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Last Update: 14 Jan 2021

Nippon Modus 105 Review

The Nippon NSPRO modus3 series has brought the tour 105 model which can only be considered second to the popular tour 120 model. The modus 105 is lightweight, weighs around 103 to 112 grams. Made with graphite and steel, this shaft covers medium trajectory. Specifically made for world touring professionals & golfers with low handicaps.

The tour 105 lies slightly lower in the regular shaft weight range. But this doesn’t mean that they can’t hit hard. They are light enough to swing, yet heavy enough for a power shot. The balance and consistency are so good that the lack of weight is hardly felt. Moreover, the lighter shaft allows the club to swing faster for long, distant shots. This well-balanced shaft allows a fair amount of mid-air spin as well.

Keep reading the Nippon modus 105 review to unfold more of its brilliant features that are sure to provide some vital edges in global tours.

Nippon Modus 105 Review

The Features of Nippon NSPRO Modus3 Tour 105

Nippon NSPRO Modus3 Tour 105

The NSPRO modus 3 tour 105 is broadening horizons for Nippon as the leading lightweight shaft experts. This shaft was initially brought in the tour as Modus3 Proto ST and immediately made their way to the winning bags of several professionals. Later on, it was improved as per consultation with professional golfers across the globe. Nowadays, its consistent and tour specialized designs have made them one of the top picks for professionals.

Some of the top features are thereby discussed below for a better understanding of the product.

Body Of Graphite And Steel

The NSPRO Modus3 series shafts are made of graphite and steel. The graphite is softer and the steel firmer. Such a combination greatly adds to the performance as the swings are now well balanced and straighter. Stronger trajectory. Visibly improves the driver speed, distance covered, and the accuracy of shots.

Reduces handicap to a minimum. Weighs around 103 to 112 grams which is far lower than regular steel shafts (125 grams+). The lack of extra weight also minimizes stress on the body.

Smooth Bend Traditional Profile

The Tour 105 shafts have comfortable reaches of 41~37 inches. The butt dia is around .600 inches and tip dia is .355 inches. A traditional smooth bend present between the butt and the tip. Allows 3 different flexes (R, S, & X, described below). The balance point lies around 50.4% to 50.6%. So holding the shaft shouldn’t be much different than the regular ones.

Different Flexes

Flex varies from shaft to shaft and it’s really important. It’s the ability of the shaft to withstand the bending generated from swinging. There are different types of swings. Fast, slow, smooth, jerky, etc. Golfers often find it difficult to find the perfect shaft. If the flex doesn’t match your swing, you’ll have a hard time squeezing out the best performance.

There are 5 different types of flexes commonly available. The Modus3 Tour 105 however, is available in three flex variants. R, S, & X type flexes.

The ‘R’ type is a regular flex type. Usually used by golfers who regularly hit the ball 210 to 240 yards from the tee and swing the shaft at around 75 to 84 mph. Appropriate for men with mid to high handicaps. Typically uses #5 or #6 iron. Generates 1.9-degree torque.

‘S’ indicates a stiff type flex. Used by golfers who manage to drive the ball over 240 yards. Good for a low to mid handicap. You may choose this one if you have a swing speed between 85 and 105 mph. Made of #6 or #7 iron. May also help with jerky swings. Torque 1.7 degrees.

‘X’ is for extra stiffness. This is for really long hitters who manage to cover 300 yards or more. But for that, you need a low handicap and swing speed of above 105 mph. However, if the shaft is too stiff considering your swing, you’ll lose loft and ball control. Produces a reduced 1.6-degree torque.

Stiff flex provides better punch as it flexes less. Choose this if you have a high swing speed. Otherwise, go for a regular one.

Medium Trajectory Profile

The trajectory profile of the Modus3 Tour 105 lies in the mid-level. That means it’ll provide a medium loft and medium mid-air spin. Generates from 1.6 to 1.9-degree torque for regular to extra-stiff flexes. The initial take-off angle is around mid-range as well. The flight isn’t too high or too low so it’ll comfortably cover longer distances.

EI Shaft Profile

Now let’s take a look at the elasticity modulus (E) and area of the moment of inertia (I) profile, also known as the “shaft stiffness profile” for the Tour 105 shaft. This can also be termed as the relationship between the elasticity of shaft materials and thickness of cross-section.

Simply putting, if the walls are thicker, the section of the shaft is stiffer. Butt to tip graphite strands shaft is stiffer than the angled ones used to control torque. As for the Tour 105, EI index value varies uniformly from 4.2 to 9.1 kgf.m2. This indicates the stiffness of the shaft is well balanced from the butt to the tip. Such a uniform EI profile without sudden fluctuations also implies greater flex response.

Compatibility And Customization

The NSPRO Tour 105 fits easily with other components such as the grip and the hosel. The integrity of the club components is vital to the performance. An ill-fitted shaft will only get in the way.

The Tour 105 shaft transmits vibration from the clubhead so smoothly that any kind of jerking is rarely felt. Thanks to its lightweight design. Also as previously mentioned, the superior flex control makes it compatible with almost any grip and hosel. Can be customized with components from other brands.


The performance-driven Tour 105 has already achieved over 100 tour wins over the years. It’s designed and optimized for low handicap players. Lighter weight helps make easy swings and the shots are more controlled and straighter. Good flex control minimizes vibration, making the swing much smoother. Also, the stress on your body is significantly reduced. So you won’t tire out before covering all the 18 holes.

When it comes to components like golf club shafts, nothing tells a better story than field performance results. The Tour 105 from Modus3 series was produced based on the preferences of over 200 professional golfers, to begin with. So it’s by default performance-oriented. Specifically optimized for global tours.


The Nippon modus 105 shafts are made with graphite and steel with anti-corrosion plating and heat treatment. So the longevity is impressive compared to ordinary shafts. Flexible body with controlled stiffness can distribute impact without stressing the shaft too much. Buckling or bending are therefore far-away concepts.

If you read the upper section clearly, then you will have already learned about the features of the Nippon modus 105. Let’s have a glance at the unique traits that make our product stand out above the others.

Bottom Line

Considering all the facts and features, the Nippon NSPRO Modus3 Tour 105 is without a doubt, a great golfing asset for any professional. Such specially optimized, low handicap shaft can give you a cutting edge in tours. Lighter than conventional shafts feel so smooth while swinging. The strong graphite and steel body generates a well-distributed stiffness which is crucial for flex control. Impressive shot control while maintaining a straight, mid-level trajectory is certainly worth the money.

This superior shaft is only second to its successor the Tour 120 model that is now used by thousands of professionals. So if you want to up your game without losing consistency, the Nippon modus 105 can be your faithful companion.

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