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Precision Pro NX7 Slope Review

Laser rangefinder offers the quickest way to shave some strokes off. It helps you to grow confidence on the golf course. Unlike expensive but difficult to use models, this rangefinder is right up your alley. The tool proves its worth to aid you in the green. And you’ll have all the details with our Precision Pro NX7 Slope review. The comprehensive explanation will let you test the theory all by yourself.

Any suitable rangefinder must feature superior accuracy, excellent zooming, high battery life & precise target locking. Not to mention, NX7 gets it all in one piece to make a good score. It’s one premium model to choose with some satisfactory extras. Unrivaled quality for the structure feels easy & simple on the hand. Competitive pricing is its one advantage over several alternates in the market.

Precision Pro NX7 Slope Review

NX7 Pro Slope Golf Rangefinder

NX7 Pro Slope Golf Rangefinder

Precision Pro brings in affordable rangefinder without compromising its capability. It’s ready to outperform several expensive models. Obviously, there are certain reasons to choose NX7 over other options. You need to get the essential points to judge its suitability in the field. The in-depth observation of particular features will let you make a successful purchase.

Incredibly Intact Construction

The structure contains a solid exterior cover to ensure inner protection. High-quality materials impart superb durability to serve your interest. Again, the parts have sufficient strength to resist outdoor rigors. Waterproof design simply lets you enjoy the game even in rainy weather. Its realistic construction prevents any possible damage following accidental falls. In fact, the tool boldly counteracts shock/impact & slip.

Compact Structural Framework

It comes in a geometric shape to allow you easy holding. The measurement is about 8.0” x 6.0” x 4.0” to support the claim. Not to mention, the rangefinder is somewhat compact in size & shape. It enables you to control, operate & hold the system effortlessly. Another advantage is the resultant weight. Despite the high-tech complexity, the 0.55 lbs device is reasonably light in weight.

Adaptive Slope Technology

You’ll always find it difficult to make a precise shot with an elevation problem. And that’s where NX7 offers a beneficial feature to tackle the issues. Thanks to the integrated adaptive slop technique, you can measure the surface slopes easily. Of course, it includes both uphill & downhill slopes. Adjustment of yardage based on slope simply boosts your overall accuracy.

Precise Acquisition of Targets

Built-in TAG (Target Acquisition) system helps you to confirm range of the intended target. Likewise, target acquisition lets you isolate the exact target from other objects. And then you can immediately lock the target with ease. You can estimate the target distance, skipping all other elements. It’s particularly useful when you have unsteadied or shaky hands.

Pulse Vibration Functionality

One premium feature includes advanced pulse vibration technology. It triggers an immediate pulse when your target gets locked. You don’t have to make any more guess about the goal of the course. Obviously, it saves time to speed up your game. As it happens, your confidence level keeps growing over every single hit.

Excellent Battery Support

You’ll need the battery to have the tool functioning all the way. It’s important to feature a sturdy battery to ensure long hours of support. And Precision Pro NX7 specific 3V battery to let you enjoy the time. One full charge seems enough to pass the entire day over strategical uses. For the best part, the manufacturer offers a full-time replacement for the battery.

Sufficient Magnifying System

The system features a powerful optical lens to encourage the overall visibility. Its crystal clear glass offers a clean view of the distant objects. Also, the optics allow 6x magnification for further clearance. It brings in the target 6 times closer to understand the position. But you can’t overlook the facility, particularly standing close to the flag.

Multiple Distance Mode

Not everyone is comfortable with conventional measurements in yards. In fact, non-USA golfers often find it troublesome to understand the yard unit. The high-speed SD laser definitely provides the distance reading in seconds. And that’s why the system includes multiple modes for distance measurement. You can easily switch between meters & yards. All it takes a single push to the switching button to get the customization.

Acceptable Coverage of Range

A satisfactory range measuring capacity is important to make the call. As it happens, you’ll receive a reasonable 400 yards of coverage. Therefore, you can observe the whole picture surrounding the target. It simplifies your strategy regarding the hole behind tee. Besides, a convenient 1/10 of yard measurement raises the overall accuracy for the shot. For the record, your precision is guaranteed within a strict ±1 yard with NX7 Slope.

Friendly Operational Process

Against the complex mechanism, it’s essential to keep the system easy for users. You obviously don’t want to possess devices with distorting operational facilities. No such issues to consider with this unit. In fact, one of the most significant fact contributing to its popularity is a simple operation. For anyone, the design ensures friendly control through buttons & readings.

All-in-One Complete Package

Certain cheap models are available with the basic frame only. But Precision Pro gives a wide berth to all that. Its NX7 rangefinder arrives in a fully loaded pack with everything inside. Aside from the tool itself, the package includes CR2 3V battery & lanyard. Premium carrying case with cleaning cloth will surely help you with the maintenance. And the manual lets you understand the whole process with ease.

Simple Assembly for Uses

The loaded package quantity may give you goosebumps in the first place. You may consider the assembly to seem extremely difficult or time-consuming. But in reality, you barely face any trouble arranging all the parts. The entire assembly is incredibly simple, even by yourself as a first-timer. It’s definitely not a big deal for guys to know the specs of rangefinders.

Bottom Line

The functional rangefinder delivers a pleasing output to ping up your strokes. It’s easy to use for nearly anyone & again, it lives up to its promises. Specialized features of Precision Pro NX7 lets you achieve your goal easily. Latest advancements in golf tech make it one preferable choice for any smart golfer.

Though it’s not exactly the fastest one out there, it gets the job done perfectly. The budget-friendly laser tool gives everything you need on the course. In simple words, this the best laser rangefinder for the money you can possibly get. Get the tool without a doubt & you’ll see the difference in the practical field.

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