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Last Update: 14 Jan 2021

How to Increase Club Head Speed in Golf?

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Having a faster clubhead means you’re getting longer shots. But, it doesn’t need strong muscles rather than a better technique. It means that you have to learn how to increase club head speed in golf to get your expected shots.

Indeed, if you move your gold ball faster, you increase your potential for striking it further. So, you don’t want a launch observer to tell it. However, it’s not so simple that it sounds while speaking to boost up your clubhead speed.

That’s because better speed doesn’t come just from the more reliable stroke. It’s not a faster swing; that’s the first thing to make it with increasing speed. As we’re talking about the power of technique than muscle, let’s continue to learn more from using four drills for it.

First Drill: Setting Up For Increased Club Head Speed

Set up is a very influential factor in transforming your energy to the ball. If it’s a proper address, it makes the exact attack angle with a dynamic loft that optimizes the speed of a ball. What you have to do in the first drill is as below:

Chest At The Back Ball

You have to nudge your hips ahead, and the spine starts to bend away from the object. Doing this, you’ll feel like you’re setting the chest at the back of the ball. Thus, it’ll make space as well as time to build speed that’s coming into impact.

Angle Up Your Shoulders

When the spine angle slope, it creates a fluent increasing sweep throughout the ball. It’s the way you locate the center of the face. But, it also attacks the club, and it impacts on front loft as much closer to get them as possible. This is a significant technique to transfer energy efficiently.

More Support

The sharp angle in the trail leg makes strong support to get the backswing. As a result, it allows you to loop deep into the trail hip through a lower possibility of swaying. It provides a higher torquey with great rotation, and it transforms into additional speed on its way down.

Create A ‘Backward K’

If you desire to get optimized impact efficiency, you should bunt the hips to your target. When you overstate the feel, your front hip will undergo as it sits a bit higher.

Avoid following your head to shift with your hips because it should maintain its position. Thus, it’ll help you retain your body weight 50-50.

Gap Check

To ensure you curve from your hips and the spine stays extended, you should practice tilting your upper-body. As you get your address, keep it with your club itself. Set your hand below your chin and ensure there is a fist- like a gap in your thighs and hands.

Second Drill: Train To Speed Up

Some sports, especially those that need to speed up, train the athletes using slighter things to advance the faster movement. Also, you can get this technique by spinning a club upturned.

Shaft horizontal

First, grip the driver up by your head and grasp the horizontal shaft out before you. While making a baseball-style, flat swing, this is very simple to make and get speed.

Find The Speed Limit

To keep the shaft at the horizontal position, swing your club around you. Just try to make as louder swish as you can get. The quicker you attempt to swing the shaft, feel the way your full body requires to engage.

Baseball Hit

Now, it’s time to flip your club the right around the way. Here is also the same goal that’s to find out the loudest swish. It’ll happen when you allow the lower part of your body to turn round to drag the club ahead; your arms and hands arrive afterward at the ball.

Speed Of Sound

To finish, take a position and swing your club as usual with the feeling of fast fresh in the most reliable memory. You’ll perceive sound that afterward swishes when you get freedom from the swing of baseball into this stroke.

Third Drill: Fire Your Muscles

You should place your front foot to fling a ball, before moving your hips ahead. And the last act to do is that you have to make a fire on your hand with the ball. There will not be any difference in the speed of the swing sequence.

Driving Test

Since the goal gets the ball skipping on this drill to down the fairway, bounce it at bomb-style, as quickly as possible. At this point, you have to spend some time working out on the way to get it. You’ll make more power and speed if you move it from up of the ground.

Later Release

You should feel your arm feel that they discharge the ball once your body moved through when you make your highest speed. It’s called “late hit” of the golf swing where your body pulls through the hands and arms then the club.

Ready To Throw

Now you have to fling a ball as harder as you can by getting down the target line. However, you have to do it at the golfing motion. So, you should start it by grasping a ball in the trail hand and fold the lead arm at the back of your backside. Get your golfing position.

Repeat Throwing The Ball With A Driver

Get going to a club after you have developed speed by the throwing action. By holding the driver, make a swing as practice, in the ball. You just target to duplicate a motion of ball-throwing motion even if it’s looking down the fairway.

Fourth Drill: Develop Your Timing

If your movements stay coordinated and smooth, it’s straightforward to take the club back to through. For this fourth drill, bring a towel plus knot the last for added weight.

Tap On Your Shoulder

Hold the towel like you’re holding a golf club with addressing an imaginary ball and allow hanging the knotted end. Now, swing from back to your top and wait to sense that the knot is hitting your trail shoulder.

Make Some Lag

While the club is lagging at the back of you, the knot’s weight in the towel will help you experience supposed the impact of “lag” approaching.

Later Release

Now get down using the feel of ground-up that you made in the drill of ball-throwing when you’ll feel the weight place over the front foot, your leading knee plus hip will start unwinding. But, you’ll also experience the towel remains on the shoulder when you start getting down.

How To Increase Club Head Speed In Golf Video

Bottom Line

When you add more speed with accuracy, it can surely make significant transformations in your game. It’s inevitable that hitting the ball straighter and farther will be a substantial improvement on the course. In any case, you’ll help from the above-said drills to increase your clubhead speed.

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