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Last Update: 07 Jan 2021

TaylorMade P790 Irons Review

If you are trying to improve your golf playing style, then it is high time you should think about the Taylormade p790 iron driver. This device is designed with a low profile tungsten weight. For this design, you will get a high launch and low spin. By reading our TaylorMade P790 irons review, you will understand why you should select this p790 iron driver.

Its ultra-thin face provides more power on the ball. It has cut thru speed pocket that makes it one of the best drivers. To get greater forgiveness and consistency, soft steel carbon has been used in its body. You will enjoy seeing how this club responds to the ball. For its light-weight, you can put it in your playing bag while traveling.

The Features of Taylormade P790 Irons

Taylormade P790 Forged Individual 7 Iron

Taylormade P790 Forged Individual 7 Iron

The famous golf driver manufacturer Taylormade has brought this driver for the golfer who wants to make a perfect shot. This driver has many attractive features. You will get the right idea about it by knowing its interesting features. Moreover, if you don’t know the features of the product, you can’t be sure whether you should buy the product or not. Let’s take a view of its amazing features.

Ultra-light Urethane Foam

This P790 iron set consists of ultra-light urethane foam by which you can inject the head engineered. This advanced feature gives you lots of advantages. For these features, you can hold the driver easily. You can take a long-distance shot. Because a light foam provides extra grip to get more power on the ball.

Through our revolutionary new speed foam technology, you will get a better experience. So, if you are searching for a light foam driver, then this will be your better choice.

Classic Design

Taylormade always makes golf drivers with captivating designs. This bat has a classic design, which will surely impress you. Due to this design, you may deliver long distance. Almost all the golfers crave for this action.

You may get better performance for excellent launch and low spin, resulting in much distance. Its head is designed in such a way that you can play long-distance and straight shots through it. This design is a great gift for the professional golfer.

Ultra-thin 1.75mm Face

This P790 iron set has an ultra-thin 1.75mm face thickness. With re-engineered inverted cone technology you can optimize slightly smaller face area. The smaller inverted cone allows you to reduce face thickness at the edges of the face.

It will increase flexibility from heel to toe. As a result, you will get more ball speed across the clubface. The higher the speed of the ball, the farther the ball will go. So it is very important to increase the speed of the ball when shooting.

Cut-thru Speed Pocket

This golf gear provides you cut-thru speed pocket on the sloe. This speed pocket is made with extreme flexibility in the lower part of the cube face. Its speed pocket performance will infatuate your dream. For higher launch and low spin consistency, there is no substitute for this driver.

A beginner has no proper idea of taking big shots. In that case, this driver will help an apprentice to make a perfect and straight shot. So if you are an apprentice and are thinking of buying a driver that has a speed pocket, then you may take it.

Increases the Rate of Forgiveness

This driver is made of all sorts of modern technology. Its new wrapped face construction provides extreme flexibility in the lower part of the clubface. This flexibility will create greater forgiveness and consistency. For this reason, you can take an incredible distance shot easily.

Playing big shots are sometimes quite challenging for beginner golfers. So if you can’t play big shots even after trying again and again, then you should try with this driver. Because this driver may help you to get your desired shot.

Soft Carbon Steel Body

This device is made of soft carbon steel material. This body provides you excellent forgiveness and greater consistency. Taylormade uses this material to deliver explosive distance. A professional golfer wants to play long shots, so they need a driver that is made of the soft steel body.

You will get these types of the body in the P790 iron driver. After having such a soft but still body, any player can easily drive it efficiently. So, if you want to take a straight and high distance shot, you should purchase this one.

Weight is Only 1 Pound

Carrying a heavyweight irons driver while traveling from one point to another point is quite bothering. We have come up with this golf driver that is light in weight. Its weight is only 1 pound for which it is comfortable to bear anywhere.

Its tungsten weight designed to create lower spin and higher launch. For its lightweight, you can repose it in your playing beg while traveling. So if you are searching to buy a lighter driver, then this is the right one.

Dynamic Gold 105 Shaft

We know that shaft material is one of the most important factors of an iron set. The shaft of this product is made of dynamic gold. This will make this device as pleasant as it is long-lasting. This shaft will play an important role to take an incredible long-distance shot.

Developers have made this dynamic shaft for playing swiftly so that you can have the maximum advantages. If you are looking for a driver with a nice shaft, this may your preferred one.

Feel Balancing Technology

This iron driver is made with advanced technology. From the top of the irons, you will start to get into the groove getting. The sound and feel of this device are quite little on the hollow side.

If you can catch the head right properly, you will get a great zippy feel. It allows you to move weight toward the impact zone. A golfer wants to get a better feel and improved distance control. To control the distance accurately you should choose this one.

TaylorMade P790 Irons Review

You must have an exact idea of what facilities you can get from using it. Because everyone demands to get all the desired benefits from the product which they buy. We are here with some major benefits of this product,

Bottom Line

Nowadays, a golfer always cares for a well-balanced driver for playing incredible shots. But it becomes quite tough to select the perfect driver. To help them we have come up with this P790 iron driver. In our article, we explained all the detailed information about it. If you read our review carefully, you will get answers to all the questions related to this driver.

This driver comes with a dynamic gold 105-shaft which makes it different from the others. The soft carbon steel body will let you move this driver without using extra effort. So, read this review from first to last carefully, and come to the right conclusion. With this beautiful driver, we wish you all the best for your next game!

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