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Last Update: 14 Jan 2021

Nippon Wedge Shaft Review

Many golf equipment manufacturers advertise more than the efficiency of their product, but Nippon prefers to let the results speak for themselves. Nippon wedge shaft has gained many pro golfers’ trust, over the past few seasons. If you are a golfer who prefers stability and directional control along with optimum spin, then this product is definitely for you.

Nippon modus 3 wedge shaft comes with 3 different profiles: 105, 115, and 125. Their weights are 111g, 122g, 133g, respectively. You will get less torque if you increase the weight. This Nippon Modus 3 wedge shaft is a perfect combination of stability and consistency in terms of spin and direction.

Nippon Wedge Shaft Review

The features of Nippon N.S. Pro Modus Wedge Shafts

Nippon N.S. Pro Modus Wedge Shafts

If you think that a shaft with a remarkable feel gives poor performance, then the Nippon wedge shaft is here to prove you wrong. Because this Modus 3 wedge shaft comes with a smooth, tight snap at the impact. It can easily turn an average wedge into a good one. To make you aware of other essential features of this wedge shaft, we have described some of them here.

Wall Thickness Adjustment Technology

It is really necessary to have excellent stability when you are striking the ball. But it is quite tricky for manufacturers to balance stability and torque at the same time perfectly. And so many manufacturers fail to balance stability and torque. But Nippon managed to do this by using modern technology.

To ease the operation of the shaft, Nippon used wall thickness adjustment technology in this shaft. With this technology, they created a new steel shaft that provides first-class short game performance. It also offers high-level stability to give control over spin and direction. In fact, it enables players to make a more confident approach with optimized performance.


As a golfer, weight must be a vital issue for you. Because heavyweight shafts create a problem in stability and consistency. As a result, you can not make a successful shot also the accuracy of your shots gets lower. That’s why weight matters when we are talking about a shaft.

Keeping weight-factor in focus, Nippon brought modus 3 wedge shaft which comes with three different lightweight shafts. Their weights range from 105g-125g. For any golfer, it is an ideal weight range. Lightweight made this shaft more consistent with accurate shots.

Perfectly Measured Tapering Diameter

For a wedge shaft, taper shape needs to be maintained more precisely. Because it helps to prevent aerodynamic effect and ensures a perfect dive off the shaft. Taper shape starts with a previously defined diameter and becomes narrow towards the end of the shaft. Nippon wedge shafts have almost 0.355 inches taper diameter, which is very useful for a perfect shot. Because of the thin structure of the shaft, spin control also enhances.

41 inch, Patented Composite Structure

To make their product beyond average, Nippon brought some unique changes in the built material of the shaft. They combined graphite with steel, to give the carry distance and elasticity to the wedge shaft. Graphite provides elasticity and better control over spin. The graphite layer is attached to steel by adhesive technology. Graphite takes the performance of iron to an entirely new level. That’s why many competitive players prefer steel-graphite composite shafts nowadays.

Excellent Grip

As a golfer, you must know that control of the wedge shaft depends largely on the grip of the shaft. That’s why Nippon has focused primarily on the grip section of this product. To provide a better grip, they designed the grip end at a standard 0.600 inches. It offers more stability and better-fitting. It will also give you the experience of smooth wrist rotation.

MHT (Multi Heat Treatment) Technology

A shaft has two main sections, the Grip section, and the Tip section. And through MHT technology, you can freely control the feeling of every part of your shaft, which is an excellent benefit for pro golfers. Besides, it also empowers you to enhance your performance and achieve confident wedge shots. So, if you want to explore a wedge shaft for closer-to-pin shots through high stability, this product is definitely for you.

After reading all the specs, you all must have understood the privilege of this product. But to ease up your research about this wedge shaft, we have come up with some advantages and disadvantages of this product.

Bottom Line

Most of the people don’t know the actual role of their wedge shaft. That’s why they overlook the quality of the shaft. If you want to be successful in this game, don’t be like most of the people. Your shaft is significant for the right feel, feedback, and optimal performance. Try to find out your playing strategy and look for a wedge shaft according to your tactics. Nippon Modus 3 wedge shaft can give you the best feel with solid, stability, and robust performance. Don’t miss this masterpiece one.

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