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Last Update: 14 Jan 2021

Cleveland Launcher Turbo HB Iron Review: Better Performance for High

The right choice is pretty difficult for low to mid swing speed golfers. And that’s where Cleveland leverages superior design with advanced technology. Its HB Turbo Iron is indeed a great fit for players seeking higher forgiveness with additional stability. The best-selling design gives optimized on-site efficiency to make the score. You better check the in-depth Cleveland Launcher Turbo HB Iron review to judge its acceptance.

Released back in 2017, the exclusive model managed to induce a high demand. The peculiar design came from original Cleveland Launcher hybrids, just in a newer look. And additional of some extra features keep it ahead of most other models. It promises higher ball flight to ensure maximized performance. By all measures, Turbo HB is more like a true grand slam for passionate golfers.

Cleveland Launcher Turbo HB Iron Review

Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo HB Iron Set

Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo HB Iron Set

There are several clubs available to initiate medium swing speed. Still, Cleveland Turbo HB gets the top mark with lots of benefits. Obviously, there is something special about the tool to surpass cheap as well as somewhat passable options. Premium design meets modern functionality to ensure precise, accurate & comfortable shots. As it happens, there are definite reasons for the model to become a popular choice.

Hybrid-Looking Design

Without any doubt, this particular gear comes with a chunky outlook. Cleveland induced everything possible to make the structure glossy and appealing. From the head to its grip, the dominating design is ready to give a pleasant view. A seamless appearance keeps it ahead of traditional irons. One of the best designs here simply enables the long iron to like a modern-day hybrid. In the meantime, its smaller iron appears more like a classic iron.

Forgiving Hollow Construction

Obviously, the most important consideration lies with construction. You’ll find Turbo HB very helpful & advantageous in this regard. In fact, the product features a very thoughtful built. The entire body remains hollow from top to bottom along with a steady surrounding cover. Completely empty yet continuous interior develops supporting mechanism from inside. Therefore, its structural framework promotes forgiveness with every shot.

Interior Stabilizing Ribs

Improved forgiveness is definitely one satisfactory advantage here. But hollow construction alone doesn’t develop the useful characteristic. Its structural design itself comes with highly effective ribs inclusion. Along with inner emptiness, it triggers a thorough betterment of forgiveness. Of course, the feature helps to initiate unparalleled stability on the course. Its effect leads you to make precise shots every time.

Turbocharged Faced Clubhead

Contacting face condition is rather important for getting sufficient ball speed. The iron includes a powerful turbocharged face of solid, heavy-duty steel. Its thinner face initiates a warmer surface to boost the thrust. A turbo contacting phase results in an immediate acceleration of the ball towards superb speed. Therefore, your shot can easily cover an explosive course distance.

Gradually Progressive Shaping

Both control & forgiveness are dependent on the intended iron shaping. The model comes in a completely unique but highly competent landscape. Not to mention, the club itself features a gently progressive shaping unlike any other. It triggers a smooth transition towards iron-like short iron from hybrid-like long irons. Therefore, a seamless changeover prevails to give you further control.

Graphite Shaft Inclusion

It’s indeed the shaft that holds all the structural components in one piece. There are models with solid or hollow steel to ensure further control. But considering the weight issue, Cleveland includes a shaft of supportive graphite for its Launcher Turbo HB. Without exceeding the weight limit, it allows you to handle the club in a better way. Besides, it measures about 44.0” in total, weighing about 3.0 kg.

Supportive Grip for Holding

Obviously, precision & accuracy has to do a lot with your grip. And the handle allows the golfer to enjoy a steady hold. Its standard handle helps to create a reliable projection out there. Though the club itself may not seem okay for very shaky or slippery hands. But a solid grip can definitely help you to take the perfect shot. One underrated fact is its enjoyable soft feel you’ll get on the palms.

Beneficial Geometric Measurements

In comparison to satisfactory alternatives, the clubhead seems sheer in size. The head is quite massive without compromising efficiency. Extended width of its sole enables a rather discretionary weight. You can even get to use some control variability for making higher ball flights. The crown comes with a specifically redesigned Hi Bore action. A deep but low weighting generates comfortably easy shots.

Thinner Topline with Easy Length

As mentioned, the featured HT1770M steel face is somewhat thin here. The manufacturer managed to reduce the thickness by a mere 5%. Though it may not seem a big deal, it does manipulate the overall club functionality. Taking the average cavity back iron, the CG (Center of Gravity) is almost double. Therefore, the combined action leads to excellent accuracy for your hits.

Bottom Line

You have to get the right club in possession for bringing out your best dexterity. And Cleveland Turbo HB is arguably the most suitable option available. It goes way beyond all the classic iron clubs to ruin your street credentials. Passing the muster, the club always feels easy & sound on hands all along.

All the technical bells & whistles are there to outrun most of the common models. The model itself is one excellent alternative to conventional game improving irons. Optimize your current skill level with the premium iron to transform the scorecard ahead of an enjoyable game.

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