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Last Update: 14 Jan 2021

Taylormade M4 Driver Review Ultimate Guide

When you prefer to get the latest and leading brand’s non-adjustable driver, you must go through this TaylorMade M4 Driver review. It’s a forgiving driver with lots of handy features like flexible hosel sleeve, which is good for changing of lie angle and loft.

Also, it has the ability of changing shafts with ease and it’s where its adjustability ends. Moreover, it allows for enhancements in many design features such as the inclusion of the latest technology of TwistFace.

That’s why this driver is as stable as forgiving for a large range of golfers. Indeed, the M4 driver has designed for the players that need to reduce slices and generate a higher consistency. What’s more?

Let’s know everything below from buying guide to FAQs.

Review Of The TaylorMade M4 Driver

TaylorMade M4 Driver

TaylorMade M4 Driver

Nowadays, most of the drivers have the feature of a forgiving, higher- launching, and lower spine. These are the feature that ensures energy and accuracy.

Firstly, the rotate face specially designs for the low-heel as well as the straight hit of the high toe. At the same time, the M3 driver has the same features also.


The M3 and M4 drivers launched together, and they modify the M2 driver as well. Moreover, now we will discuss the progressions of the M4 driver. At first, the M2 driver had a white corner crown. After the new invention, it interchanges with M4, and currently, it has a silver edge crown.

The silver color redolent the color of an SLDR scheme. Additionally, the overall structure is still the same as the M2 driver. However, the M3 and M4 offer several facilities to the golfers.

Specially, these two drivers help them to place the mass faraway toward the back. Besides, the rotate and the slot of the hammerhead are the advanced improvements. Finally, these features were absent in the previous driver.


The slot of the hammerhead balances the rotate face to increase the forgiveness of the ball speed. Before, the M2 driver had a similar niche and the pocket od speed also. But M4 try to improve all the features to make a 22% wider slot.

Moreover, the M4 driver is very long in size, and it has three additional sections. Mainly, these sections work to increase the strength as well.

Besides, it helps to decrease the weight, and it has a flexible face. Most importantly, these features help to cross the long distance. Also, it helps to control the low strikers.

Building Quality of the Drivers

From 2016 to 2017, the M2 was the most popular and successful driver. Then the TaylorMade introduces the forgiving feature to perform better than before. And they exchange M2 into the M4 driver.

Moreover, the M3 and M4 drivers have five layers of a crown of carbon fiber. Also, they exchange the slot of the speed with the slot of the hammerhead speed. Besides, the updated driver is 22% long that the M2 driver.

Furthermore, it enhances the extra firmness to the face of the bottom part and the spin level. Also, it helps to control the distance and increase the ball speed.

Instructions of the Adjustment and Shaft.

You will enjoy your golfing if you are the owner of the M4 driver of Taylormade. Also, one can make an excellent holiday with it. We can guess that greenery, breezy noiseless golf field you always like. Also, this environment can make your day by playing better than before.

Most importantly, to improve your performance, there is no alternative except an excellent driver. Usually, unlimited drivers are available in the market. But to select the perfect drive is very difficult. Mainly, it’s more challenging to choose a driver for the inexperienced one.

Here, we present the best M4 driver, and this driver is the best one of the markets. Do not think that we are suggesting you buy this. We just recommend you read the review of all the drivers then select the best one.

Performance and Control

M4 driver presents the high launching, forgiving, and more energy to play. The unique face assures controlling the distance and straight hit. It will help you to make a better hit that other drivers cannot do.

As it helps to increase the paly ability, that is why one can play more and can be a better performer soon. Moreover, the rotate face feature creates a significant change in the hooks.

Also, if a player hits the usual shot, then this feature helps to throw it almost in a right way.

Additionally, the distance also remains in the same range. Finally, it supports to decrease the problem during the hitting.

The Sound and Feel

Firstly, the sound and feel of an M4 driver are amazingly oblique, tinny, and bold. That needs to consider working in this area. But TaylorMade has several technologies that present the exact curve and shape sole in particular zones that make a pretty sound.

Moreover, if you compare this driver with the regular one, then you will see the difference among them. The M4 has the carbon material that makes this driver louder and a great feel.

But you will not find any alert bells here. Therefore, if one hardly wants to improve the golfing skill, then it is the best choice for you.

Value of the Money

Usually, everyone knows that the updated feature and technology always prefer the highest price than others. We know that the M4 has more facilities than an M2 driver. That’s why it is costly than an M2 driver.

Indeed, the updated version will change your value of perspective. Also, it presents particular performance characteristics. As a result, one can practice with it from every single position, and it helps one to be a better golfer.

However, one will get several drivers at a reasonable price. Also, these drivers’ prices are under the M4 one. Now it is time to take your decision. Hopefully, you will select a better driver and perform very well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions are something you may have in your mind and looking for answers. So, check the below FAQs and answers if they match with yours one.

What Level Of Golfer Is The M4 Best Suited For?

Answer: Actually, from the beginner stage to expert golfer can play with this driver. It helps the beginner golfer to maintain the distance and scores. Also, it helps them to do a better performance with the highest score.

Moreover, this fantastic driver has some extra features that are helpful for the new golfer.

The beginner golfer often becomes stressed about their performance. Also, they struggle and try a lot to create a perfect shot. Unfortunately, they struggle with several problems like distance and speed controlling.

Besides, the handicappers face a lot of issues with the regular driver, and they can not play well.

Also, they do not get support from the, as usual, drivers to make an excellent shot. As a result, they become upset and think about leaving golfing.

But an M4 drive can be their best friend, and it can help them to be paly golfing with achievement.

But an M4 driver can solve their problem quickly because it has some latest and modern technology.

These all the features specially developed for this significant problem. Therefore, an M4 driver can be a perfect option to take the golfing skill in the next stage.

Can High Handicappers Use The M4 With Success?

Answer: The M4 driver can be the best option for high handicapper players. Nowadays, this driver has several updated versions, and these are beneficial for the handicapper. If they want, then it is possible to take their golf level in the next. But to do this, they have to be mentally healthy.

Also, they should practice more and more. People always need to improve them. So, when you start playing with an M4 driver, then you should have training.

That’s because, without practice, one cannot get the desired result. Moreover, some features of an M4 driver will be new for you. Therefore, do not give up on practicing. Get practicing and be the best one.

How Does The M4 Compare To The M5 & M6 Drivers?

Answer: TaylorMade launch several versions of the M- sequence driver. That is why several golfers want to know the M4 differences with the driver M5 and M6. This company tries to keep the features the same as the original one. They just modify the previous version and include the latest and updated features.

For example, M4 has the adjustability of the sleeve of the loft, but it has no portable allowance. On the other hand, the M6 has no sleeve of the loft, but it has no adjustable mass. Moreover, the M5 has the facilities to increase and decrease the height after the shot of tee.

How To Choose The Best Driver

Knowing some deciding factors is very vital to ensure of buying the optimum driver. When you want a driver that can help you to hit the lowest scores, you can avoid checking out the below factors/features.

Distance & Accuracy

Experiencing the advantages of what new golf tools technology can provide for the game is the optimal reason to promote to this new driver. Distance plus accuracy are two key areas that golfers are using with advanced drivers get helps the new club.

Golfers must know that the most excellent tools offer them best fit this game while thinking about a driver. Such as, let’s say you’re an adult golfer with experiencing reduced swing speed.

In this case, a new, perfect driver can help hold back that diminution in length to the tee box. It’s better to give maximum distance together with a shaft that’s appropriate for swing speed.


Control is another strongly considering factor when it comes to the new driver. To get control to the tee box game, a new driver can help a player take benefit of the most recent equipment technology.

You have to gain more stability as a golfer while facing the style of shots you want. It’s something that incredibly essential for placing lower scores with more reliability.

The loft sleeve of club is quite superior that certainly helps you to trim down launch angle in poor weather. But, it gives you the ability of boosting the shot height while needing to get benefit of strong downwind.


The forgiveness feature has some updated characteristics. That adds a new dimension to the players. A golfer must select the forgiveness feature to progress the driver. Indeed, it increases the ability of the distance controlling and straighter shots.

Mainly, this feature works to shape the face of a club for beginner drivers. The present driver uses a stubborn clubface. Besides, this face allows the players to keep the off-point strikes far from the toe.

Most importantly, all the machinery of this driver works altogether. One may think that how it can complete so many tasks at a stretch. It has excellent clubface, and that is an essential part of golf.

Also, this is the only equipment that controls the ball. You can think about how every part of this driver runs together. The clubface is essential because it contacts the ball directly.

Bottom Line of Taylormade M4 Driver Review

The TaylorMade always try to invent the updated version. Also, they are a very renowned company for every expert player. If one considers once to improve the golfing, then you can try it without any doubt.

Also, for the handicappers, it is the best option to play with the TaylorMade driver. It will not only help them to improve their level. Besides, it will help the handicappers to boost up their confidence and be a better golfer.

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