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Last Update: 17 Jun 2020

How to Lift a Golf Cart?

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With a broad range of extraordinary design and flexibility possibilities, Golf carts offer smart individuals. They’re an excellent type of vehicle for massive amounts of riding situations.

But, knowing how to lift a golf cart without using any kit is suitable for its users to beat the unforeseen circumstances. For example, If you add a lifting kit, it’ll make the cart into a powerful but small ATV.

However, many people like to lift their carts without using any lift kit. You should not remove the wheels of your cart until you know how to craft a premium lift kit.

If you know it, it’ll increase the height of the cart quickly with grace. Now, let’s see the way of lifting your golf cart without any kit with some related topics.

Why You Should Lift A Cart Without A Prefabricated Kit

Typically, lift kits come with the design of helping people; similarly, you make a good cart with an improved height to enjoy off-road driving. But, some people want to lift a cart without using any of these kits.

It’s a process that needs to follow some steps with better know-how to do. Most importantly, they should know the way of adjusting their cart’s chassis that enlarges its height.

That’s why you should know some reasons to try it before we go to explain the steps.

Save Money:

Lifting your golf cart without any kit is the right choice if you want to avoid investing money in lifting equipment. That means it’s a better way to save some bucks. It does not just save cash or purchasing the kit; it also saves installation costs. It’s because you should hire an expert to install it rightly.

Increase The Personal Look Of Your Cart:

Having a lift kit might be annoying if you desire to get particular outcomes in your style. But, you can overcome many types of limitations to make things simpler while lifting a cart without any kit.

Prove The Mechanical Skills:

Sometimes, mechanics can feel the need to challenge their own. It could be a unique task to challenge them to lift their cart. And someone can feel better about their skills.

Steps How To Lift A Golf Cart Without Any Kit

You’re going to make your lift kit to enlarge your cart’s height when you’re aiming to lift it without any lift kit. Although you’ll not be able to lift its body alone, you can do it without a prefabricated kit.

Instead, you can build a lift kit on your own using different types of materials. Without making more ado, let’s know the steps to do it:

First Step: Remove The Wheels Of The Cart

Use the right tools and carefully take out your golf cart’s wheels. Don’t forget to keep the removed nuts and bolts near the wheels you take them out. Thus, you can stay away from being short while keeping the cart back together.

Second Step: Take the Axles Off

Now, it’s time to take away the axles of the cart from it carefully. It’s a complicated process that will need difficult mechanical expertise that you can’t possess. If you’re comfortable enough to complete this step, you can proceed to the next and rest of the steps.

Third Step: Set Up The Support Plates

So, you have removed your cart’s axles as well as A-arms. Therefore, you can set up the support plates of the cart to its front and backside. You have to set them up near you install the axles. It’ll give extra support power for the lift kit of your cart.

Fourth Step: Add Things Like A-Arms, Shocks, & Springs

Now, you have to add the longer and newer A-arms to the support plate with the right position. You should ensure that you attach the springs and shocks on its arms to amplify the support of your cart. You’ll possibly need the assistance of another person to accomplish this step.

Fifth Step: Install The New Axles

In this step, you’re about to add the newer plus longer axles to the A-arms. You have to ensure the balance with care with the back and front height of the vehicle. It’ll make sure your cart effortlessly runs while driving.

Sixth Step: Adjust The Angles Correctly

After lifting the car, its caster and camber can change. It’s an issue because the cart can incorrectly steer while you’re don’t tweaking its angles to make sure that they have been centered. But, you should talk to a professional cart mechanic if you’re not comfortable with this step.

Also, ensure to consider the actuality while lifting your cart, it’ll be different depending on the type you buy. Such as, since some carts come with unique axle styles, they may want you to include individual support plates.

Also, they may need to weld different elements of the lift kit. Apart from that, you should keep in mind that some other types of carts may contain wheels that need correct balancing ahead of start riding.

Some Possible Issues While Lifting A Cart

how to lift a golf cart

You’re opening your own up to an extensive range of potential complications when you want to install a lift kit to the cart. These complications may arise in a variety of various prefabricated lift kits.

But, they can be worse if you understand them right the way of setting up your lift kit. The issues include affecting cart appearance, causing frame damage, and affecting safety.

How to Install Golf Cart Lift Kit

Bottom Line

It’s essential to know the steps of lifting a golf cart without any kit. Also, you should know the possible issues and the way of resolving them for the best results.

Again, don’t forget that the said steps require enough mechanical skills to accomplish the task with success. That means you should not attempt to do it if you don’t know what you’re going to do.

So, if you think you’re expert enough to handle the issue, you’re all set to start lifting your golf cart without the help of any prefabricated kits.

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