shaft affects how you unload and load the shaft for comfortable backswing and transition. By using it, you can strike a balance between aggressive development and a smoother transition. However, the shaft’s trajectory design is for players that find it difficult to hit the ball too high. Also, the low spin design allows you to maximize your game.

Key Features:


  • Brand:          Dynamic golf
  • Wedge:        37-inches
  • Flex:             Stiff-S300-130g
  • Spin:             low


Fujikura Vista Pro 60 Shaft For Taylormade

Fujikura Vista Pro 60 Shaft For Taylormade

The flighted line of the Fujikura Vista Pro offers premium technology to give fitter versatility. It also combines tour design aesthetics for an easy-to-fit lineup. By implementing incremental lower launch, the product combines it with increased weight and flex. This way, it accommodates golfers of all skill levels and swing types.

Simple cage design…

Premium technology that includes cage design, high modulus carbon fiber, and phantium finish characterize the product. Plus, since it is lightweight, it produces more spins and higher launch to improve carry distance. The Fujikura Vista Pro 60 Shaft is a new version of the classic tour-trusted pros series. It combines tour design aesthetics and professional-grade technology to provide more versatility.

Key Features:


  • Brand:               Fujikura Golf
  • Weight:             2.01 pounds
  • Launch:            High
  • Spin:                 High


KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 Steel Wedge Shafts

KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 Steel Wedge Shafts

The KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 Shafts comes with an improved active tip. It provides an increase in the backspin and the initial launch.

Lightweight with more spins…

Not just this, the active tip section increases the effective loft in the head. As a result, you have more stopping power and accuracy combined with more spins. There are three flex options on the product and a signature step pattern. More than this, the shaft is excellent on full shots as well as partial shots without feeling loose. The active tip also still feels solid even on full shots.

The Hi-rev is more flexible compared to the S200, especially in the tip section. It is also stiffer in the butt section. It also creates more spins and is lightweight.

Key Features:


  • Brand:                        KBS
  • Shaft length:             37-inches
  • Shaft weight:           125 grams
  • Model number:        KB11-IS


Dynamic Gold Tour Issue Shafts

Dynamic Gold Tour Issue Shafts

Another product of Dynamic Gold, the Dynamic Gold Tour Issue Shafts, is tour-issued for optimal performance. Available in onyx and chrome finish, the shaft holds the industries tightest weight tolerance to give you the performance that you require of it. Like other shafts by the same brand, the product maximizes power, control, and penetrating ball flight.

Hat’s with the tour-weighted design…

Tour-weighted design makes it handy for players that seek low and penetrating ball flight, and desire accuracy and control. Besides being lightweight, the ability to choose between two available flexes put a note on its versatility.

With a tour-only weight tolerance, the product supports custom precision fitting to meet your demand. Plus, the tour-issue is the gold standard used to measure other iron shafts.

Key Features:


  • Brand:                  Dynamic Gold
  • Material type:     Wedge 36.5-inches
  • Flex:                     S400-132g
  • Launch:                Low

Things to Consider When Buying Wedge Shaft

The Wall Thickness and Weight

Shafts with thin walls often give a more responsive feel for partial chips. The Fujikura Vista Pro 60 Shaft, for example, has a thin wall. Therefore, it allows for more control and accuracy. It then holds that the lighter the wall of the shaft, the more excellent responsiveness it gives. Another factor like it is the shaft weight.

This, more often than not, hinges on your desired style of play. Light shafts provide a higher ball trajectory, while a massive shaft gives a lower path. Plus, the heavier ones give more control and are firmer. On the other hand, a light shaft is better for more backspins and delivery of shots that have a higher flight. Depending on what you want, we recommend that you tick the weight of the shaft you want before purchase.

The Flex

The flexibility of a shaft determines its rotation speed. Although many golfers believe that extra stiff shafts provide more accurate shots, it is not always the case. To get more accuracy on your shots, the flexibility of your shafts must match your swing speed.

If you have a slow swing speed, we recommend buying a shaft with a higher flex. However, if you have a mighty swing, you should look to purchase a shaft with a lower flex. To be safe, you should let an experienced golfer or expert analyse the speed of your swings. This way, he can either recommend the right flex type, or you make a choice.

The Material

While there are many materials for making shaft wedges, the commonest of all is steel and graphite. It comes as no surprise that some products combine the two elements for optimum results. You should know that both materials have disadvantages and advantages. Of all graphite types, shafts made of light graphite are the least expensive.

Little wonder why they are less durable. However, there is a reduction in the feedback. The ones made of steel, on the other hand, have higher vibrational feedbacks and are more massive. As a result, a mishit could sting your hands if you are not careful. The best combination of material is graphite and steel plus a bit of light titanium. However, we recommend that you buy a shaft that features popular and common materials.

The Length

Long length wedge shafts allow you to launch the ball farther and swing faster. Shorter ones, however, makes it easy to control your shots. Our bet is to select a long length shaft that allows significant control. This way, you can swing faster, move the ball over long distances, and maintain control over your shots.

Check the height, measure the distance from the ground to your wrist, and make sure that it suits your posture. If it does, you can make a single and accurate purchase. The Dynamic gold shafts, for example, offer low penetrating ball flight for more accuracy, control.

The Torque

It refers to the resistance to torsional forced and is often caused when the clubhead twists around the shaft. By applying force, the head twist, and it usually affects the feel of the club. When the torque is not flexible or stiff, the torque feels whippy for a higher ball trajectory. However, when the torque is high, you will have a lower path on the ball.

The Finish

Wedge shafts are available in different colors. It includes black, silver, bronze, and many other types. There is no rule to choosing the finish type that you want except your personal preference. It means that you choose based on the type of color that appeals to you. Apart from this, the color should exact confidence to inspire a successful shot.

We recommend shafts with nickel or chrome finish. This is because they are more durable and are easy to maintain. Gold is another excellent color as rust on it adds a bit of friction to the wedge for more spins on a shot. However, as we stated earlier, you are free to choose based on your preference.

Check all of the factors above, and you will save yourself another trip to the seller for a return. The right product serves no purpose if you cannot use it.

Our Top Picks

Top Pick: The Golf Works 3 Pack Golf Shaft

The Golf Works 3 Pack Golf Shaft by The Golf Works offers a 3-pack of shaft extension. It also works on different types of graphite and steel shaft to place first on the best wedge shaft.

Among its many exciting features, the ability to use it on almost any shaft is perhaps its most desirable feature. You can use it on any shaft provided that the inside diameter measures up to 540-inches. Coupled with this, easy installation and durable design are some of its other features.

Since it supports easy installation, a little epoxy and a bit of sheer force are all you need to fit the extension into the shaft. Combine all of this, and we have our top pick of the best wedge shaft of 2020.

Premium Choice: Fujikura Vista Pro

Coming in second is the Fujikura Vista Pro 60 Shaft Drivers Regular. Unlike shafts that offer a universal fit, the Fujikura vista pro is custom-made to fit TaylorMade regular drivers.

With high launch and spin, the product uses its lightweight characteristics to improve carry distance. To give it the same feel and control as more massive shafts, the product has a lighter and thinner wall. This is thanks to its cage technology design that surrounds fibers in the graphite shaft’s outer walls.

Besides innovative design, the shaft features premium materials and a classy finish to match. Although it isn’t our top pick, the Fujikura Vista is our premium choice shaft of 2020.

Great Value: Dynamic Gold True Shaft

The Dynamic Gold True Shaft features a tour-weighted shaft for low ball flight. This also helps for more accurate play and gives optimum control. What’s more, the brand pride itself as the standard for measuring other iron shafts.

Designed to give low spin and trajectory, the dynamic gold True Shaft is our excellent value wedge shaft in 2020. Unlike shafts for players of all skill levels, the product is handier for players that have difficulty hitting the ball too high.

Not that other players won’t find a use for it. However, it is particularly suitable for players that want low spin and trajectory. Other than this, the dynamic gold True Shaft is well placed as our third pick wedge shaft of 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How many wedge shafts are there?

Ans: Like many golfing accessories, wedge shafts are available in different designs by different manufacturers. As a result, buying the best type can be difficult. Since we have reviewed some of the best brands above, you should have no trouble sorting through the numerous range of options.

2. Who can use wedge shafts?

Ans: Golfers of all skill levels can use wedge shafts. However, the less experienced ones have more need for the wedge shafts. This is because they require a wide range of options to improve their accuracy. However, no rule prevents any golfer from using wedge shafts.

3. What type of wedge shaft will help for hitting the farthest?

Ans: Stiff shafts are most handy for hitting the farthest. However, it is only the case if you have a fast swing speed. Since fitting a thick shaft doesn’t automatically improve ball distance, you need to consider your swing speed. For slow swingers, we recommend shafts with higher flexibility and shorter length. This way, you can maintain accuracy on each shot.

4. What is pureing?

Ans: Like we mentioned with the Dynamic Gold Tour Issue Shafts True Temper, the process attracts extra cost. Pureing is an abbreviation for the Plane of Uniform Repeatability. This involves analyzing the straightness, stiffness, and roundness of a shaft through computerization. This process aims to determine the most appropriate fitting orientation accurately.

5. Is there a difference between chipping and pitching?

Ans: Yes, there is, in fact, a difference between the two. Chipping involves playing close to the green, where the ball is frequently in contact with the ground. When you chip, the ball bounces a few times after landing before it settles down. Pitching, on the other hand, occurs when there is more flight time to the ball. What this means is that there is minimal contact with ground contact, unlike chipping.

Bottom Line

The best wedge shaft is a matter if you are looking to improve your wedge game. Among its many benefits, the chief is the ability to increase ball spin, adjust launch angles, and provide greater control.

Besides, buying a wedge shaft won’t take anything from you besides a few cash from your wallet. In its place, you have better control over the outcome of your game for improved performance.

Besides general review, we recommend the first two products as the best of the bunch. More than this, we recommend that you try out different options to find out what works for you.

5 Best Wedge Shaft Review & Buying Guide 2021 6