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Last Update: 22 July 2020

Cobra Ladies Driver Reviews: Everything You Want To Know

The Cobra Women’s 2018 F-Max Offset Driver is your right choice if you’re looking for the easiest and lightest hit drivers. As it’s a leading driver for game improvement on the market these days, knowing the Cobra ladies driver reviews is very essential.

Indeed, it has designed for golfers with medium to slower clubhead speeds that need more distance and forgiveness. That’s why the F-Max Driver is exceptionally lightweight and straightforward to hit.

The manufacturer concentrated on the thought that light in weight means simpler to hit while designing this Driver. As a result, they made it with unbelievable lengths to accomplish.

Thus, lots of more stunning features and beautiful things are remaining about it. So, let’s know the in-depth review of the F-Max Driver below:

Cobra Ladies Driver Reviews

Cobra Women's 2018 F-Max Offset Driver

Cobra Women's 2018 F-Max Offset Driver


The most reliable and notable feature across the F-Max’s board is its solid looks. With an average face depth, the Driver has a tapering head shape along with a round profile. It has fulfilled the purpose of making it effortless to line-up the shots as it has aligned to the crown.

Interestingly, the testers pointed to the way that you’ll not like its alignment support at first sight. When you start using this club, your opinion about the alignment aid will be changed. Also, all testers said it seemed good at the back of the ball.

Indeed, the orange, black, and other colors are still prevailing in the Cobra products. But, the appeal and appearance of the F-Max Driver have something different. To give this Driver a silky, creamy texture, it has a sleek black finish and gold accents.

Sound and Feel

You’re not getting that loud sound of booming at contact if the best players are using the F-Max Driver. That’s because the clubhead is not running faster enough to consider it. But, it doesn’t mean that this Driver doesn’t make a good sound.

A large number of drivers, when they’re at low swing speeds, make an underwhelming and dead sound. The F-Max Driver comes with life in the tone along with a beautiful metallic “pop.” So, the testers agreed that this Driver has excellent feedback as well as forgiveness.

Also, they’re able to let you know the point they strike the ball with feeling like they were beautiful life in the impacting face. Although mishits don’t string, they’re noticeable in contrast to the great shots. So, the testers emphasized that the F-Max Driver has excellent responsiveness.

Design and Technology

With lightweight, design, and forgiveness, this Driver is a great club to get a higher number of speeds. As a result, it’s a lovely combination for golfers requiring getting a more considerable distance off their tee.

It’s because this Driver indeed incorporates the best in design as well as technology. The F-Max boasts subtle while it looks unassuming and very considerable upgrades that eventually help you make faster speeds of the clubhead.

Thanks to the Lamkin REL 360, the midsized grips are as comfortable as help players get better consistency with every swing. Moreover, this Driver includes Cobra’s proprietary Superlite shafts that help improve clubhead speeds with more significant distance.

Because of the feature of forged Titanium-made 6-4 face insert, it delivers more speed and a bigger Sweet Spot. Having this Sweet Spot, this Driver is exceptionally forgiving that helps players achieve more significant distance even on their mis-hits.

Besides, the F-Max Driver comes with an in-house weight that’s positioned next to the club heel. It helps to increase the instant of inertia to lowers the gravity of the club’s center. Its design of the preset back weight helps to support a more straightforward launch and flight of the ball at a straighter line.


Essentially, two crucial performance factors this Driver promotes including high launch as well as straight flight. After reviewing the testers’ data, we found the lowest shot was 12-degree with an average of 15-degree. But, another tester’s data showed that the standard is 17-degree with 9.5-degree of Driver’s launch.

So, the testers agreed it was effortless to flight the ball in the sky. Also, they didn’t get the feeling like that the ball swelled on them. Thus, Cobra did well in delivering its club with an “easy up” by their F-Max Driver.

Moreover, it has a bias to the offset versions and straight neck while placing the CG on the way to the club heel. Although these designs promote anti-slice, you can get the offset neck as it improves the majority draw.

When the testers used the version of the straight neck, they found a regular draw flight. When they strike to the precise, this Driver did the lot possible to retaliate to a draw. But, it’s probably not wanted for golfers that previously hit a direct shot.

Upgraded Cosmetics

The manufacturer realized it required to provide this Driver a facelift while Cobra always is well-built in the category. It’ll almost find its fighting for bucks next to closeout its products from some other brands at their price tag.

Without a doubt, we’re speaking about seriously economic once flagship clubs. So, the golfers need to benefit from this Driver could not give it another look if it’s the right fit for the audience.

Bottom Line

Using the F-Max Driver of Cobra meant getting the game easier for you with the optimum lower speed swing. After this review, we assure you that this Driver is undoubtedly is fantastic for loads of audiences.

So, this is especially suitable for the senior golfers that have lost many club speeds. We noticed that they’re struggling to get back some of the extra yards.

The players with slower swinging can now concentrate on getting a good swing on their ball instead of boasting to swing beyond their shoes. Their club is all set to do the rest.

Cobra Ladies Driver Reviews: Everything You Want To Know 1