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Last Update: 14 Jan 2021

Callaway Strata Plus Review

Golf set is the primary gear you’ll need to start playing golf. For beginners, it gets priority to have the best one in hand to make impressive shots. And it’s indeed the right one with everything you need. In fact, the featured clubs offer quality a step above other standards. Check out the comprehensive Callaway Men’s Strata Plus review to know all the details.

There are plenty of reasons to become the topmost recommendation for beginners & novices alike. Drivers, woods, hybrids & irons – everything is there to meet your requirements. The 16-piece set is ready to treat any male golfer with metal relief.

Allowing you to make a good start, the combo helps in the maturation of your shots.

Callaway Strata Plus Review

Callaway Men's Strata Plus Complete Golf Set

Callaway Men's Strata Plus Complete Golf Se

Despite its simple structural built, the clubs are loaded with beneficial features. As a beginner, you may not require everything in the first place. That’s why our details revealed the essential points rather than complex ones. While buying, observing the features will let you make a successful purchase in accordance with your needs.

Distance Covering 460CC Driver

Drivers may not seem very friendly for beginners at the first level. But you’ll eventually need it to make longer shots. The included driver measures a 45” length against a reasonable 12° loft. Meanwhile, the lying angle remains 58.0° to allow admirable hits. And the clubhead here features a sturdy 460cc metal construction. The included sweet spot initiates superior forgiveness all along. Again, the solid graphite shaft lets you enjoy a convenient D1 swing weight.

Outstanding 3-Wood Consistency

Its fairway wood weighing 354 only that includes several promoting additions for precise shots. Against a standard length of 42.5”, you’ll receive a perfect 15.5° lofting angle there. The clubhead has a solid, durable stainless steel exterior to make the impact. Likewise, it comes with a graphite composite shaft for the club. You can go for faster swing speeds to deliver longer shots in the field. A satisfactory 57.0° lying angle initiates D1 swing weight.

Hybrid Pair Inclusion for Versatility

Skipping the troublesome long irons, the set has two hybrid clubs. In fact, you’ll get to use a 4-iron & 5-iron hybrids right there. Of course, the 5H feels tougher rather than the 4H for any beginners. The length measurements are 37.75” & 38.5” respectively. Its structure comes with widened sole for the clubhead. Aside from a solid impact contact, the design lets you enjoy a better launching angle. The 4H club offers a 22° loft over 60.0° lying angle. For the 5H, it’s 26° for loft & 60.5° for lying angle. Despite their slight differences with the irons, the heads certainly promise definite advantages.

Cavity Backed Four Wedges/Irons

Callaway Strata Plus includes 4 different irons, starting from 6-iron to end at 9-iron. Obviously, the inclusions aren’t exactly for professionals but beginners only. You can make a solid & comfortable hit using either of the 6-iron, 7-iron, 8-iron or 9-iron. All 4 clubs feature cavity-backed construction. Therefore, the design pushes extra steel to the external clubhead rim. It lets you get further control over the shots with increased forgiveness.

The irons feature perimeter weighing technology for greater control. Again, its progressive sole width enables improved performance for growing skills. Even though they feel somewhat heavy due to extra heft, it helps to correct your hits. The loft angle measures 28°, 32°, 36° & 40° against their respective 61.5”, 62.0”, 62.5” & 63.0” length. Although each one varies in club weight, the swing weight remains standard D1 for all. For the best part, all 4 wedges allow right-handed & left-handed action.

Supreme Accuracy through Putter

Apart from others, you’ll get to use the included putter. The blade-styled putter comes with a pallet having T-like alignment. For enhanced efficiency, the structure includes extended steel just behind its face. Leveling the flat on the ground, you can easily maintain a satisfactory balance. The shaft measures a standard 35”, considering off-the-shelf putters. Its 3° loft & 72° lie will impart higher accuracy all the way. A 525 club weight seems difficult to put in to move for beginners, but it’s essential for skill development.

Protective Headcovers Gives Security

Apart from 11 clubs, the package contains 4 protective headcovers. The driver, 3-wood & hybrid pairs got the covers. As it happens, those 4 tend to have longer shaft than others. Frequent hours on the course are likely to cause the clubs to pick up scratches & dinge. And headcovers can easily prevent such occurrences. Keeping the clubheads in pristine condition, the headcovers encourages the lifespan of your clubs.

Multi-Pocketed Stand Bag for Carriage

Of course, the complete set comes in a durable stand bag for easy transportation. You’ll find 5 club holding pockets with one additional cooler pocket. Besides, there are several pockets of different lengths to accommodate your extra items. It features a rain hood to keep your valuable possession safe. Thanks to the built-in backpack strap system, it takes no extra effort to carry the entire set. Not to mention, the bag remains lightweight enough even with the full load.

Callaway Men's Strata Plus Complete Golf Club

Bottom Line

This is arguably the most suitable option for anyone who is about to get started with golf. For an amateur, it’s important to get the golfing journey right off on the right path. And Callaway Strata Plus simply lets you enjoy the first hits on course.

Straight out of the box, each club will serve to satisfy your expectation. Thanks to its reasonable price tag, you can concentrate on its overall quality. The in-depth details should explain everything to understand its performance.

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