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Last Update: 14 Jan 2021

How to Be a Better Putter?

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Are you struggling to turn good ball-striking into an excellent score? Knowing how to be a better putter will help improve your game on the greens; here, all great putters do.

Some of the beginners neglect the putting game and they like better to spend more time ranging from other things of the game, for example, the driver. There are no clubs are out there that use more strokes than putting game.

So, you should make a good form of your putting game until you feel comfortable from different distances with the club on the course. In this case, practicing is the key to be master on the putting and you should continue it to make it your good habit.

7 Steps How To Be A Better Putter?

First Step: Steadiness at the Same Address

Firstly, to be the best putter, you always have to stand in a specific position to hit the ball. Because you have to practice the same putting stroke repeatedly, it will help you to play a long game with the same fundamental address.

Fix your feet and shoulder-width at a distance and equivalent to the start line. Hang your arms naturally down and put a ball at the fraction onward of the midpoint in your posture. There are two most important things one must follow to be an excellent putter.

The first one is your standing position, and another is an appropriate distance from your ball. Besides, it will be easy to keep practicing on the same points persistently. Most importantly, your eyes will become stable to see the same positions to hit the ball all the time.

Second Step: A Hard Base

Secondly, you have to keep your body still while putting. Suppose you are an anchor and act like them. Mainly, it will help your arms and provide a substantial midpoint to swing the ball.

So, first, keep your head at the focus point as much as you can. Also, you can make a mark on the ball and concentrate on it. On the other hand, one can drill a coin instead of the dot method.

Therefore, these two methods will help you feel that your eyes are looking on the dot and creating an ordinary stroke. One more thing to remember that always keep the head down after struck your ball for a second.

Third Step: The Soft Pressure of the Grip

For several players putting is an exciting part of this game. Besides, the good players always try to grip the putter tightly to apply extra control over a player’s head. Generally, to get the best result immediately, this process helps a lot.

Moreover, a better putting stroke continuously flows. So, one may want a pressure with the soft grip.

Also, there several types of grips are available. Therefore, you can select any one among them and grip your putter with the three by ten pressures.

Most importantly, it improves the flow of the putter and provides the maximum natural feeling to you. Finally, we suggest that, to reduce the grip pressure to improve distance control.

Fourth Step: Release and Flow

Before, we have discussed that the best putting stroke always has to flow. Sometimes, you may listen about ‘releasing’ from the players and coaches. It mentions the way of putting movement, rotating, and turns the toes towards to target slightly.

Besides, the total amount of the release varies on the normal arch of the stroke. But you should always remember that a better putter let a blade flowing over the ball.

At last, if one decelerates the impact and stabbing, then you may struggle with correctness and controlling. Therefore, keep practicing and be a better putter with significant control.

Fifth Step: Selecting the Right Strokes for You

Well, three significant putting strokes are available there, such as a straight, strong arch and slight arch. And all the strokes work very nicely. You have to select a stroke according to your body shape and the standing position to your ball.

Moreover, after selecting a stroke, one has to check the working process of it—several putters design with the arching strokes to get more blade affectivity. Also, the straight model will help with the extra balance model.

Lastly, you have to ensure the matching putter and stroke for you. It is a very vital part of a player. Therefore, we suggest talking with a PGA expert and seek the best guidance for you.

Sixth Step: Centre of the Strike

Firstly, you have to strike from the midpoint of a clubface. It will help to make a comparatively small stroke. Moreover, it is fantastic that several golfers are also striking. Also, just think about the rest of the clubs in the bag.

And notice that, off-center connections do not bring the same speediness as the midpoint one. Furthermore, several leading technologies are available to assist you out like TR grooves by PING. But there is another useful tip that maximum great players do.

The suggestion is struck consistently from the midpoint of the clubface. Also, you can use some tees to make an entrance around the putter head. Besides, one can practice freely and improve contacts and distance control.

Seventh Step: Keep Practicing and Be a Perfect Putter

We all know that practice plays a vital role in improving any skill. So, to be the best putter, you have to practice more and more. First, you have to practice distance control. For that, do not need to aim at the hole. Just create a line and set a distance to send the ball.

While practicing follows the same route and keeps your standing position accurate. Besides, one can make a putt according to the proper distance. Then, try to send your ball near to the putt. Also, make a group of the ball and arrange them around the aim from all the sides.

As a result, you will succeed every putt when you practice. Moreover, practicing with a “gimme” putt helps a lot to improve distance control. Therefore, if you follow and practice all the tips regularly, then you will notice the improvement early.

How to Become the Ultimate Putter

Bottom Line

In conclusion, to be the best putter, you need a deft feeling and essential technique. Besides, you have to spend enough time practicing. However, if one follows the appropriate tips regularly, then it is possible to improve your putting skill. Best wishes for that!

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