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Last Update: 14 Jan 2021

TaylorMade M3 Irons Review

TaylorMade recently brought in some improved club to steal the show. In particular, the M3 model comes in to replace the previous M1 along with technical enhancement. Basically, it’s another game-improvement iron for getting further efficiency. Of course, you’ll require further words to get its suitability. That’s where you mustn’t miss our comprehensive TaylorMade M3 Irons review right away.

One obvious fact concerns its intended users. Professionals & moderate handicappers find it more beneficial in hand. Again, it may sound pretty unsuitable for beginners. Yet the club manages to deliver some betterment for low handicappers demanding faster swing. Not to mention, it largely depends on your personal skill level. The club is indeed your ultimate choice to replace the previous great one.

Features of TaylorMade M3 Iron

TaylorMade M3 Iron Set

TaylorMade M3 Iron Set

TaylorMade launched both M3 & M4 at the same time. Often, you’re likely to find it quite difficult when both go side by side. You should consider the review carefully to avoid confusion or misunderstanding. And right there, you’ll need to get all the features along with their corresponding benefits. As it happens, there are some peculiar features to keep M3 a preferable choice. A perfect combo of built-in features allows output optimization from different perspectives. Also, certain upgrades are there to replace the functionality of its predecessor – M1 irons.

Compact Frame Profile

Thick or bulky profiles often cause distortion over control. Therefore, modern irons emphasize sleeker design. Likewise, M3 comes with a supportive yet thinner framework. The structure includes a smaller sole against thinner topline. Though it merely gives any muscle back blade appearance, the design certainly lets you feel confident. It definitely eliminates the chunky look to ensure a solid, pleasant appeal.

Highly Serviceable Specs

From top to bottom, the gear is ready to serve your game with excellence. The iron comes with a standard 38.5” length. Meanwhile, its left-handed orientation allows optimized performance for the 4-PW GW configuration. The lofting angle measures 20° for 4 iron which gets to 45° with PW. For the lying angle, 4 irons offer 61° that reaches 64° for PW. It seems pretty convenient for satisfying the demands of pros in the field.

Unique RibCOR Technology

Going through TaylorMade Irons, you’ll find some unique & effective tech inclusions. In fact, advanced technology initiates a complex mechanism to improve your efficiency. And the model here features a breakthrough tech with innovative RibCOR technology. It pushes the effective COR (Coefficient of Resolution) forward throughout the clubhead face. Therefore, the tech helps to reduce penalty regarding a satisfactory ball flight.

Forgiving Construction

Apart from the high COR index, RibCOR has something else to offer towards straightened shots. The technical feature includes the strategic placement of additional beams. In fact, the built-in metal beams on the clubhead back provide extra reinforcement. Therefore, the reinforced thin face receives better support & stability at key locations. It allows you to enjoy the face’s capability of rebounding accidental off-center mishits. The structural advantage enables sufficient forgiveness over each shot.

Assistance with Distance

The iron is indeed for the passionate golfers desperately looking to cover distances. There comes an additional spring attachment for the inner step. Its face includes some built-in milled channels for allowing the spring to function. The specific action also takes part in improving the COR towards its heel or toe. Even mishits tend to cover a sufficient horizontal distance over close calculations. Of course, it imparts a great vertical trajectory for the ball following off-center strikes.

Slots on Facial Edges

Current irons include some sophisticated design complexity to improve its influence on flights. One essential feature regarding the issue lies with the presence of slots. Therefore, modern TaylorMade Irons have milled slots on the clubhead face. You’ll find the facial slots on both sides of its groove. Not to mention, the edged slots encourage overall flexibility throughout its hitting perimeter.

Featured Speed Pocket

Ball speed is indeed important to achieve the trajectory, distance & accuracy. It directly initiates a straighter flight path passing through the air. That’s where a speed pocket can prove its worth from different aspects. The integrated speed pockets here let you enjoy an increased, immediately accelerated ball movement. You’ll get the pockets tucked on the sole, under the face & behind the leading edge.

Superior Iron Flexibility

TaylorMade gives no compromise when it gets to flexibility. In fact, you can barely get any surpassing iron having such high flexibility. Both the facial slots along with speed pockets enhance the overall flexibility right here. The slots get pliability for the perimeter whereas the pockets eliminate rigidity on the face surface. Even the groove channels impart excellent flexibility on the lower sides of clubhead. Almost null rigidity on the face leads you to get further accuracy on thinner shots.

Built-in Tungsten Weight

Almost all the common irons feature a solid clubhead of steel or something similar. But M3 thoughtfully provided a unique, effective & supportive clubhead weight. Meet premium tungsten for the functional head to balance the whole structure. The portion itself weighs about 15 grams; lightweight enough to support the intended workability. It simply optimizes the center of gravity (CG) for the head. Aside from higher stability, you’ll get an improved launching angle from the beginning.

Satisfactory Action

Several golfers seek somewhat long & pretty straight irons to get help on distance coverage. Considering the category, TaylorMade M3 is arguably the best in the class. Its premium, precarious niche particularly aims at the correctional output rather than creative enhancement. The thinner face results in an increased trampoline effect to send off the ball downrange. Strategic design resists sudden twisting to prevent alternation of your attention.

Exclusive Shaft Inclusion

Shaft the ultimate portion to connect clubhead with grip. The accountability is significantly important in terms of control. The premium shaft here comes with solid steel with maximized stiffness. Not to mention, the frame features True Temper Dynamic Gold X100 for its shaft. The supportive action gives you full control over the head while maintaining a comfortable balance. Obviously, it lets you make the shot in accordance with your calculation & physical movement.

Bottom Line of TaylorMade M3 Irons Review

TaylorMade M series continues its trend of introducing more efficient, versatile & workable clubs. And in the process – they came with M3 in order to replace the once-great M1 iron. Aesthetics, distance, performance, feel – everything gets improved right here.

It’s undeniably a premium choice for any medium to high handicapper on the course. Despite the limitations, you’re sure to notice satisfactory betterment on each shot. Marvelous techs remain hidden to enable the iron’s magic. The price seems quite expensive though, taking the alternatives into account.

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