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Last Update: 30 Oct 2020

TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder Review!

Precise golfing shots require the assistance of a convenient, reliable & efficient rangefinder. It’s the equipment any smart golfers would want to add a caddie. And TecTecTec VPRO500 is the exact model you should acquire. With enduring state & specialized features, it’s definitely the one ultimate choice. You better have a look at our TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder review to get every detail.

All intermediate & pro golfers know the importance of involved math regarding a precise hit. And the right rangefinder slashes your score on the board. The device itself comes with a sophisticated mechanism that seems pretty much expensive more often. But TecTecTec promises to let you have an affordable optics without issues. Its VPRO500 gives everything you need out there to hit the target with ease.

TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder Review

TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder - Laser Range Finder with Pinsensor

TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

The device features the latest & advantageous technology to ensure maximum output. There are obvious reasons for the tool to become a popular buy. Plenty of beneficial features encourage its overall performance in the field. Top-quality craftsmanship maintains an effective balance between the features & its structure. In fact, high flexibility & superior accuracy makes it suitable for the session. Some nice extra additions will surely make the day for you with a satisfactory scorecard.

Comfortable Holding Design

Its functional structure comes with a basic framework. But still, the geometric shape allows easy holding & storage. You can use the protective pouch to keep it safe. Again, top-notch materials from inside out ensure durable performance. The casing is resistant to shock, impact & weather actions. Though it’s not 100% waterproof, you can comfortably use the device in drizzling conditions.

Highly Portable Construction

The rangefinder is available in a rather compact shape. Its measurements are about 1.61” x 2.83” x 4.09” only. The smaller size influences its weight to a significant extent. Weighing a mere 6.53 ounces, you’ll feel no difficulty in carrying or holding the tool. In fact, the lightweight pack contains a microfiber cleaning cloth, wrist strap & quick start guide. And the carrying pouch enables simple transportation.

Advanced PIN Sensing Facility

One proprietary feature of VPRO500 includes PinSeeker technology. It’s definitely an impressive characteristic to offer a constant scan of the course. Pressing the button will engage the device to monitor the entire target area without a halt. Its incredible furnish results in higher accuracy through exact reading. Pinning distance determination becomes a simpler task with its pin sensing action.

Customizable Mode Settings

Singular viewing mode is likely to get affected by adverse climate. And the rangefinder features different modes to let you acquire the target in any condition. Combining the 3 modes at once, you’ll receive a precise estimation of your target. The first two modes are associated with acquiring flagstick target & its exact distance. Meanwhile, the 3rd Pro Scan mode uncovers all the non-flag stick objects.

Prioritizing Target Acquisition

It’s deliberately an offshoot resulting from PinSeeker technology. Not to mention, it’s the first mode you’ll get from the adjustable settings. The mechanism lets you find a flagstick, particularly there are disrupting backdrops. Under normal weather conditions, it readily gives you the distance. Then, utilizing distance target priority for measuring any tangled background.

Fast Measurement with Laser

Incredibly fast response & output keeps TecTecTec VPRO500 ahead of its counterparts. The integrated high-speed laser picks the distance within a blink of eyes. No more sluggish readings on the screen to take your confidence down. It lets the program measure the target distance with maximum clarity. The transmission may take a maximum of 10 seconds, depending on the surrounding condition.

Distance Adjustment for Slope

Elevations often cause distorted hits over the negligence of slopes. But it’s not the case with this unit. The final reading takes uphill or downhill slopes into account to measure the distance. Covering the whole slope extremity, the measurements initiate automatic correction. Aside from the yardage, a press on the top button will reveal the necessary sloping angle.

Quality Optic Lens for Display

You’ll receive the optics through the built-in lens display. The design of VPRO500 rangefinder looks more like a smart binocular to observe the course. The integrated 24mm lens delivers a crystal clear imaging of objects. Thanks to multilayered coatings on the optics, you can read the results without any effort. Apart from the distance, you’ll get to know the battery percentage.

Detailed Viewing Magnification

Integration of highly beneficial viewfinder does all the guesswork for you. Utilizing the viewfinder technology, you can zoom in the target area. Sufficient magnification allows you to get a better understanding of the intended target. An up-close view will definitely produce further precision. Not to mention, it can give up to 6x magnification without compromising clarity.

Additional Diopter Adjustment

Visional impairment is a common problem with lots of golfers. In fact, farsightedness or nearsightedness can mess with your overall accuracy. Regarding the issue, the mechanism features somewhat limited diopter adjustment. Though you won’t get state-of-art support, it’s still enough to induce sufficient clarity. Unless you have a major impairment, you may not require to do anything with the glasses.

Supportive Battery Inclusion

Of course, the wireless device requires a battery charge to keep functioning. It’s really important to have durable battery support for the whole day. Therefore, the packed unit contains a reasonably powerful CR2 battery. Charging may take somewhat long hours but it’ll definitely serve you over strategical uses. And the replacement, assembly & removal is easy enough to do the job by yourself.

Reasonable Range Coverage

Its incredibly fast & highly compact structure covers a satisfactory area. TecTecTec rangefinder measures a convenient 540 yards for range coverage. Obviously, it’s not very large but enough to meet satisfaction. One important fact is its dual measurement system. Non-USA golfers prefer meters rather than yards. Therefore, you can easily switch between yard & meter unit measurements.

Bottom Line

A reliable rangefinder will definitely help your mind to grow confidence with each shot. It saves lots of hassles & time when you’re ready to acquire the target. And right there, VPRO500 is arguably the best one you can get in the market. Quality assurance is guaranteed throughout its service life.

There are lots of models available with extra features, but they are barely affordable. But this one is a solid buy for any beginner or intermediate golfers. Within a reasonable price tag, the tool offers fantastic service on the golf course. Nonetheless, it’s one preferable option to satisfy all the demands.

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