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Last Update: 14 Jan 2021

How to Clean Golf Grips?

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Having clean golf grips are likely to get the taste of using newer grips. That’s why it’s an asset to know how to clean golf grips your own. The process of cleaning your golf grips is not just comfortable; it also has some different ways to accomplish.

Usually, golf grips magnetize dirt and some other elements out there. These unwanted elements make the grips looking dirty and uneven for going through the rounds.

So, most golfers get the cleaning services from professionals to do that. But, it’ll save you time and money with efforts if you know the cleaning process. Well, let’s get started!

Tips To Clean Your Rubber Golf Grip

As a golfer, you know that almost all golf clubs use a rubber grip. Typically, most golfers are fond of using rubber grips because they’re as handy as durable. But, they don’t last for a long time if grim or some other dirt attached to them.

Because of making them use extensively, maintain them clean is the simplest and best way. It’s also a good idea to wipe rubber grips using a towel after each shot on them. However, a large number of golfers avoid focusing on this issue when they’re busy hitting.

how to clean golf grips

Things You’ll Need To Clean A Rubber Golf Grip

You’ll need some elements to clean your rubber golf grip. The elements include:

Cleaning Process

The process of cleaning a rubber golf grip is straightforward. First off, you should pour the liquid soap on your bowl. Then stir it repeatedly to make enough bubbles. After getting the bubbles from the soap, it’s time to start cleaning the golf grip.

Now, take a towel to soak on the liquid soap and use that on your golf grip to wet it. When you wet it, you’ll notice some changes. The wet towel will take out all unexpected dirt and elements right away.

Also, it’ll make changed the color of the grip and will look like a brand new grip. Finally, use another dry towel and wipe out all sogginess of the grip. That’s all of the cleaning processes. Isn’t it very simple?

Tips To Clean Your White Golf Grip

Another part of golfers is thinking about taking care of them while golfing grips perfectly. Indeed, it’s a bit troublesome to keep while grips cleaner. Generally, golf grips of while the color looks better than others. But, they also become dirty faster than other colors.

You’ll get the matter why white grips get grimy soon while comparing a white-colored golf grip with another black golf grip. In any case, golfers always seek the ways of getting rid of this issue because the grips turn slick when they’re dirty.

It’s because it stops them from making a measured and the right shot. Thus, this issue makes a painful feeling everywhere. So, you can’t use it for the next shot without cleaning correctly.

How To Clean Golf Grips? Must-Know Secrets For Golfers 1

Things You’ll Need To Clean A White Golf Grip

Like the rubber grips, the white golf grips also require a few things to clean them up. Things you need to clean a while golf grip include:

Cleaning Process

The cleaner process of white grip is nothing complicated. In the beginning, you need to use alcohol that will help you to remove the annoying marks from the body of your white grip. To do it, take the towel, soak it on the alcohol, and then wipe out the grip using the towel.

If you look at the towel, you’ll find its color is changing. It means that the marks and spots of the grip have come out on the towel. After that, you have to use the cleaning liquid to clean the grip.

You should rub the grip using the towel, and you’ll find all unexpected elements have disappeared. Now, you’ll find a new grip to get some great shots.

Tips To Clean Your Golf Pride Grips

Unlike rubber or white grips, the pride grips are somewhat different as they have some particular features to use. So, many golfers are using these grips when they appear in tournaments and general practices.

But, the process of the golf pride grips cleaning is effortless like other golf grips. You have options to choose from whether you can do it your own or hire someone for you to make your golf pride grip cleaning.

Anyway, it’s always better to do it your own as it’s a simple process to go through. Well, let’s know what you need to do it and the process below:

How To Clean Golf Grips? Must-Know Secrets For Golfers 2

Things You’ll Need To Clean A Golf Pride Grip

The list of things you need to clean your golf pride grip are as below:

Cleaning Process

Firstly, mix two things, warm water and liquid soap. But, don’t use extremely hot water because it can damage the rubber layer of the grip. Make some bubbles on the mixture that indicates it has appropriately mixed.

You should apply an additional effort since it’s a hybrid type of grip. So, the rubber brush comes handy in this situation and uses it to rub the grip well. You have to run about 2 or 3 minutes to take out the unnecessary elements.

Finally, use the dry towel to wipe the grip, and that’s all about the golf pride grip cleaning.

How To Clean Golf Grips Using Cleaning Wipes

Bottom Line

By now, you know about different cleaning methods of various types of golf grips. These three grips are conventional that the most golfers use for the tournaments and practice sessions. Hiring some professional services is an alternative way if you don’t like to do it your own.

But, you’ll be able to do it within a few minutes for the optimal results. If you can make it as a routine, you can use the grip for a long time. So, getting a cleaner and better grip is just a bit away from you.

Enjoy the best grips!

How To Clean Golf Grips? Must-Know Secrets For Golfers 3