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Last Update: 14 Jan 2021

TaylorMade M2 Irons Review

Golfers tend to prefer ‘Game-Improvement’ clubs when it comes to irons. And that’s where TaylorMade set a whole new standard through its M series irons. Among all others, M2 irons managed to attract the special attention of average players. It’s one popular model to initiate a perfect balance between control & performance. Check out the in-depth TaylorMade M2 Irons review to know the club from head to toe.

Irons are quite exoteric even to pros & intermediate golfers. The gear can give satisfactory forgiveness over somewhat distorted shots. But the problem arises with an overall appeal or balancing efficiency most of the time. TaylorMade M2 lets you overcome all the issues without compromising performance. From excellent appeal to sufficient efficiency, you’re guaranteed to receive the possibly best output all along.

Features of TaylorMade Golf M2 Iron Set

TaylorMade Golf M2 Iron Set

TaylorMade Golf M2 Iron Set

There are definite facts to push TaylorMade M2 ahead of other game-improvement irons. It somehow took the high ground since the arrival, and for good reason. Not to mention, specific characteristics help the users to improve overall efficiency on the course. M2 particularly aimed to send the ball high regarding greater distance coverage over a steep landing angle.

The whole club set combines high tech, premium features to ensure maximum performance. And the features lead your game towards the desired result rather quickly. You better check out all the integrated features in detail to understand its offerings by yourself.

Reasonable Appearance

Almost every passionate golfer goes for something aesthetically premium & modern. And the iron here seems to offer sufficiently pleasing appeal in the hands. The gear comes with a rather cleaner look in comparison to other game improvement irons. Though its medium clubhead seems slightly bulky at first, the size still remains within an acceptable limit. In fact, it barely looks like any unnecessarily thickened wedge or iron sets.

Solid darker finishing against thicker topline along with longer blade initiates a compact framework. Further streamlined design causes less offset to represent a sleek, stylish profile. The overall outlook is sure to grow further confidence on the course in no time.

Complete Set of Irons

The modified & upgraded M2 irons push the limit of standard clubs with superior forgiveness. The whole set includes 7 different clubs with a view to satisfying all your needs. One important spec lies with the configuration, it’s 4-PW for all cases. Aside from the pitching wedge, the package comes with 4 iron, 5 iron, 6 iron, 7 iron, 8 iron & 9 iron.

Likewise, each one differs from other models in terms of lofting angle, lying angle, offset & length. But all the compositions share the same D2 swing weight. The length measures from 38.88” up to 36.00”, whereas the offset range goes to 3.0mm from 5.8mm. Meanwhile, the lofting angle remains 38° for 9 iron which gets to 19° for the 4 iron.

Upgraded Face Slot

Face slot in one technical feature introduced by TaylorMade a few years back. Not to mention, even some previous editions of M2 lacks the feature for a specific reason. No thanks to the larger clubheads, integrated face slot tend to increase the CG. It directly results in a lower flight trajectory towards long-distance coverage. But current editions come with several modifications in terms of geometric design. Both top-line of clubhead & leading-edge becomes 33% thinner than previous editions.

Even the facial profile comes with a somewhat shallower appeal. Again, moderate clubhead measurements impart sufficient MOI (Moment Of Inertia). Therefore, upgrades in design ensure maximum flight trajectory over the presence of face slot.

Supportive Speed Pocket

Speed pocket itself is more like another built-in slot, mostly positioned at the sole bottom. As it happens, the current editions of this iron set feature an incredibly thin pocket. It basically takes part in increasing the overall flexibility upon lower hits. Enlargement of the face leads to independent action during the contacting impact.

The mechanism is particularly useful when you accidentally make any off-center hits. Then again, the pocket aids in greater forgiveness along with ball speed over shots from the lower clubface. It lets you enjoy an unexpectedly encouraging precision on long-distance coverage.

Thinner Fluted Hosel

Fluted hosel is just another top-notch tech of Taylor M2 Iron from the whole bucket. Previous editions contained more like a thick-thin design for maintaining top-line support. But the improved design comes with an even thinner geometry for later versions. It causes a comparatively larger offset without compromising with the top line thickness.

Unlike the ancestral 8 wide-section design, the modified system reduced the number of thinner sections. In fact, there are now 6 wider sections with thinner measurements in total. It drops about 5 grams of weight from the tool, compared with usual hosels.

Unrivaled Forgiveness

Forgiveness is undeniably one basic advantage of using irons & even wedges to some extent. And without a doubt, TaylorMade M2 surpasses most of the competitors in this regard. In fact, the gear promises unbelievably high forgiveness for each shot. Despite the moderately compact clubhead, the iron manages to give impressive forgiveness.

Smart application of advanced technology is the ultimate reason behind its successful output. One notable fact concerns with the combined effect get the forgiveness even better. Obviously, the manufacturer itself paid attention to push the benefit forward. All the integrated techs participated in enabling forgiveness with efficiency.

Fast Swing over Lower CG

Of course, the techs here improvise the level of forgiveness with on-site efficiency. But one underrated yet extremely effective fact lies with lowering of CG (Center of Gravity). The integrated hosel slot comes with 30% further bending in its effective geometry. It allows a convenient repositioning of discretionary weight to drop all over the clubhead.

The adjusted weight distribution immediately triggers the lowering of CG inside the clubhead. And a lower CG means the generation of higher launching angles. The total combo initiates an incredibly quicker swing without sacrificing your accuracy.

Incredibly Higher Flight

Irons are the ultimate weapon of choice to send the ball far distance. Satisfactory swing along with launching angle helps to induce superb acceleration of the ball. It gains speed real fast to cover the intended distance over precise mathematical calculations. Appropriate weighting of the club itself plays a role to get the ball flying higher.

This is one critical element supported by large-sized built-in cavity backs on the clubhead. It decreases unwanted effects on the ball movement passing through the air. Reducing negative effect over mishits, the ball trajectory remains straighter towards the target.

Geo-acoustic Technology

There are a considerable number of modern techs to serve your interest perfectly. But you can merely find any iron to include technology towards acoustic. Unlike any other, the clubs feature TaylorMade’s patented geo-acoustic technology. The functional technology has a little to do with performance improvement.

In fact, it takes part in promoting the sound & feel throughout your entire game. An improved acoustic management on the course eliminates distracting sound generation following your hits. It utilizes the geometric shape to induce a satisfactory frequency over each shot.

Moderate Sound Quality

Majority of the common cavity back irons tend to generate dull, muted sounds. The face slot itself imparts good flexibility that leads to dull sound quality. But it’s no longer an issue with 2017 M2 & later versions. There are new rib inclusions coming from top-line underside to synthetic badge, going across the cavity back.

The rib position may seem to have a random pattern at first glance, though careful installation promotes the acoustics. It’s still difficult to neutralize the dull sound completely using such simple design enhancement. But the sound itself remains barely audible to mess with your playful mind.

Quite Broader Feeling

The featured stock shaft comes with a solid steel structure to support the entire frame. Not to mention, the REAX HL 88 steel imparts superior strength & durability. The metal portion easily holds the grip with the clubhead perfectly to transfer the load. Of course, the shaft lets you carry, lift & hit the ball without compromising with the iron self-weight.

Uniform distribution of weight triggers further control over your shots every time. Again, the previously mentioned rib includes a commercial TM Dual Feel 0.600 material to encourage a grip. Though the creativity is rather low with the iron, you’ll get optimized performance for any mishit or imprecise shot.

Bottom Line of TaylorMade M2 Irons Review

The standard model simply borders on almost all game-improvement irons out there. This particular club represents a notable upgrade over conventional ones. Advanced techs with newer refinements result in creating higher distance & height. An improved feeling comes with further sophistication along with extended forgiveness.

From mid to high handicappers, it’s arguably the most suitable option within a convenient budget. Despite its hefty price tag, the set certainly meets the requirements of serious golfers. The irons let you get deep inside the game to make a solid score sheet.

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