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Last Update: 19 Nov 2020

KBS 610 Wedge Shaft Review

The KBS shaft has no alternative if you are a backspin lover. We are here with the KBS 610 wedge shaft review to help you spin like a pro. The main feature of the product is back rotation. The reverse rotation even after hitting the ground is quite fascinating.

The 0.355 apex diameter can be helpful to dive in the air smoothly. The shaft has a moderated length of 37 inches which is well-enough for average height fellows. The weight is pretty much lower than any other component for the use of light metal.

KBS 610 Wedge Shaft Review in 2020

KBS 610 Wedge Shaft - S Flex Tapered Tip Features

KBS 610 Wedge Shaft - S Flex Tapered Tip

The KBS 610 wedge shaft is one of the most popular wedge equipment available around us. The shaft is very useful for anyone who plays golf regularly. The professional golf player always tries to do innovative stunts to acquire a more efficient shot. For those persons, we have come up with a review that will show every essential feature of the wedge shaft. They are specifically given below,

0.355 Diameter Tapering Shape

The tapering shape is unique as it needs to be precise. The shape begins with a predefined diameter. The diameter becomes squeezed towards the end of the line. This tapered shape is very useful to make a perfect dive into the air while hitting the ball.

The average diameter of that dynamic shape of the shaft is 0.355. The measurement of the diameter is very low in amount and it needs to be manufactured with proper caution. For being very little in diameter, the aerodynamic effect occurs and a perfect dive can be gained.

37 Inches Alloy Latitude

As the spherical shape is made as a tapering shape, the length also becomes a concerning factor here. The length needs to be optimized to be able to use the shaft by anyone. Especially for the middle age people who like to take pro shots to maintain their performance in the field.

By concerning all the factors, the length is issued as 37 inches to satisfy all the prerequisites. The length of the thin area is increased more than the thick area of the shaft. Because the shaft is mainly a tapered shape. The thin part needs to consist of more length than the part that has a greater diameter.

Backspin Capability

The backspin capability is seen in almost every product available in the market. But you will need to have the skill to perform the backspin with those products. The KBS 610 wedge will let you do a perfect backspin easily. The lower surface is made especially for those who do a lot of backspin.

The surface material of the shaft helps to create a minimal level of friction with the surface of the ball. As a result, the ball can be directed to backward with proper force. While performing a backspin, the air resistance is also manipulated by the reflective hit of that surface.

52 Degrees of Wedge Angle

The wedge is the parameter that determines the total distance after hitting the ball. It also influences the ball to spin backward and turn back while falling on the ground. The lower surface and the shaft are connected by maintaining a pure angle to contribute extra effort while hitting the ball.

The angle of that connection is 52 degrees. Usually, all the other products don’t meet the extra angle range due to the traditional stroke. Our mentioned product doesn’t have an extra traditional stroke and that’s why the angle can be increased up fifty-two degrees.

Adjustable Wedge

The wedge of the shaft can be manipulated by any other user. As the shape of the shaft is tapered, the adjustability of the shaft is quite flexible and useful for the beginners. The height is a big issue in terms of the length of the shaft. The adjustability feature lets you enjoy a broad user interface. Before adjusting the connection, you may need to see the user manual to avoid any damage.

Hollow Shaft

The KBS wedge shaft is completely a cylindrical shape. But the inner surface of the shaft is not made solid. The surface is kept hollow. Because the hollow surface is the factor that is responsible to enrich the diving capability while hitting a ball. Also, the hollow part of the shaft reduces much weight to ensure proper portability.

120g Weight

The weight of the product is very low. Because the component is completely made of alloy. The alloy is a very light metal that is produced by the mixture of various light and durable metals to ensure toughness. Also, it helps to reduce the weight of the product. The weight is 120g and it can be carried anywhere without facing any trouble.

Now that you know all the features of the wedge shaft, you can pretty much understand the privilege of the equipment. But we have collected more valuable and specific information as an advantage to help you catch up quickly,

Bottom Line

The KBS 610 is a very good equipment for anyone who plays golf. This shaft will let you control the spinning of our ball while penetrating flight. It is popular for making stuns by the angle feature. It will also let you to generate knock-down. Playing golf is all about the measurement of your mind to implement a better target with proper diving. For that, you will be needing our KBS 610 shaft to enjoy a comfortable experience. Hope our review leads you in the right direction. Happy Shopping!

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