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Last Update: 14 Jan 2021

Cleveland Launcher CBX Irons Review

If you think it’s time to change your current driver, then you should consider looking at the Cleveland Golf 2018 Men’s Launcher CBX Iron Set. It is a hardwearing, versatile, and highly forgiving iron set. It improves your accuracy, power, and shot feedback. By reading our Cleveland Launcher CBX Irons Review, you will understand why this is the best!

You will get maximum performance for excellent launch and low spin, resulting in much distance. Its lightweight feature gives you a high balance and more speed for easier launch. For having excellent v sole, it increases forgiveness and provides for a greater lift through the turf.

Cleveland Launcher CBX Irons Review

Cleveland Golf 2018 Men's Launcher CBX Iron Set

Cleveland Golf 2018 Men's Launcher CBX Iron Set

This CBX iron set has many features like another driver. But here we will discuss some of its primary features. By knowing these features you will get a real idea about the features, quality, the structure of the product. Let’s take a view of its basic features.

Graphite or Steel Shaft

One of the most important features of an iron set is its shaft material. The shaft of this product is made of graphite or steel. This will make this device as comfortable as it is long-lasting. This shaft will play an important role in taking you long shots. Creating this shaft in a peaceful way that can give you maximum benefits in any environment. If you are looking for a driver with a quality shaft, this may your preferred driver.

Progressive V Sole for Lifting through the Turf

You will get progressive v sole in this device. The sole gives you a better and comfortable experience while playing golf. This feature provides you lift through the turf in a unique design that is perfect for each iron. It allows you to get more versatility from a variety of lies. This allows you to play straight and long-distance shots. It is on everyone’s favorite list for its attractive sole.

Feel Balancing Technology by Distributing Weight

This product is made in modern technology. You can move weight away from the hosel by using this driver. It allows you to move weight toward the impact zone. A golfer will get a better feel and improved distance control. To control the distance is quite irritating while playing in the field. You can fix this problem with its advanced technology. So, for getting a better experience you should purchase this one.

Launcher Cup Face for Speed

It has an exceptional launcher cup face. It helps you to create high ball speed across the face. A golfer can achieve higher distance and accuracy by using this one. If your cup face is not good then you have to face various difficulties. With this in mind, we have come up with this feature, which will give you the expected shot. So if you don’t want to take any kind of risk with a cup face, then you should buy it.

Fashionable Design with Seven Irons

This CBX iron set consists of seven golfing irons. Each iron is made with a fashionable design. It is a clean aesthetic that is both pleasing to your eye and functional. Its weight balancing design gives you a greater feeling. You will get an excellent feel while you want to take a long-distance and straight shot. If you are a fancy golfer then this CBX iron set is perfect for you.

Decreases the Rate of Mishits

A golfer who is looking for an iron set that will be forgiving of mishits. This device offers amazing forgiveness. It is one of the most forgiving and functional iron sets in the current market. It serves forgiveness and extra power on the ball. So, you can take a perfect shot easily. During the game, it will play such an important role in reaching your desired goal.

Weighs only 9.6oz

Bearing a heavyweight driver while traveling from one field to another is quite bothering. So if it is light in weight then it is comfortable for you. This device is light in weight and can be carried easily from here to there. Its weight is just 9.6oz. For its lightweight, you can keep it in your playing beg. So if you want to buy a lighter driver it will give you that advantage.

Tour zip Grooves + Double Laser Milling

These are the most amazing features of this CBX iron set. You will get spin consistency from all lies. Without spin consistency, a golfer can’t make a perfect shot. Because this will prevent you from taking straight shots. But a professional golfer must take perfect and straight shots if he wants to play well. If you are a professional golfer, this will be your best companion.

Both Hand Orientation Options

All golfers don’t play with the same hand. So if a driver is made for right or left hand then it is inconvenient for those who play with the other hand. With this difficulty in mind, Cleveland golf has created this device with which you can play with either right or left hand. So if you have any such problem then it is a blessing for you.

You must have gathered the proper idea of what benefits you can get from using the Cleveland launcher. By knowing the advantages of it, you can make the right decision, whether you should buy it or not? We are here with some particular benefits of this product.

Bottom Line

The Cleveland Launcher CBX iron set comes with its outstanding features for providing a professional golfing experience. Developers have improved this product’s design so that it can be used with both hands. The standard steel shaft will provide a comfortable grip for a perfect shot. In our review, we explained much more detailed information about it.

So, without any further delay, you should buy this CBX iron driver for ensuring your perfect shot. Don’t choose a driver randomly, read our review with proper concern, and cleanse your ideas. With this beautiful driver, good luck for a nice & clean game.

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