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Last Update: 14 Jan 2021

How to Clean Leather Golf Gloves?

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Do you want to know the cleaning process of the golf gloves? If yes, then have a look at the below article about how to clean leather golf gloves. We will present all the cleaning method to keep your gloves clean.

Well, people need to wash and clean clothes regularly. Then why not the golf leather gloves? There is a delusion that one cannot clean the leather gloves. Besides, several people trust on this misconception.

If you properly clean your gloves, then your glove’s durability and its services will be better than a dirty one. Moreover, today we will provide the cleaning process of your gloves gradually with water.

Just read till the end and receive the best guidance for the golfing tools.

Four Simple Steps How To Clean Leather Golf Gloves

First Step

First, you have to clean your gloves after completing every playing session. Always you have to remember that your gloves accrue lots of grass and dust particles while playing.

Most importantly, it would help if you clean your gloves after playing as early as possible. It’s because later, the dust can be harder to clean for you. Moreover, one can use a wet or soggy cloth to remove the dirt from the gloves easily.

After that, use a soft dry cloth to rub your glove softly. Finally, by doing these simple steps daily, your gloves will remain like new. Besides, you will able to use a glove for a long time.

Second Step

Secondly, when you buy a glove, then you do not want a mark or blemish in the grip. Generally, you will get the dirt on your figures and palm of the golf gloves. Furthermore, it can be a sign that you may adjust or change the holding style of the clubs when you swing.

Therefore, remove the blemishes and dirt, dip a cloth in little hot water, and clean all the dust from the gloves. Most importantly, it would help if you used a bar of soap or some detergent whenever you clean the gloves. Also, you have to make sure your grip before the swing. It will help to avoid more scratches and damages to the gloves.

Third Step

Sometimes, dirt accrues very strongly with your gloves. In this time, you have to make a drastic decision to remove the eternal dirt of the gloves. Commonly, people believe that lather things should not wash by water.

However, it is the wrong idea, and you must wash your gloves with warm water and soap to eliminate the layers of dust. Also, try to scrub the gloves to remove the dirt easily. Once you notice that your gloves are almost clean, and then dip them in the freshwater again.

Then, squeeze both gloves to eliminate the water. At the same time, you must remember that your gloves structure can change during the washing process. Therefore, after washing the gloves, you have to wear it to get the natural look back. At last, allow the gloves to dry naturally.

Fourth Step

When you notice that your gloves are completely dry, then it is ready to wear. Just remember that leather things become a little harder after wash and dry. So, it is a general issue for the gloves and not alarming.

Moreover, your body releases a little amount of warmth and moisture, which helps to make soft and untying gloves. Besides, sometime your gloves may refuse to untie, then you have to use a few Lexol.

It will help to get the standard structure of the gloves. But, always avoid using plenty of Lexol because a little is enough to get a good result.

Some Practical Pro Tips

The cleaning process of leather gloves is simple. But you have to follow some essential steps to receive the best feedback from this method. Your gloves work like a safeguard for you and protect you during the swing.

Therefore, you have also to take care of your gloves so that the gloves will ensure you the well serving for a long time. In this article, we present some useful tips that will help you to wash the gloves. Therefore, you should follow the tips to get clean gloves properly.

Oily Soap

If you want to clean your gloves from the outer part, then go for oily solvents soap. Also, it works very nicely to remove the pigments and dirt. We suggest a saddle soap to clean the gloves. Besides, to get the best result, one can use soap bubbles instead of water.

Microfiber Cloth

After getting dry, you must polish your gloves immediately. This process is one of the vital parts of cleaning gloves. One thing you should remember that polish your gloves with a microfiber cloth.

Cornstarch and Baking Soda

After cleaning your glove, sometimes, you feel the bad odor comes from it. So, to remove the odor, one can use cornstarch or baking soda. These are the best two things that fight against the bad odor.

Alcohol and Hydrogen Peroxide

Now we will discuss the cleaning process of the inner part of the gloves. It is tough to clean inside; that is why several people skip it. But it would help if you concerned about it because bacteria and germs may accrue in the inner part of the gloves.

Besides, it may cause an irritating or skin problem. Therefore, clean the inner part with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. It is the best option for you to clean the inner side of your gloves.

How to Wash Leather Gloves at Home

Bottom Line

In conclusion, leather gloves are an expensive thing about golf. Approximately, the price of the gloves is $25 to $30 per piece. So, all the players should be aware of the cleaning process of the gloves. Also, it is necessary to use the same gloves for a long time.

Besides, do not keep the gloves in the golf bag after playing in hot weather. It makes the gloves dirty and damp. Also, the glove becomes crusty and hard after drying in a golf bag.

Besides, it lost its temper, and one cannot use it for a long time. Therefore, try to follow the right ways to clean your gloves and keep the durability of it.

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