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Last Update: 14 Jan 2021

Square Strike Wedge Reviews: Wedge Made By Winning Designer

If you’re looking for the best Wedge, these square strike wedge reviews will certainly help you. Indeed, a Wedge is nothing, but a chipping iron comes with design to get several learning curves to becoming a mastering of the short games.

It’s for golfers that need an alternative of no-frills to chipping in the green with a blade-shape clubface and wide sole. It goes on a straight and precise line for a simple process of two steps with getting the golf ball to its allocated cup.

Moreover, this Wedge is a convenient option while using irons in the green is a type of frustration. Let’s get a comprehensive review of the square strike Wedge.

Square Strike Wedge Reviews

Square Strike Wedge

If you pay attention to this Wedge of Autopilot, you’ll get it ha a broader sole. When it has an extra-large sole, it’s helpful to prevent digging. It means that this is time to goodbye large pieces of the chip, pitch shots, and wasted strokes.

Let’s see what is remaining in the detailed review:

Convenient Extra-Large Sole

This square strike wedge comes with an extra-large sole than other pitching and chipping wedges in the bag. Also, it has a soft curve sprinting entirely, which is why it has crushed with thin grooves that maintain the club’s stability throughout the ground.

As a result, it keeps better abrasion to the least amount even in dry, tough grass. Besides, the shape and size of its sole continue the golf club moving effortlessly without dropping down the balance.

With the additional bulk, the widget holds more loads and eventually provides the club with a wider right spot. This way, you can eliminate fat hits to keep the ball tight enough to the line to hit your aim with more stability.

Dig-Less Leading Edge

The head comes together with modified with the leading edge of beveled and angled rightly. It helps you to concentrate on the golf wedge of straight-shooting without any fat hits. That’s why it maintains its club from catching or digging.

The square strike wedge creates shooting something like the greens with ease than ever. It can do it regardless of whether you’re shooting from the fairway, the rough, or even from the sand. Also, a large number of wedges comprise strongly-defined and sharp leading edges.

So, they give you golf ball an extra lift with space on an ideal swing. But, a small mistake in the swing can affect the outcome in a turned club head with poor contact of the face. Even it can make a dreadful divot.

You can’t get the equal solid turf contact with the slanting first frame on this Wedge. Likewise, the distribution of its weight keeps you away from rotating its clubhead. When testers tried beating the ball fat, they got troubleshooting anyplace but straight on.

High Loft

Because of its 45­-degree loft angle, it can put itself closer to your 9-iron loft than some other wedges. It offers the Wedge more versatility to hit in different lies while keeping the distance a bit lower. These low running hits are surely ideal for this square strike wedge.

However, the right pitch will get lofty with a little spin that helps you drop away from the ball in mere pin feet. Although the shots will not reasonably balance to a proper lob wedge, you’ll acquire the expected height you want. It’s especially supportive while pitching beyond the rough.

The additional lift makes you able to keep the full force of the swing after the shot. And it’ll be possible with a little power with losing friction as much as possible. Also, you can lift your ball outside deep dugouts without making any hit on the sandpit wall.

Better Angle With High Lie

Most putters mirror the preset lie angle if their Square Strike wedge is 68-degree rather than the typical 64-degree. It’s the ideal angle for lower running pitches & chip shots while it limits the ability of the Wedge to hit flexible pitches.

Testers have practiced similar outcomes with a notable difference in types of swing and styles predominantly between 45-yard and 60yard from the green. It becomes tougher if it’s a higher angle to get better contact when it’s tricky lies.

It mainly happens if you want lots of lift. It’s simple, like finding a direct line to the target and getting your hits with the right alignment.

Superior Length of Putter Shaft

You should not just consider the lie angle as the single element of your Square Strike Wedge that has borrowed from the putter’s design. As the shaft of the club calculates 35-inch, it’s the usual length of a typical putter.

However, don’t forget that this Wedge is nothing but a golf club has built for straightforwardness. To make your point & shoot easier, it is designed with a swing. That’s much likely to a more straightforward club in both of your sets and the putter.

Thus, you just have to apply one form of hits while playing the short game. It’s because shots in the green have never been more straightforward.

Style of the Head Shape

The concept of putter design explains about its head shape. When it comes to the Square Strike Wedge, it’s indeed a blade-like wedge. And it’s much more likely to other popular putters that are available in the market.

As it gives your golf club more feel like a standard putter, it helps you additional uniforming of your shots. The design of this Wedge gets some essential goals. Among them, the first one is that it provides the Wedge a more inferior profile, a longer clubface.

It means that the sweet position is more substantial that comprises more than one-third of the head center. That’s why you make variations on your power, swing speed, and stance to your soft spot with the challenge of beating the fat or ripping up dirt.

Moreover, the head’s extra weight helps show the body’s upper part throughout the motion of the putting stroke, while remaining wrist stroke is the lowest amount.

Also, this additional weight helps you to keep stable of the clubhead through impact with improving the perfect spot to make the shots in order.

Guides Square Path Alignment With Ease

The Square Strike Wedge is a very standard design option for golf blocks with plain straight down lines for imagery aligning the shot. The club’s spare is designed to make things easier for the swing and the overall better golfing experience.

So, you should learn the way of properly aligning your ball as per the clubface indicators. And the club is going to be able to do lots of tasks for you. Now, the question is that why you don’t use a design of the putter system clubface here.

It’s because sometimes putters have cautiously, thinly-tuned grinding to manage the movement of the ball across the turf. But, it doesn’t provide any idea for chip shots or pitching.

What’s more, you get a different look at your ball from the stance while putting. So, the clubface requires getting even a lower amount of alignment. Again, the simplest is the best design for adjustment.


The majority of golfers have commented that this is almost impossible to strike fat shots using this Square Strike Wedge. If you reduce the fat and thin chances, they’ll lead to reduce scores, which is the target of all golfers.

Since this Wedge produces more amounts of low shots, they generate more spin than you can get from a pitching wedge. The clubhead with weight provides playing attempts from different potential lies.

How to Choose the Square Strike Wedge

Simply, the Wedge gets loads of action, so it’s most likely the vital clubs in your bag. About 50% of the entire golf shots have oriented for the short game.

But, you’re placing your own at a big issue if you’re not getting from the green. Before we dive into the review points, here we’re sharing some considering factors that you should keep an eye on.


If you look around wedges, you’ll see that most of them have featured a number on the club sole. Typically, the numbers come within 50-degree, 52-degree, 54-degree, 56-degree, or 60-degree.

However, the range of these might be somewhat dependent on its manufacturer. Almost all golfers take more than one Wedge in the bag. Even some professionals like Phil Mickelson carry about five wedges for the most rounds.


You’ll find a massive sole on the Square Strike Wedge’s bottom with a little curved from heel to toe along with shallow grooves as it reduces lots of possible friction results in its head that continues to go down through the field effortlessly.

This produces crunchy contact and eliminating all without fat shots. Apart from getting changes in Wedge sole, it has a leading edge with an angle that effectively trims down the possibility of digging the club into the turf.


The lie is the club’s angle that indicates the ways the wedge respites at your address. So, it’s great to buy the rack off for the amateur golfers. But, you can calculate for a club’s perfect lie if you visit a golf shop.

That’s a better way of giving you a bit more edge. It’s because different wedges available in a range of lies, so there is anything possible for everybody.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Type Of Golfer Should Use The Square Strike Wedge?

Answer: Typically, all ages, as well as skill levels of golfers, can use the Square Strike Wedge. But, mainly, it has made for the attention of golfers with having a problem with the short games.

Since its chipping iron has made it easy to slide along with the playing field, it ensures excellent hit with the ball on each stroke. For the beginning and handicappers golfers, it’s expected to get an improvement for the skills short game through a utility iron like the reviewed Square Strike Wedge.

For amateurs, this is essential to dropping scores to find a method to get the greens spot, particularly in the lighter, irregular, and fringe parts of a hole. Taking the benefits of guesswork beyond selecting the correct club gets easier.

That’s because the player can concentrate only on the green contours and evaluate the matching way of measuring to decipher an extended putt.

What Are The Degrees Of Wedge Best For Chipping?

Answer: It’s ideal to use the 60-degree Wedge while chipping or pitching for many golfers, and the maximum lofted could be a 58-degree of Wedge. Also, it could be 62- to 64-degree Wedge when you use a 60-degree toe-height Wedge.

The sand wedge comes with a loft of 54 to 57 degrees. But, it becomes from 58 to 64 degrees when it comes to the lob wedge. It may vary if any obstacles or hills are out there in the way.

As a result, it’s best to work with a lob wedge or sand wedge to explode up your golf ball in the air and land it softly on the turf.

Bottom Line

That’s all about the review of the Square Strike Wedge. Now, it’s your time to decide what you think about it. The club might not be suitable for all types of golfers.

But, it’s great for the players that are getting a worse time in their greens. And for them, it should be the exact club that finds you beyond your funk.

Thanks to its matchless design concept, it goes far off to fixing lots of standard errors of the short game that novice players frequently do.

Square Strike Wedge Reviews: Wedge Made By Winning Designer 1